How about receiving a customized one? As the above quotations illustrate, the role of education in reducing inequality and promoting social mobility is a favourite topic among politicians seeking to share their vision for a fair and just society. The MIT Press colophon is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Politics and Education 1. al include amongst many: This means the political system of a nation has an influence on the educational system of such nation viz-a-viz. However, they should necessarily have awareness about the political development in their country.The life of a student is a crucial stage of life in which students have to give more preference to their own education than, any other activities, their active involvement in the politics leads to damage of their own studies, which is more necessary for them. The state of education in Nigeria has been affected by the persistent change in the educational policy and poor funding. As they say, show me your schools and I will tell you what society you will have. Seeing the present condition of Indian politicians, they shud be educated as a priority as they dnt even knw much about Indian history, politics and even Indian geography too. Thomas. Politics is an integral part of the operation of public education. on how political ideologies impact a country's education system... Research Methods, Statistics & Evaluation, Key Issues in Education and Social Justice, The BERA/SAGE Handbook of Educational Research. The policies that schools experience today, such as the National Curriculum, school choice, high-stakes testing and school accountability through league tables, have been the result of different political views on how best to achieve a world-class education system. A lecturer, Educationist, PhD student at FUNAAB, and a Blogger. We argue that effective accountability systems are largely dependent on associated government structures, rules, and procedures, and the individuals responsible for implementing them. The success of student idealism led indirectly to its decline. Cambridge MA 02142-1209, Suite 2, 1 Duchess Street Elements of Standards-Based Accountability. But all political activities are not the same. Enter words / phrases / DOI / ISBN / authors / keywords / etc. Some of the relationship between politics and education that was mentioned by Ijov et. Students participate in a wide-ranging program including in forums, study groups and conferences. Many politicians have the aim of coming out as the best governor or president and in the process they commit blunders while introducing policies that may have negative effect on education. Volume 8 The MIT Press is a leading publisher of books and journals at the intersection of science, technology, and the arts.