The country has a growing population that has already crossed 1.3 billion. It’s a very versatile bike that can be used for different types of terrain. Can you cruise at lows revs w/o stalling and at high revs in the dirt? Additional features in response to customer feedback also include an improved side-stand design and hazard light switch in case of road or trail side emergencies. Just because you can doesn’t necessarily mean you should. All those characteristics made it into an adventure bike not just for India, but for the rest of the world. Royal Enfield make a range of highly rated motorcycles, including the Continental GT, Thunderbird, Interceptor 650, Bullet, Classic 350 and the Himalayan. Your email address will not be published. Power is just 24.5hp from the 411cc motor, to me, the sweet spot for the bike was in the 30-55mph/ 50-90kph range be it either paved or dirt backroads, at these speeds the Himalayan is in its element. The engine can run speeds of up to 100km/h smoothly. • Speedo is off by at least 10%…but is this done for safety? Some users are also using a crash bar system that can protect the motorbike from tip-overs. About the Royal Enfield Himalayan. Where I live the freeway speed limit is 65mph, most drivers go closer to 80…I couldn’t keep up so not great in the scenario I tested in! Unsurprisingly given that the BMW is so much more expensive, it does have some extra features such as a digital instrument panel and indicators. No crap, we promise. Get the best motorbike news, rumors, deals and events each week. The beauty of the motorbike is in its agility and handling. To answer this, it really is a way to look at the negatives of the bike and if they can be overcome, and there is a list, not an expensive or extensive one, but a list all the same, and the reasons why. Tweet. Himalayan includes a wide variety of Genuine Motorcycle Accessories as well, allowing riders the freedom to customize the Himalayan according to their pursuits. It has been around from 2016, when Royal Enfield introduced the company’s first adventure-touring motorcycle. The instrument cluster has been slightly updated from the previous models. The Royal Enfield Himalayan is not a bike aimed at our market. 2019 Royal Enfield Himalayan is exactly a new bike from others. Once you wrap your head around that fact you can be a lot more objective. Starting September 1, 2020 and running through September 30, 2020 interested consumers will be able to reserve a 2021 Himalayan at The usual question, if it’s not completely obvious, “what kind of bike is that?” Not necessary here with ‘Royal Enfield’ emblazoned across the front crash bars that wrap around the tank area and make up additional support for the headlight. !” and enjoy it for a culturally designed motorcycle that does exactly what it was designed to do. Will it survive long-term off-road abuse? However, the beauty of the motorbike is on an off-road adventure. New for 2021 is a switchable antilock braking system (ABS) providing riders with more control when navigating challenging off-road conditions. Two up for long-distance riding with panniers full of gear? (Contributed post for our North American readers). A few nice additions that some riders will like are a center stand to make changing tires, fixing punctures and oiling the chain easier, and a well thought out dash in analog and digital that shows a full array of information – speed, RPM, air temp, clock, gear indicator, digital compass, fuel gauge and a collection of idiot lights, … and a small tool kit under the seat, that locks in place with a key, to easily access the battery and electronics …. I’m 6’1”/ 1.85m and it feels tight sitting, a mix of sportbike/ MX position right up against the tank when seated, but standing it feels good because the pegs are in a low position, so it feels comfortable, surprisingly I wouldn’t need to add any sort of risers to the handlebars. Chatting with some Indian friends, they said “the Royal Enfield’s are premium bikes here” although most readers from Western countries look at it as a budget bike. Review. On a highway, it does feel a bit sluggish. I’m going to guess and say, no to this, to me it’s more of a street-based bike that is made to look like an adventure bike, occasional off-road jaunts are what it’s for.