How much space did you leave between each unit? I needed to do this! Inspiration; New; New Lower Price; Online flash deal (0) You have added this product to your favorites. Love it! What tool did you use? It'll take longer this way but you'll be happier with the end result. Many thanks for sharing. Can you tell me what the finished height ended up being? But how did you cut the shelves? This turned out amazing and I’m glad to have stumbled across your post. We have been thinking and researching for weeks, what we could do with the long wall in our new home. I wanted one like this and it’s over $ 2000 CND. these are sturdy and solid, I love the metal frame and metal shelves, I use them as display in my booth and I'm able to use magnets on the shelves. I love it. this is hardly an ikea hack — this is simply amazing! Thanks so much for your response! Our favorite things are on it (books, globe, grandmother’s typewriter), baskets of kid toys and our TV. I am not a DIYer. I would love to keep the drillink to the minimum as I’m not very handy. How much weight do you think they can take, do you think its strong enough to sit on? C’est possible avec des palettes ! we meant to drill down the boards but in the end there was no need. Is the top board fixed to the shelf? But arent there any predrilled holes? Andrea, …well, sorry, seen it was already answered–oops. Transformer ses meubles IKEA facilement ? And what is the height between shelves? Vous pouvez alors l'ouvrir ou le fermer simplement. This looks great!! The shelving unit is strong and durable because it’s made of steel. At the ikea in canada, they don’t carry this particular shelf. However, I have made the 46-1/2 size fit my room satisfactorily. Did you drill holes for the top shelf? I hope so. So I’m going to try to get 2 shelves and add the wood to it. My husband anf I are NOT handy but it looks simple. Wondering what width was the wood planks you used? Dès lors, on suit la tendance du « IKEA Hack » qui consiste à transformer des meubles de la marque en les customisant, afin de leur offrir une nouvelle utilité. ... After some hunting around we settled on two Ikea Fjälkinge shelves with drawers for the storage units on either side of my desk. Beautiful....Loved the Amy crest and Simple Details... All other hacks are cool too.. ©Pinterest, Le meuble à chaussures est transformé grâce aux palettes. I like that you can’t see it (sleek!) Contributor February 7, 2019. I am working on something like this for my living room although about 1/2 the size of yours. This is beautiful! But for the price on the shelf...I would really like a perfect conditioned item. Your tutorial is really good too – good photos and descriptions. Hi A lot of room to use with Srubb boxes. Great idea! Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home. Il prend alors, des airs de buffet rustique très tendance ! I bought this because I needed a shelf after removing 80’s style built ins. Wonderful job and DYI Ikea hack! I was wondering about the notches you made with the table saw. I found this on Pinterest and I would love to make this. Great job! Thanks. ©Pinterest, Ici, les palettes sont utilisées pour réveiller le meuble et ajouter une touche de, bois. Beautiful just beautiful. The rusty color was a primer, to help the black spray paint to stick to the metal. Discover (and save!) We were hopeing to cut each one into two parts and use both, but since they are very inexpensive and we wanted it just right – four units was the only way to go…, …after reassembling them the next step was to spraypaint them with a primer…, …then some Black matt spraypaint – also Montana…, …then after a coat of clear finishing spray we hauled all shelves into the house and tried them to see how they fit the best…, …the wall is 4m, and the space we had to fit the wooden boards was 27cm…, …we made marks in the wood boards in order to see where to cut, and then it was off to the “cutting board”…, …I treated the wooden boards with wood stain, a mixed together antique oak and teak…, …when placing the top boards we deceided to have them a bit wider – to get a more polished look…, …and the end result came so close to what I had already “seen” in my head…, …when we were getting everthing in the right place the poor shelfs took some beating…. We've rounded up one hundred IKEA hacks that prove you can have champagne tastes on a beer budget.