Throw it on a toasted bun and top it with homemade coleslaw. In a large skillet over medium heat, melt the butter. rldougherty January 6, 2013 I would reduce it down separately and then add the cornstarch slurry for a little extra flavor. Pour the butter mixture over the stuffing. Cover with foil and place in the oven. We tried it on Kaiser rolls and hamburger buns.

We recommend any soft bun, like hamburger, brioche, challah, or potato rolls. hey Meyerboy, so funny that you suggested dark molasses because Lon just made more BBQ sauce today (since we have tons more pork) and used dark molasses.

I had about 1.25 cups of gravy. It is always a hit.

About 4 hours in the smoker and then about 4 hours in the oven.

Welcome to FoodMayhem! Cover with water. Cornstarch with cold water (to prevent clumping) and toss in the hot pork liquid.

throw it in the oven, leave it alone.

I made the mistake of trying this in a slow-cooker ie, crock pot. Why? Cook for 40 minutes.

I then cut up a red onion, and carmelized it in a wok.

i was recently very disappointed by a batch of pulled pork, so i’m on the hunt for a different mode of attack. I watch those BBQ competitions on food network, etc.

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(btw bourbon vanilla is not made with bourbon.

Toss to mix thoroughly, adding more broth as needed to moisten all the stuffing mix. ~makes about 2 cups of heaven.

It’s an all day affair that’s organized via spreadsheet, ensuring everything comes together at pretty much the same time. It’s amazing how much meat will pile up off of one butt.

did you taste the vanilla? I don’t use the same amount of chili spice. We served this recipe at a party last weekend. re: OTC rubs, yes!

They don’t deserve good BBQ. I can only offer one suggestions for your BBQ sauce.

I have made this with only a few tweeks here and there. Your recipe is great!

Strain gravy through fine-mesh strainer if desired.

I love making this in a slow cooker…the smell when I walk in the door is so comforting.

I definitely want to use the crock pot more!! Making this pork literally could not be easier.

You want that flavor to come through. Slowly pour in the water/broth/milk, whisking out any lumps as they form. Add the onion, celery and garlic and cook until tender. When you’re done reducing though, adjust the remaining ingredients as to not over or under take the pork reduction.

How to Cook Chicken Breast for Salads and Sandwiches. Pull the pork while it’s still hot, it will make your life much easier.

Bring to boil, then simmer until reduced by at least half (or more if you have the patience), about 20 minutes.

I have a question for the BBQ sauce recipe, it doesn’t say the amount of drippings and fat from pork.

Stir and cook until the pork is heated through.

Yum! Keep stirring as the gravy cooks. it’s called that because it’s from ile bourbon, aka reunion.

Being from the NC we like it with a little more apple cider vinegar and I add some liquid smoke for that smoky flavor.

This sounds incredible. Tim – I’d say it’s TEC ratio is pretty high, because even though it takes a lot of waiting, it’s not much work. Let it sit for 15 minutes as the temp. We’d love to see your pics too!!

Your email address will not be published. So focus on that part after reducing. Put the stuffing mix in a big bowl. Remove butt to large cutting board, rest for 15 minutes. Message us on Facebook and we’ll send you the spreadsheet for your own use.

I then added ShoaXing wine, a little light soy and less dark soy, and thickened it with some cornstarch and increased the volume with a 1/4 cup of water. Shamelessly stealing drawing inspiration from that idea, me and mine cooked up our own take on that awesome theme. There is some work in pulling it, but it’s repetitive and not complicated. I dunno Lon…Making the spice mix seems like lots of measuring. Sheng, I got the idea based on a number of recipes for sauces that include bourbon. Hmmm, think I will do pulled pork later this week. Add two cups of the broth, stir well and remove from the heat. Basically, you rub spices on it, leave it alone. If you’d like, I can email pics of my BBQ successes, as you are so into food porn!!!! ), Sara, I have no idea what ile bourbon or reunion is. that looks great!!

Add the onion, celery and garlic and

So I had to go with the next best option: slow roasting.

I love the 225 degree temp.

When I came home from work, my mom-in-law had prepared most of dinner but couldn’t find the cod fish that she thought we still had, so she lacked a meat offering for her dinner. Heat fat over medium-high heat. The bbq sauce came out very spicy. I just tried to make carnitas…I don’t think it was quite there yet. Ketchup – use 2 cups of a famous ketchup as the base for this meal. Using ketchup would be ideal, as this recipe is also full of other excellent ingredients. Marc, I love fixer-uppers.

Will be starting the pork in a few hrs. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add the pork, hot sauce, sage, thyme, salt and pepper. By the time it is about 1/2 way done the pot is full of juice. We wish we had a smoker but alas, we don’t.

I usually take the drippings and put it into the container that I'm going to pull the pork within.

I loved it so much, I was putting it on everything from the biscuits to the sweet potatoes. Toss to combine, then pour in the apple juice. She requested pulled pork and I liked the sound of yours the most of others I found. Add the pork, salt, pepper, garlic powder, cumin and paprika to a 6-quart slow cooker. I’m sure it’s even better!

I have never heard of vanilla in a sauce, but I am willing to give it a try next time. Would it be out of line to post something like “Lon has always been the master of pulling his pork”? Cover container or bowl, store in refrigerator for at least six hours, preferably 12. I’m guessing with all the fixing it will be, but you can’t run out. I added it to my recipe. Aimee – That’s awesome, thanks for letting us know.

A weblog making food a little less chaotic. Try Grandma’s brand, they even sell it in Food Emporium. Add butter and, if desired, lemon juice to taste—just enough to brighten up the flavor a little.

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