Once you reach the goal set a new one. slow-twitch) muscle fibers, which support endurance exercise. Help. So, yeah, if you needed a little extra push to get moving, this is it. that's about a 5 minute 30 second mile. Thanks for the encouragement, guys! I am always going to be slow. I've been running for years and I still feel benefits from running at that pace, you should never feel bad for training "too slow." Read more: How Fast Should You Run a Mile? Over all, he said, a 10-minute mile for

I started with a mile, and last night hit 3 miles in 30 minutes, on my 4th/5th run.
Might take a bit of training, might take weight loss if that's an issue, but there's no hurry.
But my question to you guys is simple: Is a 10 minute mile at least decent for starting out? My PR at 51 is 9:01 on a single mile. Beginner runners might be unsure of how to track progress, especially if gains are small at the beginning. could be translated to average mile times, offering a simple formula for doctors and individuals to rate their fitness level at midlife and predict long-term heart risk. While that's definitely something, it's likely not going to keep you progressing toward your goals long-term. I think I am going to set my medium-term milestone for 9:00 and my long-term milestone for 8:00 so I can have something to strive for. Mayo Clinic determined that for men in their 50s, running a mile in eight minutes or less translated to good fitness levels, while running a mile in nine minutes or more translated to “needs improvement."

And here I thought I was doing so well, LOL! One mistake that beginning runners make is treating their first mile like it’s the only mile. I kind of view it as my baseline speed. Yes a 10 min mile is not that good. that's about a 5 minute 30 second mile. Running at 5-minute mile pace, for me at least, is a shock to the system. A version of this article appeared on page D5 of the Science Times on Tuesday May 24, 2011. Not so much. (Yep, walking breaks are totally acceptable, guys!). A 9-minute mile for a man and 10:30 The average mile time for individuals who begin a running program differs.

I've been running for years and I still feel benefits from running at that pace, you should never feel bad for training "too slow.". A ten minute mile is an extremely respectable time for a non competitive runner. But before you set that daily reminder to get out there and log that mile, there are a few things the pros want you to keep in mind. An elite woman marathoner can run 26.2 miles in roughly 2 hrs and 20 minutes. enhances your run's happiness-inducing effect, type I (a.k.a. So I am hoping that will contribute to cutting time as well. Using the mileage rate to track progress isn’t a bad idea since it can help you measure your increased speed over time. It's base for you to start and now you can just improve on that. From the study data, Dr. Berry calculated that a man in his 50s who can run a mile in 8 minutes or less, or a woman who can do it in 9 minutes or less, shows a high level of fitness.

Now I don't really believe her, especially after this past week. If you can still talk (aren't completely out of breath), and you can churn out mile after mile at that pace, its going to have a health benefit for you. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. So, if you don't have a current running routine, start with just one day of running per week and work yourself up to every day over the course of several weeks, she recommends. Your health questions answered by Times journalists and experts. Is there a mark that is regularly referred to as a a "good" time, that I should be shooting for?

Keeping up a steady pace over extended distances might have more payoffs for you than achieving a brisk mile and then being unable to complete additional miles. That's right-if you're running 10-minute miles and never cross the 5-mile mark, you're right in there with basically every other female runner in the country. Get full nutrition info for every recipe and track with one click!