View our online Press Pack. I know exactly what this means darling angles are fighting off evil demon spirits for “you” or who’s evers presantce they are in?… If you feel safe enough, spend some time in meditation to listen to the spirit and to understand what it is trying to tell you.

Also note: black has the exact opposite energy that white energy does!… ( so my advice for you is help your angles & help your self… because angles are sacrficeing them self’s to save you from whatever evil or crazy your doing or being around!…) These experiences may be a reflections of your relationships with these orbs. It’s an amazing ability to be able to see the energy thats contained within our Earth. Speaking of ghosts, this ship is haunted...well, maybe. Have a great day, Ebs! It was around 2am(I have horrible insomnia)and I was in the living room ironing clothes. Until science determines what ghost orbs are and what they mean, there is no way to know for certain what each color really means. Others who were talking about the odd photos on Twitter claimed that the girls looked back through the photos and left immediately - but things got scarier when they did a bit of digging. They are happy and visiting this world with the intent of love and happiness. A train collision a few hundred feet from the west entrance of the tunnel claimed the lives of two people. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of our other readers! Photo via USS Lexington Museum on the Bay Facebook. How to Have a Healthy Relationship With a Gemini Man, How to Have a Healthy Relationship With a Taurus Man, How to Have a Healthy Relationship With an Aries Man, How to Have a Healthy Relationship With a Pisces Woman, How to Have a Healthy Relationship With an Aquarius Woman. The area's bigger than most imagine and each zone has its own claim to fame. USS Lexington wasn't always going be to the ship's name. Yellow orbs are like yellow street lights. You may find benefit in continuing this spiritual practice, though ensure that the message it shares is positive. The appearance of a blue orb can have different meanings to individuals. For people who believe in ghost orbs, these colors are a sign that a spirit is trying to manifest. Blue orbs are said to be a spirit that is very calm and happy. Hi everyone. They are visiting this world with bright, positive energy. Here’s why: This relates to what I call cultural connections. – be a very good person & only keep those kind around, or do not pay attention to thouse people really much at all. Even before stepping aboard the USS Lexington Museum on the Bay, you'll find pieces of history. You will be well served by allowing these experiences to influence you to treat everyone in your life with kindness and compassion.

Test your skills at the Virtual Battle Stations, get up-close to vintage aircrafts, see a Captain in action and walk the narrow passageways of the WWII Aircraft Carrier! Have a great day, Kimberley! What Does It Mean If I Keep Seeing the Same Person... What Does It Mean When You Dream of Getting Shot by... What Does It Mean to Dream About a Guy You’ve Never... What Does It Mean If You Dream About Your Dead Father. I don’t know what your view is and I like different perspectivestyles and points of views. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. This high-tech and high-intensity challenge is set aboard the LEX. It is located on private property so keep that in mind if you decide to go and explore it, you may be breaking the law. It knows I’m having troubled times and I believe it has showed me a good path.
The orb is considered a spiritual omen or form of communication. You are aware of the experiences that you are having. While I was there I did notice that a large telephone pole at the rear of the building has been removed and some of the wire disconnected. Have a great day, Arianna!

I am trying to explain away these things in my mind and so I looked all around my bed still hoping a child was the culprit i saw kind of a mass like move around the other side near rhe floor but no kids were here.

