Many players have multiple signed cards with different print runs. March 1876). Then thinks , if there are people buying it , we’ll keep putting it out there . The pencil notes say "Solomon & Gelman - 1 neg. HERE. 4B Top, 4C Top. Absolutely a waste of money !!! Help Support the Work! We can tell thanks to Mike Epstein, who was a Texas Ranger the first part of the 1973 campaign, having been traded there by Oakland after the 1972 season ended. Odds of getting anything worth the money that it cost is slim next to none !! Opening this product feels unique. "Medal of Honor" above and "Ford Jet" below, or is the bottom one describing this drawing? Absolutely, positively the worst card investment I’ve ever made. The annual set sees a huge shift on the release calendar. However, we get a nice glimpse of the back: Outboard Motor Boat (112) - That scrawl is not Woody's. For them, it lost that late 1990s excitement long ago. That was mostly because of the $20 price tag from Topps or around $18 on pre-sales on eBay. Here's Henry in decidedly more 70's style duds than he wore for the comic: Did you notice the "T" codes? I found an article describing how he got his start phillumenically speaking (boredom essentially) over at the, Continuing on from last week's attempt to corral and checklist the related 1948, 1949 & 1953. Strongman with Banner - I believe this is a drawing intended or used for display and/or advertising purposes. I have pulled a Miggy redemption card from this product HERE, Shop Ermsy's Project 2020 Companion Cards on eBay Topps is collaborating with a cast of 20 artists from around the globe, ranging from famed streetwear designers, tattoo and graffiti artists, and one of the premiere jewelry designers on the planet. Well I'm getting closer to finishing off the Tatoo study that commenced back at the end of September but enough new material has rolled in that I am pushing that by a week or two. Well, I don't really know if we'll ever figure it out but can say I track the first appearance of all Topps test issues in The Trader Speaks and cannot find any references to either set through the end of the magazine's run in the 1980's, which is just strange. I know I bought box after box thinking this had to get better! Empire State Building (109) - Possible Gelman scrawl again. The references in Berger's bio lead me to think this newsletter is from the second half of 1948 as I believe his first son was born earlier that year and the other jobs described match up with that dating. Don't get me wrong, as I really started looking at this collection, they are all very cool. After a bit of a pause to gather more information, the deciphering of the aboriginal Topps, I'd say the top three categories are all at least potentially "original". I like it. Omigosh... a Gerstein blogpost! HERE, Shop JK5's Project 2020 Companion Cards on eBay glossy same size", Tarzan (108) - The dark border appears unique, I wonder if this was meant for. Release Date: 3-25-2020 In 1964 (I think) a set of 24 Military Emblems were included in party boxes of Bazooka. Well, there's a couple of theories, one mine and one Lonnie's. It means a lot to me personally! With Jokes. Exactly, I have seen several cards that were supposedly only a 1 of 1 autographed card only to show up again the next year as multiple signed cards. playe... For all my year of contempt toward ESPN, their coverage of the 2014 FIFA Same thing with a Ron Cey card and and a Dennis Eckersley card. American Indian Portrait (85)  - Possibly not from, Cloud with Puffing Face (107) - Possibly not from. Many collectors are likely familiar with the format by now, but 2020 Topps Archives Signature Series Active Player Edition Baseball takes various cards from a variety of MLB brands, including flagship and Bowman cards, and adds an on-card autograph, foil-stamped logo and serial-numbered print run. the mid... Larry Schwinger's cover painting for Cornell Woolrich's *I Married a Dead So there's no 100% rock solid evidence either way. just in response to above. