Look for these traits and qualities in your boyfriend.

You don’t have trust issues with him nor you have the fear of losing. He must always encourage you to empower in your career, as an independent and brave woman. "https:" : "http:") + '//www.zergnet.com/zerg.js?id=47402';

Giving priority for time being is never a need. Just don’t lose him! You love him for everything but what comes in the checklist of a best boyfriend is symbolic. If your guy is happy to hold your hands in public and doesn’t shy off then he is a super cool man. Only such guys are meant to call real boyfriends and rest fake.

A boyfriend who is always ready to set a couple goals with his girlfriend is the best in real life. All-important qualities of a good boyfriend. This is a bit annoying but you can’t be rude when he acts that cute. He is confident and has faith in you. Best friend is someone you feel free and comfortable to share anything with. We are not expecting over PDA neither desperate for it.

So here’s a quick mental checklist of what I think a boyfriend means and what he doesn’t mean ladies:

Priorities do change based on the situations but it doesn’t mean people should change along. Makes sense right? Yes, guys, there is nothing more comforting than finding that there is someone out there who always has your back. Sometimes, we take our loved ones for granted. He is making efforts to make you laugh. How Not To Lose Yourself In Relationship? I’ll be honest- I just don’t think I make a good boyfriend to most women out there- and it’s not for the most obvious reasons that you would think (yes- I tend to be loyal, believe it or not). If you are feeling restricted in the relationship or being imposed by your boyfriend then you are fenced from growing.

He should pick up the phone and call you sometimes.

The laughter times will get you both a long way. If you find any image or product that comes under your copyrights, then please feel free to CONTACT US. You know that he is the best and he will never let you down. Such kind of couple goals are inspirational. That said upon my recent experiences and an article I came across in jezebel– I started to ponder- ‘what the hell makes the perfect boyfriend- and what the heck is a checklist and what’s on that checklist?’ I want to develop a connection with readers which give them motivation, awareness and best ways to lead the life. The guy who can understand these things and lets you become empowered is the one you must stay along. This keeps you going in the relationship and lasts the spark of your relationship. It’s as simple as that.

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License. For him, her wish and preferences matter just as much as it does about him. It means: 1/ A man who takes the time to love you for whom you are, faults and bolts.
Your friends are importantand you should be able to integrate friend hangouts so that your guy is included. We will remove that image or product as soon as possible. A best boyfriend acknowledges it cutely by calling her baby.

Adjusting and being patient in relationships is important. 10. He is a true friend, partner and companion and of course and best boyfriend. For one I’m messy- extremely messy, I hate shopping, I’m selfish, I ‘m prone to looking at other women even if we are together, I’m often too deep in my own mind, I can be insensitive, extremely insensitive and as an artist/writer/cum publisher I’m not exactly rolling in the dough even if I am living the dream- whatever dreams are supposed to mean.

Agree that relationships are more than feeling secure. Babe and baby are the common names that are used by boyfriends to call their girl. A good boyfriend will show kindness not only to the person he loves; he will also be kind to strangers, stray animals, and even the environment around him.

He wants to be the reason for your smile and laughter. That said upon my recent experiences and an article I came across in. He feels it worth it prioritizing you and he doesn’t feel the pain or loss with his choice.

When someone chooses you just because they don’t have a company then it is not a constant priority. When he finds happiness choosing and doesn’t regret- all these fall in prioritizing.


It’s a compliment even more powerful than a guy saying that you’re “hot” or “sexy” (but you want to be those things, too). It is not just for your physical appearance and fashionable outfits. He wants to see you happier and healthier. The last time I checked boyfriends are those type of humans that make most women feel lovely and bubbly, well, so I have been told. He must admit his mistakes and correct it as well. Out of sight should not mean out of mind. Naughty side, annoying, teasing him and expecting him to please you. He need not impress your people just because he loves you but he should at least have respect for them. If your boyfriend has zero male ego then appreciate him. Simple And Natural Home Remedies To Remove Ear Wax Easily, Check out these Immense Benefits of Curd for Hair, Different Types And Designs Of Banarasi Silk Sarees.

And he is not hiding it out of ego but saying it out of love. Hearing those three words is one of the most important things that you want and need to hear.

It is amongst the best external indicators that a person has what it takes to be a great partner.

1. He should understand the imperfections are a part of you. Again priority doesn’t mean losing the self in love. Mostly, when you are rounded up with your friends gang, then ask you about the qualities you like and dislike of your boyfriend.

There’s nothing worse than facing a difficult situation all on your own. 2/ A man who is willing to share your life and experiences with you- and I don’t mean just the booty calls you send out to us but also the tough and distressing ones too. You’re not asking for 3-hour long phone conversations every single night, but it’s nice to hear his voice on the phone once in a while.
Here are 17 things guys do that make them good boyfriends. She would only show that side to her close ones and especially to her partner. If he’s traveling or you are, you don’t want to imagine his initial thoughts being, “Yeaaaa, freedom!” You want to know that you’re still on his mind and that he’s thinking of you even when we’re away. The little things make the relationship special.... 10 Types Of Jeans Every Women Must Have In Her Wardrobe, 10 Stunning Ways to Style A Sequined Saree, 3 Ways And A Few Useful Tips To Take Care of…, 11 Potato Face Masks That You Must Trust For Your Beauty, 11 Makeup Tips For Older Women- Recreate Your Beauty, 12 Best Homemade Night Creams for Skin Whitening, 9 Praising Jewelry Types for Indian Brides – Admire Yourself, 11 Beautiful Kerala Wedding Sarees – Be A Traditional Model, 17 Essentials To Pack In Your Beauty Emergency Kit For A…, 15 Latest Bridal Outfits For Mehndi Ceremony, Diet for Healthy Menstrual Cycle – A Vital Part Of Every…, Night Sweats During Menopause – Remedies And Change in Lifestyle Is…, Cinderella Diet For Weight Loss – All That You Need To…, Eating Night Time Saves Your Time But Not Health – Ways…, The Best Boyfriend Checklist- Look For These Qualities, 12 Ways To Treat Your Husband Feel Like A Man. I have listed a bunch of qualities that make a guy the best boyfriend. Lovers keep sharing the three magical words “I love you”.