Got that tip from a Mark Bittman article. Like what you see? Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. I doubled the recipe the second time I made them and it seems we still went through them very quickly. So good! For 1 egg, mix 1tbsp of ground flax with 2 tbsp of water in a small bowl, stir well, then let sit a few minutes until it's goopy like an egg. 5 recipes down from here so far, and all have been a hit! We were talking about healthy food and she mentioned I should take a look at Don’t like the taste of either. These are processed together into a paste. Made it tonight, wasn't a big hit for my family. Pretty inexpensive to make and really not hard to make. I love how delicious these look and how simple the ingredient list is! Now I can make my own! My husband has an egg allergy so I usually skip over recipes with egg or eliminate it all together. They are so so so much better than store-bought veggie burgers. Congrats! I used a deli flat instead of a hamburger bun (because it was all I had) and it was still QUITE delicious. What a mess. Yes it does include the bun, sorry I don’t have the nutritional info without it. Thank you. Thanks for sharing Very easy. Again I figured it out but I figured I would let you know to avoid confusion. . Thanks for your reply. Soaking chia seeds in water forms a gel-like substance. I love trying any variation of a black bean burger I can and the addition of the chipotle sauce is perfect!! Cook the patties in hot oil until cooked through, about 5 minutes per side. Yum! I'm a college student and these are SUPER EASY to make! These were really good. And I have a can of Chipotle in Adobe in my pantry right now! (Especially with the 100 cal Martin buns which are a bit small. LOVED them. I’m sure there are a million versions of the black bean burger recipe but my creation all began because my mom loves the Costco veggie burger and wasn’t able to get them anymore. Thanks! Gina is a genius! If grilling, preheat an outdoor grill for high heat, and lightly oil a sheet of aluminum foil. My boyfriend (pescetarian) LOVED them. I tried the recipe the flavor was exactly what I was going for but they seemed dry. Nutrition Disclaimer: We are not certified nutritionists. Looks delicious. Making a flavorful bean burger is easy — it’s the texture that’s the hard part, especially when you’re trying to meet specific dietary needs. Wonderful recipe!Thank you . What would the nutritional info and WW points be for just each the burger and the sauce (separately) without the bun? Love making these and I always double the recipe. So easy and so delicious. One of my favorite recipes- these are so flavorful and easy to make! Amount is based on available nutrient data. I just put the beans right in the food processor and pulsed a few times. Spicy Black Bean Burgers with Chipotle Mayonnaise, best black bean burger, black bean burger, black bean burger recipe, black bean burgers. I was so wrong. Thanks! After chilling, I used a greased 1/2 cup dry ingredient measuring cup to scope out burgers., turned them out on a lined cookie sheet and use my finder tips to flate and even out edges.. Then into the freezer. Any reason why this could have failed? I use cooked dried beans, but a can of beans works equally well. Shame that it’s not a more common ingredient to get in Sydney. Would that work with the raw eggs in it? I wouldn't change a thing… Thank you, Gina! It should all print out on 1 page. I didn't want to go back to the store again so I used aluminum foil. Lou Lou Girls. I'm trying to cut back on sodium. My husband kept saying, "These are off the chain!!" and extra for later this month . Came out delicious! Burgers held their shape well, cooked easily, tasted great. Yes, you can freeze these veggie burgers. DELICIOUS! Can't wait to try them tonight! Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. I just cooked one for lunch and it held together great. My food philosophy is to eat seasonal, whole foods and maintain good portion control (everything in moderation!). These were awesome. Just made these (again!) i am obsessed wit veggie burgers! Everyone liked them including my husband! Take one bite of these Spicy Black Bean Burgers with Chipotle Mayo from The Skinnytaste Cookbook and you’ll understand why we love this recipe so much. Chili seasoning sounds like a wonderful way to season veggie burgers . Made them with your baked season fries, and my boyfriend and I loved the meal. How many calories just per patty please, without the bun and dressing? My son and I made these for dinner last night. One question, does baking them give them more of a crunch or crispy outside? I love your site! I didn't even think about it, but now I'm wondering because my husband wants to be able to take these to work for lunches-just pop them in the mic and eat (like you would the Morning Star ones). Thanks again! We just had these tonight. I keep batches of sofrito in the freezer – I wonder if I can just used that instead of chopping the peppers, garlic, etc, since all of that stuff is in the sofrito already? My husband and I absolutely love these! Love these! Can I use chili powder instead of cumin?