People interpret these colors in different ways, so one of the best options is to determine the type of energy or vibe you get from the orb. When a blue ghost orb appears, it indicates that the spirit feels happy, peaceful and calm. They are simply enjoying the world. I was just wondering what this meant like if its a bad spirit or not. Does this look familiar? Pilot light blue typically represents shielding or protection. This may offer some peace to those in the human world who witness this type of orb. Its long body taper… So.

~~~~~ No. The spirit is trying to communicate a message to you in some way. The other day i was on my way to bed, and on my way beside me i saw like a blue outline around a human shaped space. Here are the photos from my most recent visit. But the other night i had a first i seen a large green orb in the shape of a sphere with me own eyes it was crazy as i have never seen an orb with my own eyes.. normally when i see a ghost i see the full person. 1/2 price on Ghost Pur… Star Buy! Your email address will not be published. Film photography can create an orb due to the coloring of the camera lens as well as dust specs, rain, bugs, or other spots found on the camera lens. in any picture with my boyfriend there is always a green orb with a white ring on the outside, what does this mean? Some people believe it is a spiritual message while others believe it is related to their fifth chakra or that it is a ghost. This will give you greater insight into the purpose of these orbs in your life. The location of this old abandoned train station can be found on our Abandoned Places in Ontario Map. Beat the Blast at the World's First Escape Room Aboard the USS Lexington! One day while cleaning house I was dusting a picture of my grandmother and talked to her(with tears flowing as well). For the spirit to pass on, they have to relay their message to a human and gain that closure. Red Orbs Thanks for commenting! Yellow Orbs I also have seen a white orb occasionally, but it seems to have a more negative intention, but everything I read says white orbs are good and even possible angels. It’s nice to be on the page. I did lose a brother a few years back and he always said he would find a good way. I feel a deep sense of connection to source and often feel a warm male hand pressed gently to my forehead. Fun Fact: President (before he was President) Gerald Ford served on USS Cabot. The tunnel was sealed off in the mid 2000’s as officials thought it was in the best interest of public safety. “The evil is killing your angles” fyi. The white orb may be a reflection of a family member or your relationship with a family member.

1/2 price on selected Ghost Purity Star Buy! The powerful behaviors of the orb are indications of the strength of this connections with those who influenced in your life. You will exert a positive influence for the people who are in your life. I thought it might be dust in a wind vacuum, but the footage also shows some moving back and forth at amazing speed….does anyone know what could’ve caused this new activity? I also sit in the church rose garden for prayer and similar feelings are evoked but I do not ever feel the hand. This positive experience is a symbol of your positive behaviors. Allow this to influence you to act with kindness and compassion. You will find great benefit in continuing to share your light. Help..? Ensure that these orbs guide you to share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. The ship was never camouflaged. What do you think the colors mean? The ghostly spirit may be trying to tell you that a specific location is not safe and that there could be a danger nearby. Thank you for sharing your experiences, as there are many benefits in sharing these thoughts and feelings. White Orbs It was reported, no less than four times, that USS LEXINGTON had been sunk. But they can never defy energy. Unlike other orbs, which may represent a spirit that never touched this world in the first place, a green orb was likely an actual human at one point. While there is some debate about what each color could mean, we will cover what each color of ghost orb is generally thought to mean. I felt deeply happy by this too. Although attempts were made to move the graves an estimated 900 graves still lie beneath the pond today. I followed this light and got many photos which this was dark at night and no wind. Just now I was trying to take a photo of a picture of my recently deceased parents and a pulsating red orb (or maybe two) appeared over my dad’s heart. Many paranormal investigators believe that blue orbs come to the human realm in an attempt to guide human beings. It was about the size of a medium size football. Orange Orbs He is referred to as "The Blue Boy" as that was the colour of the lad when they pulled his body out of the water. Some paranormal investigators also believe that blue orbs are brought to this world to help guide the living. Please feel free to share more of your insights and experiences in the future.

They are bringing positive energy to the world and are not something that you should be worried a bit. Thank you in advance. Privacy Policy, 10 need-to-know things about the Blue Ghost. There were a total of 107 men were killed during the construction of the tunnel and the canal in its surrounding area all of these events have help build the legend of the blue mist tunnel. 1/2 price on Ghost Purity Limited Edition 100ml.

this isnt the first paranormal thing in this house but definitely the darkest. They are visiting the human realm with happiness, peace and love. I can usually see people’s auras too.

For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. Please feel free to share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Blue is considered a tranquil, welcoming color in the human realm. I’v seen a few ghosts now they just stare at me they have never spoke to me im unsure as to why they have come to me? In the first photo, the ten pals can be seen posing next to Loch Eck, with the purple hills of Scotland rolling back behind them. like grabbing onto the side of my mattress and then hiding, I rolled over quick and saw a black pointy orb about 5 feet up the wall like a pointy cactus ball that was moving and just shrunk and disappeared. Silver Orbs When it comes to the case of orbs found in videos, this can be caused by infrared lights reflecting off of certain objects to create an ‘orb’.
I closed my eyes and hoped I was dreaming but when I opened them back up it was still there and still the noise… that’s all I can remember … I closed my eyes and woke up in the day light… was the strangest thing I have ever encountered…. What does it mean if i see a blue ghost in my house? Look up to see the Japanese flag, signifying the spot where a Kamikaze plane hit the deck during an attack; part of the first Kamikaze attacks during WWII. The last time I saw it, it floated down into the kitchen while I was cooking, paused until I made direct eye contact, and then quickly shot across the room to where my electric panel is in my house and suddenly some of the fuses exploded and shut my power off. Hi, The blue ghost tunnel is boasted to be one of the most haunted places in Canada. If you have a visitation by a blue orb yet don't receive an immediate form of messaging, you may want to explore other possible meanings. My friend has a blue orb with a green outline? Some people theorize that a blue orb is a ghost. They represent a need to be cautious and may be a warning. It just shows that the spirit has come to visit, observe and relax within the world. You will find that these orbs will become more present in your life as you continue to share your positive energy with the world. Orbs are thought to be ghosts or spirits coming to earth in the form of light, trying to communicate with the living human world once again. These are reflections of positive energy. Always wondered who they were.