The upload speed could also reach 50Mbps. And there is an Ethernet port. The main functions of Huawei E5770… HUAWEI E5770 accurate E5770s-320, a LTE Cat 4 mobile wifi, but it is in a big difference from other same level units like HUAWEI E5776 or E5878 prime: firstly, it is a mobile wifi, but support WAN/LAN auto redirect; the 2nd, it equipped 5200mAh super capacity battery, and the most important is can be used as a power bank, charged for your phones so that it becomes a real deal for the people travelling or on business. $189.99, Powered to share: 5200mAh battery as power bank. It has Ethernet/3G dual link and can support WAN/LAN. $199.99, Special Price General disclaimer: All third party trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are used for the purpose of comparative advertising, criticism or review. And the USB output is to charge other electronics. The battery pack comes in handy when you need to recharge a camera or phone when out and about. I am going again and would like to use it this time. Huawei E5770 is an LTE Category 4 Pocket Router with a LAN port like its predecessor Huawei E5730s. It is easy to use and doubles up as a phone charger. Also where can I buy one online please. © 2020 Pty. The Huawei E5770s worked well when we took it with us overseas. Your trust is our top concern. Up to 11 wireless users (one via USB) could access the internet simultaneously. It took 8+ hours to recharge the unit. Huawei E5770 is designed with protected and hidden ports, and is also built with Ethernet/3G dual link and the flexibility to support WAN/LAN auto redirect – all so you can stay connected without any problems while you travel. Listing monitored by Huawei representatives. (Great device otherwise!). If you usually need wireless network outdoor, Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro E5770 would be a perfect partner. When we got the Huawei E5730s mobile WLAN router last year, some customers ask when we can get the 4G device like Huawei E5730s. Another key feature of Huawei mobile WiFi Pro is the battery. The E5770 is compact enough to fit in a pocket, and it’s also been fitted with an array of built-in innovations. Beside the screen, the Huawei logo is printed. Battery life and data throughput is fantastic. It supports 4G networks while E5730 only supports 3G networks. Use single quotes (') for phrases. Like other Huawei E5 Mobile hotspot, Huawei E5770 could support up to 10 wireless devices to access internet. Further details in the disclaimer. The only thing I didn't like about the unit is that the portable battery took FOREVER to charge. Huawei named it “Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro”. There are other cheaper units available so why spend a few quid more on this one? So the Huawei E5770 can be seen as a mobile power bank for other mobile terminals such as mobile phones, tablets or iPods. The Huawei E5770 is a good mobile LTE router with two great unique features: it is the first device of its kind with RJ-45 LAN port and simultaneous support for LTE and it is one of the few devices, which simultaneously can also be used as a power bank for charging other devices.