It was so good, especially after a day of marinading. Enjoy! I will definitely be using them in a variety of ways. They will double in size. I have made two batches in a row, letting the first batch steam while the others waited on the counter. Would this texture work for shredding or do you think it would be too soft? In a separate bowl, mix the coating ingredients together. I use these rags to clean up after preparing a seitan recipe and discard the rag once finished. Oooh sounds delish! And would you cook them the exact same way/time as chicken?

I was thinking the same and if you have her cookbook, there is a cheesecake you can use the rest of the tofu!! Thanks for sharing your trial runs!

Drain the tofu.

What do you do with the leftover silken tofu? Copyright © 2020 - It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Hi Sam, Hi! Pro-tip: the more liquid you drain from the tofu block, the less of that tofu taste you’re going to get. I used the tenders in a cashew stir fry over cauliflower rice and it was delish! The easiest way to texturize tofu for a “chicken” sensation is to freeze it prior to cooking. Just thinking you might want to explain that in your notes at the end of the recipe. this is wild, thank you! I like that it makes six pieces, lasts a while! HOLY TOFU!!!! I don't have a steamer, and was planning to use a pressure cooker to try my hand at these tenders.

Thank you so much!! Thank you so much for this recipe <3 The best meal of 2019 so far!

The marinade is the broth mixed made from the water and Edward & Sons’ Not-Chick’n Natural Bouillon Cubes. You're most welcome, Beata! I really want to make shredded chicken seitan to put in soups as I find this is when I crave chicken the most. Cooking Ingredient I Want To Highlight. I'd like to know too as my steamer is packed in a box somewhere! Hi Jodi, it’s listed in the recipe. You can freeze them plain or in the marinade of your choice. Thank you, Denise! Hi everyone!

I've never used a stand mixer (I don't have one), but as long as it's able to combine all the ingredients without overmixing, I think it should work fine. Well c'mon over!!! Once the Instant Pot was preheated, then I loaded two additional steamer plates with legs, 3 seitan tenders per plate and then placed a glass lid on. (I made this batch on my two small ones).

I have a similar recipe with chickpeas, but adding tofu makes it less calorie intense, plus it has fewer carbs. Thx in advance.

But this she ate with a smile. I have made these before with great results. I'm enjoying a batch right now for my lunch that I marinated in a garlic/ginger marinade. I'm thinking of making them into sausage shapes and adding extra spices to the dough next time.

13. You can freeze them once they are cooled. First, remove the tofu from its packaging. I made these this afternoon and they are fantastic! I do have a question though: is it possible to use a KitchenAid Stand Mixer instead of the food processor? I wish there was some here that sold Soya but it seems like it's primarily in Canada and two other countries. I am not a vegan, but my step-daughter is. I was so intimidated at the thought of vital wheat gluten, it sounded scary, it’s not scary or difficult at all, it does exactly what it says, it’s not fussy like dough or anything, give it a try, I think you will be surprised, I sure was. Followed the directions closely, soaked 2 of the patties in the balsamic marinade from Sunday to Tuesday. I did a tamari, sweet chilli and ev olive oil marinade and seared them in the grill. I am planning to try this recipe but the only tofu I could get was firm. Once chilled, the tenders are now ready to cook with and enjoy. Glad you enjoyed it mostly! I'm Sam, welcome to my blog! Thanks for this one! Nice one Sam! Oil-free: for oil-free you can skip greasing the steamer basket and tenders. Because of this and because I sliced them too thinly, they couldn’t hold it together. However, this protein-packed powerhouse – often a component of a plant-based diet – is anything but dull!