By clicking ‘Sign up’, you agree to receive marketing emails from Business Insider He believes it can be a force for good and can empower billions of people. Give someone the power or ability to do something. The past few years have seen a rise in (10) ____ news. Lee,hasspokenabouthiscreationonits30thanniversary.Hesaidhewas What do you know about the World Wide Web? The goal of Solid isn't to lock up people's data where social media giants can't find it. He also said he is concerned about the future of the Web. Which of these words go in the above text? 2) How many websites did the article say was on the World Wide Web? About a year ago a lot of people were writing in the business press about privacy and imagining that the user's desire is to hoard [...] But when they get into Solid then really the empowering thing is about being able to use their data," he said. He described it as a "(8) ____ of humanity" where "you will see good and bad". ANNIVERSARY: Spend one minute writing down all of the different words you associate with the word "anniversary". b) two billion Inrupt announced that it was releasing its first enterprise-ready version of its data platform Solid, and it already has some major clients, including the BBC, NatWest Bank, the UK's National Health Service, and the Flanders Government. What questions would you like to ask Sir Tim Berners-Lee? When Berners-Lee announced the launch of Solid in 2018, he simultaneously announced the creation of a company to go with it, called Inrupt.      b.  30th and reverse airy Share what you discover with your partner(s) in the next lesson. 6. A person or thing thought of as having power or influence. 5. 10) What did Sir Tim want us to fight for? (...)  worried about people's privacy and personal information. b) a better and safer web Role  C – Fake News Discuss. He also said he is concerted / concerned about the future of the Web. He said he was worried about how people are using the Internet and its two billion websites today. He said: "If we give up on building In 1989 they proposed a hypertext database for sharing information. The goal of Solid isn't to lock up people's data where social media giants can't find it. S_r T_m h_d t h r__ m__ n c_n c_r n s _b__ t t h_ W_r l d W_d_ W_b . c) communities So now when you go visit your doctor, you can take it all with you and you can say, look, there's everything about me, a holistic view of my health experience. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Sir Tim had three main concerns about the World Wide Web. He believes it can 10)  He stressed the importance of fighting for a better and safer Web and ______ Please enjoy :-). Tell the others three reasons why. b) more Internet cables On Monday, Inrupt, cofounded by Berners-Lee, announced it was a step closer to realizing his ambition of building a more decentralized internet. Since then, Inrupt has grown to a team of 29 developers, CEO John Bruce told Business Insider, and is working with both contracted partners and the open-source community to get Solid ready to ship.      d.  medial is used a) 200,000,000 It already has several big-ticket clients, including Britain's National Health Service (NHS), NatWest bank, and the BBC.        concerns / criminal / behaviour / humanity / social media / election / information The Web's inventor said he had five main worries about the Web. He described it as a "mirror of humanity" where "you will see good and bad". "I don't think overmuch about 'wow how are we going to build a huge, scaleable business here.' The Internet is becoming too dangerous. b) 20      b.  failed a Web He stressed the importance of fighting (12) ____ a better and safer Web and keeping it free for everyone to use. The partnerships with the NHS and other organizations are still early days and quite small scale, Bruce said. Include imaginary interviews with people who are for and against this. He said governments must pass laws to keep people safe.