Christian love, spiritual love, comes from Christ and goes out to the other person, not directly, but through Christ. Bonhoeffer distinguishes the two saying, “Human love cannot tolerate the dissolution of a fellowship that has become false for the sake of genuine fellowship, and human love cannot love an enemy, that is, one who seriously and stubbornly resists it… Life or death of a Christian community is determined by whether it achieves sober wisdom on this point as soon as possible.”. . Required fields are marked *. . Bonhoeffer begins his discussion of community by describing it as a privilege which many take for granted. Thus, Bonhoeffer goes so far as to say “because Christ stands between me and others, I dare not desire direct fellowship with them” (p. 33). He then moves on to discuss how the community is to fellowship at various points of the day. He is very systematic and prescriptive in this book. In chapter two, Bonhoeffer discusses the correct way to do communal devotions with a special emphasis on the family. When the congregation partakes of the Lord’s Supper it receives forgiveness, new life, and fellowship. Based on biblical president he says that the family community gathers for praise and thanks, reading scripture, and prayer. All Rights Reserved. Life Together. He then gives several examples of times when we are to come together through praise. Christian ministry, as Bonhoeffer portrays it, is largely an attitude of the heart. Life Together. Monergism Books. He recommends families read daily from the Old and New Testament, follow a consecutive reading plan, and take turns reading. He closes the first chapter by making a great distinction between “human love and community” and spiritual Christian community. To achieve this goal, he first defines community. Bonhoeffer begins Living Together with a praise of Christian community extolling the grace of God for giving Christians the opportunity to live in fellowship with one another. In the work, he detailed the necessity of the church functioning as a living and vibrant organism, what he called a "community of love". Christian fellowship is not created by us, but accomplished by God and thus is different from other communities. In Life Together Bonhoeffer awakens a desire for Christian community beyond the Lord's day and a few meetings during the week. Life Together, perhaps his most accessible work, was written out of his experience of living in community with pastors and those training for gospel ministry in 1930s Germany, and is rightly viewed as a Christian classic. In the latter, Bonhoeffer writes, “The heart sings because it is overflowing with Christ. Bonhoeffer concludes that we are to live as the body of the Church, exercising our gifts to assist the body of believers and then working through that body to reach out to those who still have not made a commitment to the Christian cause. Managing your personal finances 4th edition. Plot Keywords I taught a lesson based on Life Together in our Twenties and Thirties group today. Exploring Life Together Introduction (Life Together, p.7-13) Without question the social, cultural, and political context in which Life Together was written is compelling. What did you glean from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together? The Psalter teaches us to pray on the basis of Christ’s prayer, what we should pray, and that we are to pray as a fellowship. The first service that one owes to others in fellowship is listening, the second is active helpfulness, and the third is bearing others. In it Dietrich Bonhoeffer gives you “a number of directions and precepts that the Scriptures provide us for life together under the word.”. Reading scripture is of critical importance in family devotions. Create a website or blog at Taglines The specifics of these family devotions should be adapted to fit the context and the people who are present. When Christians are reconciled to God and people they desire to receive the body and blood of Jesus. Life Together, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) organization was established in 1992 by Bishop David Allen Hall, pastor of the historic Temple Church Of God In Christ. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. He writes that community is not something to be taken for granted. (128 pages) Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book Life Together is a practical guide on how to do life as a Christian community. Bonhoeffer draws upon examples and passages from the Bible to establish how the community should live together., In the following we shall consider a number of directions and precepts that the Scriptures provide us for our life together under the Word.