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 10th Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web Grand Prize Winner has been crowned!! There's not even agreement in the hobby as to whether they were actually issued or not but the consensus leans toward no but with a nod to them being packaged and oh-so-close. Shop Andrew Thiele's Project 2020 Companion Cards on eBay Aircraft Carrier (118) - Likely rejected. ONE star review just as a HUGE WARNING if you buy expect to get mostly absolutely nobody autos from this product unless Topps really steps up from the 2019 product, which was HORRIBLE! The "Profitable Sales Aid of Silence" tagline though is 100% accurate-it's how the Shorin's operated for decades, i.e. New for 2020, collectors can find limited dual autographs "featuring some of the biggest stars from MLB. HERE, Shop Sophia Chang's Project 2020 Companion Cards on eBay PSA pops are interesting for these two sets. Any word on which players will be in this issue? HERE, Shop Mister Cartoon's Project 2020 Companion Cards on eBay Their email is now In active I have pulled Trout, Judge, Bryant just to name a few. Lightly titled in pencil, not in Woody''s hand. This act makes the comments about ALTC reasonably suspect to my mind as well, although prior to the Depression things may have been quite rosy in both empires. Just like the Ted Willliams #90, they give me that old baseball card feeling. Elephant (110) - Possible Woody Gelman handwriting, hard to tell. I really like this card. Even my wife thinks there are cool. Really, it does: ( Chris over at CRT Sports Cards has great up to date article on Topps Project 2020) When this started, I thought it was an interesting concept, but was not going to get all excited about it. I'm not sure about the American Leaf Tobacco Company (ALTC) being the largest wholesale tobacco company in the US but they did have an impressive presence nationwide, or at least east of the Mississippi River. Blog Archive 2020 (4) July (2) Play Ball! Get trading cards products like Topps NOW, Match Attax, UFC cards, and Wacky Packages from a leading sports card and entertainment card creator at Project 2020 Archive - Archive JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. As the name indicates, all subjects in the Signature Series Active checklist should be current MLB players. Paid $885 for an unopened case of 20 boxes, will probably only be able to recoup $250, if I’m lucky. Joe looks like Joe and Phil looks like a super-villain! Want to bet he signed this “1 of 1” card the same time he signed the other 14 cards? Yeah, it’s a spendy chance sometimes. HERE, Shop Grotek's Project 2020 Library on eBay This 3-inch plastic statue features Brooklyn Dodger star Roy Campanella. I've used the full team names, electing to thumb my nose at the (now defunct) MLBPC: Friend o'the Archive Keith Olbermann sent along a really neat Topps item recently and I think you'll all agree it's one of the more amazing pieces to be discussed here. And in fact I have a Jason Giambi card that stamped as a 1 of 1 card only to have found the exact same card stamped as a 12 of 20 card from the same issue. Here's a nice shot of Topps HQ in Brooklyn and a letter from Sales Manager Hugh Spencer to kick things off: As the "Changemaker" is still front and center and with no reference at the end to the penny tab version of Bazooka (that being a mid-1949 effort), I think my latter part of 1948 date estimate stands up pretty well. like it should be a military insignia or logo but I can't quite place it. However, the tests included many straight confectionery items as well, so tracking is difficult and certainly even more so with non-novelty products. Some guys were out of MLB by then as well and many had changed teams. She looked at the Baller Trout card (pix above) and wondered why he had wings. The "American" theme, which featured red, white and blue prominently, would be reflected in. World Cup has been pretty good. I have yet to see a Miguel Cabrera card (just like last years Will Clark) so I suspect none exist. I don’t why so many downers, it is fun to open! Four New Shiny Cards! Lonnie though, thinks they could have been tested twice. He then surmises they were actually reissued in 1977. Good set if you like dime a dozen autos! Perfect thickness and always a good hit in each box. The last 2 were Keaton Hiura, and a Shane Bieber. stands for the Rathkamp Matchcover Society, the oldest phillumenic organization in the world, and. August of 1950, so this may have been an added "150" subject or for something else. It's time to open another blaster! Unless and until folks learn to say NO to these greedy companies with no imagination and poor quality, nothing will change. There are over twice as many Pin-Ups graded though at 348, ranging from 10-19 examples (Aaron has the most).