He was simply the complete package. Home; OlympiaTV; Results; Qualifier Lists. I always seem to change my mind because every now and again I’ll come across a rare photo online showing Sergio or Arnold posing and I’ll be blown away. His calves improved so much so that some bodybuilders believed he got implants!! His arms were mind blowing though, again, one of the best in history, if not thee best! His vacuum pose remains one of the best ever. In my opinion, they look great when he’s training, lifting weights, but his arms don’t look good during a front double biceps pose. Bring back the days of Arnold, Reg Park, Sergio, Bill Pearl, yes drugs were around back then, but physiques were much, much better. He did build an incredible physique but poor arm genetics meant that he was never going to have arms like Arnold. These are the results for each division in the competition.. He was genetically blessed with god given muscle insertions. If a lifter has an extremely poor body part, i.e. My only problem with today’s competitors is that even with the tight, smaller waists, guys like Phil Heath and even Dexter Jackson find it extremely difficult holding their stomachs in as evident from the 2015 Mr Olympia. Sergio Oliva won the Mr Olympia three times (1967, 1968 & 1969). Who didn’t deserve to win a Mr Olympia Title? ~ Mark. His arms seem to dwarf his chest. I do not see anyone beating Lee Haney / Ronnie Coleman’s 8 consecutive wins record for many years. By that I mean he always trained heavy and was known for his strength. During his first couple of wins, especially his first Mr Olympia win, he looked like a ‘FREAK’ in the good sense.

Mr. Olympia; Fitness Olympia; Figure Olympia Simply oozed aesthetics. As for the mass monsters, early Coleman 98-99 was a sight to behold, 92-93 Yates impressive too. However in 1965, Joe Weider decided to create a contest that would bring together Mr America’s and Mr Universe winners to determine the greatest bodybuilder in the world. In 2013 Men physics competition started and then a new class division of classic Physique started in 2016. Chris has said many times that he didn’t really need to do much for his calves as he was genetically blessed with big calves. 2019 Mr. Olympia Results And Prize Money For All Divisions. Dexter Jackson though in this current day and age is keeping aesthetics alive and still is doing well in competitions and considering his age, 45 I believe (as of 16 Oct 2015) he is still in great shape and winning competitions and still could possibly win the Mr Olympia again. I believe that record will continue to stand for years to come. He had the mindset to do that, which not many people can do. If the arms are poor, they don’t deserve the title. ~ The Horror Kid, "Arnold the Greatest bodybuilder ever. They looked like athletes. This is a man that was massive – wide shoulders, wide back, tiny waist with massive legs, everything in proportion.