… Totally didn't realize I'm all out of cumin! It looks great and it is so easy to reference. Definitely a keeper. thanks! If you’re worried you could probably use less oatmeal to compensate. Thanks so much for the healthy (affordable) recipes! My 11 month loved them too…minus the chipotle…I like how fresh they are, too…my son loves the veggie burgers, but never felt great about giving him morning star or garden burgers. Everywhere I have looked for directions to cook them it's always the same instructions. How many freestyle points is this recipe? Love it! I'm going to make them for everyone next time. I’m planning on having mine on top of greens. Prepare all ingredients that will go into the burger patties - grate the onion, rinse and drain the canned black beans, peel and mince the garlic, chop the greens (I had some leftover kale, basil and parsley). I can't wait to try these!! Had this issue too–luckily, it seems to be about 2 cups even b/c i just used a half cup measuring cup and poured out four patties–pretty much like pancakes. Awesome, thank you!!! All worked out well and I will make again – for sure!!! After mashing the beans with a fork for awhile and working on my biceps…I thought, "there has to be a better way"…Pastry cutter…I busted that baby out and the beans were mashed up in no time!!! The best black bean burger recipe yet. I'd never heard of it. This Spicy Chipotle Black Bean Burger is a delicious alternative to ground beef. Hi Gina! This looks like a healthy and tasty "burger” that happens to be vegetarian. haha, my two favorites nothing fancy. I made these yesterday, fried one up today, and was very pleased ! Thanks so much for all of the great recipes!! I will definitely be keeping the freezer stocked with these. This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. LOL. Just made these again, because I love them so much… I double checked the points and i think with the new freestyle program the patty only is 1 point now. These are very tasty and the convenience factor just puts them over the top. Cooked them in the air fryer and they turned out great! I do not like peppers, can I leave them out? If grilling, preheat grill over medium heat, and lightly oil a sheet of aluminum foil; grill 7-8 minutes on each side or you can bake in the oven at 375° on a lightly oiled baking sheet. Maybe I’ll add a little more oat, or some bread crumbs next time. I have a cilantro hater in my household. Looks amazing!! And the next one I have I'll try it with the avocado, Mmmm…. ★☆ They had the perfect amount of spice and flavor. Awesome, delicious, and nutritious foods everyone in the family loves!! I find that if you bake the beans spread out on a cookie sheet on 350 for 15 minutes helps with the falling apart issue. Black bean burgers are also delicious with a slice of orange and topped with light mayo blended with orange zest and a bit of garlic powder. I would honestly eat them over a burger any night–something I've never said for a veggie burger. This is not gluten free recipe Gina, since you have used wheat buns. a whole tbsp of cumin seemed like a bit much, could only bring myself to do half. Making these tonight!! Do yourself a favor and try them. He requested that I make a bunch of them to keep in the freezer. This looks amazing. Most people buy large rather than jumbo. Oooo… I love the Morningstar Chipotle Black Bean Burgers from Costco. © 2020 Eating bird food • AN ELITE CAFEMEDIA FOOD PUBLISHERsite by Katelyn Calautti + Made to thrive. Although I followed the directions exactly the patties kept falling apart in the skillet. These were so delicious! Not a good idea! We had two for dinner, and I kept one uncooked for lunch the next day and froze the remaining two uncooked patties for later. These spicy Chipotle Black Bean Burgers are an awesome meatless Monday meal. Literally yesterday I was thinking about making veggie burgers – I love black beans…. I tried these and loved them, especially with the chipolte mayo on top. It does make a cooked product have a ting of green, but I doubt that you would notice it in this recipe! A ‘lil messy and a bit of a learning curve to make them more ‘solid’ .. my freezer is narrow so I could not put the dish that I put the formed patties on into the freezer (grrr), so transferred to the fridge. When I went to flip the burgers, they seemed like they would end up being more sloppy joe-like than burger-like, but they stayed together on the bun. Cook patties for 5 minutes on each side. I usually sub ground chia seed gel for eggs do you think it would work in these burgers? I always buy Boca burgers, it never dawned on me to actually make these myself. Points will increase. ★☆. I just purchased your cook book and this was the first dinner I made for myself last night and brought one to work for lunch today. Can’t wait to give this one a try:), I’m loving this! I think I'll make these a lot this summer! Everyone LOVES them. Let cool, place into ziploc freezer bags 2 cups at a time, and freeze flat. It is a staple for our family. This was so good and full of flavor! They should keep for several weeks in the freezer. To go without the mayonnaise sometimes I will put the chipotle pepper straight into the bean mixture.The avocado on top is absolutely essential. In your ingredient list you omitted onion but it was listed in the instructions. If not I am definitely making them again tomorrow. Thanks!! Theyre big, thick, and hearty and even meat eaters LOVE these. Now I know why, thank you!!!! I served the burger with homemade sweet potato fries and we dipped them in the chipotle mayonnaise – equally amazing!!