All generated villagers will instead be zombie villagers. Villages contain lots of goodies, which are, again, randomized. It also affects the player's fame in the village, and whether or not he's liked. Depending on your luck, they can vary in size and can feature incredibly rare loot for you to take advantage of. A Minecraft village will spawn villagers depending on the amount of beds in the village, and include farmers, fishermen, fletchers, butchers, clerics, armorers, and more. For starters, these are the biomes that typically contain villages: We also discovered that villages tend to spawn near water, so be on the lookout for bays and beaches. A village is a small cluster of buildings that contain inhabitants like traders, as well as animals such as sheep and cats. You’ll need four iron blocks and one carved pumpkin. Minecraft is full of interesting locations to discover and in this guide, we’ll explain what a village is, how to find them, and what you can expect when you arrive. To stay up to date with the latest PC gaming guides, news, and reviews, follow PCGamesN on Twitter and Steam News Hub. Smithing success: the Blacksmith’s smithing table helps you upgrade to netherite armour. While there isn’t a precise, full-proof method to find a village (other than using console commands, which we’ll get to shortly), there are things you can do to make them easier to track down. Village Well have gained an exceptional reputation for a creative and holistic approach to development and the activation of places. In this guide, we'll show you how to find a village and what they might contain. You can find the location of villages by exploring, either on foot or flying in Creative mode. The type of village is determined by the biome at the village center or meeting point, where most villagers can be found. Exploring can get lonely at times, making villages feel novel when you stumble upon one. Villages spawn randomly throughout the world and as far as we can tell, at least one will always spawn in each world. A village in Minecraft has a 2% chance of generating as a zombie village. It’s possible that more than one village can spawn, as well. All rights reserved. Need to know how to find a village in Minecraft? © 2010 - 2020 Blacksmiths houses, also known as forges have a chest of loot containing valuable items such as Minecraft diamonds, ingots, iron armour, and rare loot. The cartographer chest contains paper, bread, sticks, and other valuable items. The following platforms support this Minecraft console command, Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, and Education Edition. In the Java Edition, there is a 2% chance of these spawning, but in the Bedrock Edition, it’s “about” 30%, according to the Minecraft Wiki. Iron Golems are village protectors and although one Iron Golem will usually spawn with a village, these large passive mobs are pretty simple to summon, although expensive. Hope you guys like it. Villages are locations that contain loot and other useful items in Minecraft. If you’re a smidge evil you can keep the Bad Omen status effect and use it to cause an Illager raid by visiting a village in Minecraft. Finding a village in Minecraft is half the battle, but once you arrive to a haven of goodies, a welcome from the local villagers and wonderful offerings from the village occupants, it will all seem worth it. All creations copyright of the creators. 3 Sometimes They Turn Into Witches Just created a large village well centerpiece. Her words have appeared at Green Man Gaming and, alongside her dedication to sim management games, she’s also a card game enthusiast. Butcher house chests have an array of meats such as beef and mutton, but also coal, and occasionally emeralds. Gossip has several functions in Minecraft. There are no doors or lights in Zombie Villages, and the overall vibe is spooky. As you explore the expansive open world (or one of them) in Minecraft, you might be on the lookout for a village, which is indicated by a close-knit group of small house-like buildings. Get involved in the conversation by heading over to our Facebook and Instagram pages. In the Bedrock Edition there is a chance that a wandering trader and trader llamas will spawn at the village meeting point. Our Minecraft village guide covers how to find a village in Minecraft, how to avoid a zombie siege, and the best places to discover Minecraft village loot.