(35 minutes x 4 lbs = 140 minutes). Nutrition information is approximate and meant as a guideline only. browser that My personal preference is to serve roast pork with white wine – as I find red wine usually overpowers the delicate flavours of roast pork… and white wine also pairs much better with apple sauce. Char Sui Pork, Chinese Barbecue Pork is a delicious recipe, full of flavor.

I am totally on board with this easy peasy method , Haha – I knew this would be up your street! You can ask your butcher to score the lines on the skin, but make sure the cuts are down to the fat level otherwise it won't crisp up. Perfect served warm or cold, or both! My favourite pork leftovers dish is Pork Ramen (Just follow my Chicken Ramen recipe, but use leftover pork instead of the chicken).

My crackling is always crunchy and I have never added salt. MORE : UK’s ‘most expensive ribeye steak’ on sale for £120, MORE : TikTokker horrifies everyone by cooking steak in the toaster but she says the method is amazing. Hi Jayne, because your pork will have the bone in, the cook time is faster, so you need to calculate approx 20 minutes per pound. Sprinkle the salt and pepper over the rind of the pork and work it in to the cuts using your fingers. But one man has revealed how he gets the perfect crackling finish on pork… To successfully achieve a Weber Q roast pork with crunchy crackling, you need to maintain the temperature between 190°C to 230°C at all times. If the crackling still isn’t quite right at the end of cooking time, remove it from the meat and pop it under the grill.
Juices from the roasted pork, optional as it may be fatty.

Great for the oven of grill.

If your tray is robust enough to go on the heat then do so, if not scrape the contents into a shallow saucepan and place on the heat.

This sudden blast of heat is the key to crispy crackling.

I’m Eb – a professional blogger, busy mum and passionate foodie and it is my mission in life to make cooking EASIER and MORE DELICIOUS!

Let us know in the comments below. Not sure if I would follow this method again.

Leg of pork (bone out) is the nicest - (less fatty). In this case it would be a further 2½ hours.

First, place some aluminum foil on the dish and be sure to have enough foil so it comes up the sides to cover any exposed meat (NOT the skin). and then wrap the pork up in the foil to keep moist. You see the skin has separated. Obviously just switch the chicken for pork in this case!

I love roast pork and always look forward to the crackling as a treat. (35 minutes x 4 lbs = 140 minutes).

It's a reliable, solid pan and won't flex in the heat of the oven.

I will also show you how to get crispy crunchy crackling from the skin of the Pork. Required fields are marked *. The vegetables Choose vegetables that you like and are in season. or you could even add to a pie, such as our chicken pie recipe using leftovers.

Carve the pork loin with crackling attached into slices using a serrated knife and serve with your favourite vegetables and the apple and cider gravy.
salt & pepper if needed.

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web Here I will show you how to make a delicious Roast Pork dinner, with lovely crackling! 25 minutes (no matter what weight the meat is) at 240C, 475F, Gas 9 then after 25 minutes. Serve the pork carved in slices, giving everyone some crackling. Thanks for reading and happy cooking!

Roast pork leftovers are also great in any of these recipes, in place of the chicken or beef: Roast Pork Leftovers will keep for 3 days in an airtight container in the fridge. Make up some applesauce if using.

supports HTML5 ), * % Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet, Deliciously tender roast pork topped with perfect crispy crunchy crackling is much easier than you think… This recipe takes just 2 hours from start to finish and only 5 minutes is hands on time! The man, who posts as @Aussie_QBBQ on TikTok, showed how he uses a few store cupboard items to give the meat a crisp, golden finish. (Serves 4-6, depending on appetite. Plus, it's interesting food. For cooking, he recommended 70-80 minutes in the oven or on the BBQ at 180C.

Recipe to make Super Crispy Crunchy Roast potatoes, click on the photo below.

Rub well into the scores as this not only seasons the meat, but helps draw out moisture, producing ‘crispy crackling’. These are the timings for alternative size joints: 1.5kg/3.3lb (30 mins at 240C, 1h15 at 200C) 2kg/4.4lb (30 mins at 240C, 1h40 at 200C) 2.5kg/5.5lb (30 mins at 240C, 2h05 at 200C).

While the oven is preheating, score the skin of the pork. Remove the pork from the oven and leave to rest for 10 minutes before carving. Join now to receive exclusive recipes, offers, and healthy tips that matter to locals like you.

Please enjoy! Remove the pork from the fridge approximately 30 minutes before cooking (2 hours before you wish to serve the pork). When you buy your joint of pork, be sure to choose a piece where there is a lot of skin on the 'top' as this is what will make the crackling. 14.