Assume that these bars were tested in a uniaxial tension test. a string of cross section 2 cm^2 is doubled in length by the application of a longitudinal force 2*10^5dynes.the young"s modulus is: 1.10^5 dyne/cm^2. If P_{1} = 50 Kip and P _{2} = 150 Kip, determine the vertical displacement of end ''A'' of the high strength precast concrete column.

• If the bars are made of copper alloy (C26800, Annealed) and are connected by a rigid p... What hanging mass will stretch a 2.1-m-long, 0.46 mm - diameter steel wire by 1.4 mm? The Young's Modulus for steel wire is 200 \time... A metallic ring of radius 'r' and cross sectional area is fitted into an wooden circular disc of radius R (R greater than r).If he young's modulus of the material of the ring is Y, the fore with wh... Steel is very stiff, and Young's modulus for steel is unusually large, 2.0 \times 10^{11} N/m^2 . A bone has a Young's modulus of 18,000 MPa. Assume the Young's modulus o... A cylindrical specimen of brass that has a diameter of 20 mm, a tensile modulus of 110 GPa, and a Poisson's ratio of .35 pulled in a tension with force of 40,000 N. If the deformation is totally el... A hanging wire made of an alloy of magnesium with diameter 0.1 cm is initially 2.9 m long. How to calculate Young's Modulus of a beam, made of the material that is not known? (g = 9.8 m/s^2). Determine a formula for the dimensions of the board (b,h, and L) in terms... A load of 205 kg pipe with a 6m *6m cross sectional area and 35 m long has a tensile strain of 6.2 x 10^-6. Knowing that E(s) = 200 GPa and E(c) = 30 GPa, determine the normal stresses in the steel and in the concrete... What is the value of the Stiffness Constant for a bolted joint with: Bolt Stiffness = 1600 kN/mm Member Stiffness = 5000 kN/mm. How much elastic energy will be expended? It’s brittle on z direction and plastic in x,y direction. When the force is increased from 500 lb to 1750 lb, the specimen elongates 0.008 in.

A similar measurement is made applying the force pa... Rubber particles are sometimes dispersed in an epoxy matrix to increase its resistance to the propagation of cracks.

The Achilles tendon connects the muscles in your calf to the back of your foot. Young's modulus for nylon is Y=0.37x10^10N/... A 4.90 m -tall, 70.0 cm diameter concrete column supports a 2.00*10^5 kg load. Find the area of such... A 23.0 m tall hollow aluminum flagpole is equivalent in strength to a solid cylinder of aluminum 4.50 cm in diameter. Consider the diving board shown in the figure. What mass hung from the rod will stretch it by 0.24 mm? (g = 9.... A copper wire 4.2\ \mathrm{m} long stretches .20\ \mathrm{cm} when a force of 410\ \mathrm{N} is applied. By what amount does the 52-cm -long femur of an 85 kg runner compress at... A rock climber hangs freely from a nylon rope that is 12m long and has a diameter of 8.4mm. The cable has a cross-section area of 7.4 \times 10^{-5} m^2. Beyond the elastic limit, the material will have a. , and permanent deformation will occur. When the temperature drops to -16, C , the ruler shrinks and no longer measures distances accurately. By how much is the column compressed? A student then hangs a 2.00kg mass from the lower end of the wire.

Assume that a femur (thigh bone) is 0.52 m long,... How much force does it take to stretch a 20 m long, 1.0 cm diameter steel cable by 6.0 mm ? The two strain gauges... A copper wire of length 1 meter, cross sectional area 7.1 X 10^{-6} m^2 and Young's modulus 11 X 10^10 N/m^2 has a mass load hung on it .

When... A hanging wire made out of titanium with diameter 0.080 cm is initially 2.3 m long. Indeed, cohesion between two layers is weaker than between the grains of powder of a same layer. = 0.12 ] plate is subjected to a biaxial stress. Determine the deflection at ''C'' of the overhang beam. The rod is made of A-36 steel and has a diameter of 0.25 in.

After the mass is added, the length is me... How did Thomas Young conduct his experiment with light? The Young's modulus of the wire is 12.5 x 10^{10} N/m^2. The rail is fixed at one end, and a 4000N force, is applied at the other end. Ignore the mass of the girder itself. Determine the stretc... How do you find the Young's modulus of a thin wire? What is its increase in length? For the one-dimensional rod shown in Figure 3, the boundary condition is: u(0) = 1. If this disk supports half the weight of a 90 kg person,... A steel telephone wire 125 m long and 1 mm in radius is stretched to 125.15 m by an applied force of 800 N. (The weight of the cable may be ignored.)