Trotz verhaltener Motorleistung kann die Himalayan so auf nasser oder leicht rutschiger Straße kurz vom rechten Weg abdriften. With 200mm travel up front and 180mm at the rear, and 220mm ground clearance, the Himalayan is suited to dirt roads at medium speeds and single trail exploration. If that sounds like you, I think the Himalayan will suit your needs nicely. Auf den besser asphaltierten Geraden ist bei 130 km/h Schluss. Once again, what impresses is the low-down chug of the engine, the bike accepting second almost from the pull-away and happy to bob along at slow speeds and low rpm without any snatch or judder. The rest of the bike is what you might call basic. This shocked me somewhat, as the bike is dubbed an ‘Adventure Tourer’ by RE, however, touring for me would be out of the question. Mit einem Neupreis von 4.690 Euro zählt die gut ausgestattete Royal Enfield nicht nur zu den günstigsten Bikes im Markt, sondern – so viel sei vorweggenommen – sie ist bei all ihren Qualitäten ein echtes Schnäppchen. Reports of the BS4 model so far show it to be much more robust than the BS3, with a constant rumour that export bikes are built on separate production lines to make double sure of their construction. There is a choke/fast idle lever but this has little effect. The clocks are functional and clear to read. Denn wahre Schönheit kommt von innen! Umso mehr überrascht das wirklich erste echte neue Motorrad nach gefühlten Jahrzehnten. Die Royal Enfield ist ein Motorrad für die, die auf Motorleistung nicht nur wenig, sondern gar keinen Wert legen. The fueling is very good, and the whole bike novice friendly. The Himalayan is a true all-rounder that will suit the rider who is learning adventure riding or exploring off-road and needs a capable road bike for daily duties. I head up to the hills for some cornering fun. The front is particularly good, while at the back, 180mm of travel is still fairly limiting and bigger bumps bottom the back-end out with a whack. Colours are black or white. Arriving at St Albans, I take a shady spot under a tree and eat my packed lunch and have a cold drink. Otherwise on the road the bike feels competent. The tank is narrow, as is the seat, which incidentally feels rock hard, while the side covers bulge out and prevent me from sitting on the bike properly as they press against my legs. How much of a price rise no one is certain. Man könnte ja, wenn man wollte. Denn die Strassen hier sind mindestens oder vielleicht noch schotteriger als im Himalaya . I let the bike idle for a good few minutes before it will accept throttle. Aber das haben die Mannen in Indien mit der Himalayan eben nicht getan. Once warm, I head off for a day of testing, with some tarmac and off-road planned including highway, country road, single-track and dirt trail and only one fuel stop required! It is amazing where it will go. At an Indian price of $3500 AUS, they’re ok for India, but here you can do much better with something like a 300 Versys. Riding the trails in second is a little more difficult than I would have liked, needing some clutch work. Overall, a rewarding experience in the twisties for what the bike is… take your time, enjoy the ride. Clutch: Wet, multi-plate 88 Kubikzentimeter weniger Hubraum als eine klassische Enfield? Stephan. The Royal Enfield Himalayan suits the job, although the suspension could be a little better. Mit dieser Wiedergängerin der klassischen Enduro in Reiseausführung haben wir uns auf die Piste gewagt. Man kommt ohnehin nicht daran vorbei, also können wir es auch jetzt tun. It just isn’t enough for the faster dirt riding. What I appreciate the most about the bike is the engine firstly and the 21in front wheel secondly. Some bikes feel sloppy stood up. The last bike I brought along here was a Ducati Desert Sled and that struggled to cope with the chattering bumps and shallow and frequent ruts. Die indischen Motorräder mit den traditionsreichen Wurzeln waren schon immer per se retro. Die Himalayan bietet ab Werk vielseitige Befestigungsmöglichkeiten für tourenorientiertes Zubehör. Royal Enfield gibt die Höchstgeschwindigkeit mit 127 km/h an, doch uns fehlt etwas die Phantasie, wo es in ganz Deutschland eine genügend lange Strecke geben soll, um der Himalayan den dazu benötigten Anlauf zu gewähren. The bare-bones philosophy adopted here, in fact, does more good than harm for the Himalayan’s non-cosmetic appeal. It snicks into gear cleanly and whilst at 190 kilos the bike’s never going to be good at motocross, it does make light work of the type of trails most people are going to tackle. All-up the bike weighs in at a claimed 191kg ready to roll…. Some say it should be lighter, but often those people are looking at it as a trail bike, and to look at it in that way perhaps leads to false expectation. An underpowered overgeared bike that really didn’t want to run at more than 100kph on the highway. Lenker, Fußrasten, Bedienelemente und die geringe Sitzhöhe von 800 mm sind für entspanntes und stressfreies Fahren ausgelegt und ermöglichen eine bequeme Fahrposition, egal ob Sie sitzen oder stehen.