Revision: When we students write our papers, we must proofread carefully. Incorrect Punctuation of Two Independent Clauses. “Ooh, it kind of sounds like you’re calling our women customers dumb—it’s a good thing the rest of the team wasn’t around!”, “It does hurt my feelings!” (I can imagine myself making an exaggerated sad face here—you know, joking-not-joking.)

Example: “I believe in the brotherhood of man.”, Alternative: “I believe in all of humanity” or “the human family.”, Example: “We’re here to serve our common man.”, Alternative: “We’re here to serve the average person” or “ordinary people.”, Alternative: “Everyone for themselves.” “Everyone is on their own.”, Alternative: “She is the odd one out.” or “is left out.”, Example: “She man-handled the heavy box on her own.”, Alternative: “She picked up the heavy box on her own.”, Example: “How many man hours should we plan for this week?”, Alternative: “How many staff-hours should we plan for this week?”, Example: “We should be proud of man’s achievements in the 21st century.”, Alternative: “We should be proud of human achievements in the 21st century.”, Example: “This fabric is from man-made materials.”, Alternative: “This fabric is from manufactured materials.”, Example: “This is for the good of all mankind.”, Alternatives: “This is for the good of all humankind”/“humanity”/“human beings.”, Alternatives: “We’re short on personnel” or “We’re short on resources.”, Example: “You agreed to be our fall guy.”, Alternative: “You agreed to be our backup.”, Example: “Guys, we’re starting the meeting now.”, Alternative: “Everyone, we’re starting the meeting now.”. Say your boss implies that women are bad at math.

Must be a generational thing.” Say it really cheerfully–you just kind of called your boss old.

Tollfree 1-800-816-4788. whether you are talking about a man or a woman. to this problem. within a company are not careful. If he tries to push your buttons, respond with, “Wow, that’s so interesting! job, and avoid using a masculine noun to encompass both; instead, use a non-gender specific title. You can also use this device to eliminate the use of “him or her”; consider the two sentences below: Either Mary or John should bring a schedule with her or him. Grace is a business management consulting with experience in healthcare strategy, IT, and marketing. If none of these suggestions lend themselves to the sentence you’re working on, your best bet is to recast the entire sentence; write the sentence in a completely different way instead of trying to change bits and pieces of it. This means the employer must take active steps to ensure they have done everything possible to maintain an appropriate working environment.

The correct body language makes you a better active listener and therefore more ‘open’ and receptive to what the speaker is saying. So, in editing your materials, ensure that you use gender-neutral language at … Better would be: specific singular pronoun in an effort to try to make Although alternative spellings for words referring to gender are favored by some (example: womyn, herstory), generally in academic work these will be a problem. Obviously, we can’t solve sexism in one article, but the principle here is harm reduction—if you have better tools to deal with 50% of the sexist comments in your life, you live a better life. But there are very few times when you can or should appropriately identify a character, individual, or subject using only a masculine form of the word. So, in editing your materials, ensure that you use gender-neutral language at all times. Be safe during Corona!
If you want to talk about how to reverse a toxic workplace, find out more about my services here. Homophones – What Professional Editors Know.

I know a manager who tosses resumes and job application letters into the “Do Not Interview” pile when she spies sexist uses of language. Consider the individual sentence or phrase. Sometimes, the right move is to directly call out a sexist comment, but from the perspective of being on the speaker’s side, and wanting to do good business.

Kind of a morale-killer. In exchange, terms such as people, ordinary person, staffed, and all people should be used. Change the wording to: If he keeps at it, ask him some questions about what college was like “back then.” If he says his math classes were all guys, respond with amazement, as though he is telling you about riding a horse and buggy to school. Many times, people try to replace the plural Sexism entails leaving a portion of the population out of an intelligent exchange. Change singular nouns to plurals and use a gender neutral pronoun, or try to avoid the pronoun entirely: Instead of: Each student must have his notebook with him in class. Instead of: Early man used a system of gestures to communicate. early man used a system of gestures to communicate, Fireman – fireperson is awkward, but firefighter is not, Policeman – policeperson sounds silly, but police officer sounds natural, Mailman – mailperson seems awkward, postal worker does not, Cleaning woman – house cleaner, office cleaner, custodian are all preferable, Poetess – poet can be either a woman or a man and does not sound as if a woman poet is so odd that she needs a special appellation.

Inappropriate phrases continue to be used in most business settings.

In educational writing (course assignments or research papers), journalism, and in business, sexism in the use of language is discrimination. If you management isn't prepared to help you with this problem, then speak with a workplace … Unfortunately, it stills happens in many workplaces and can take a number of forms, including: Although some companies are providing opportunities for true equality in the workplace, there is still a long way to go. Some words that are commonly heard in business communication—especially those which are suggestive, overly masculine, or overly feminine—can cause a lot of damage to your brand, reputation, and profit margins . She is the founder of LaConte Consulting and is passionate about helping business owners to identify profit leakage and improve their long-term value. You’re the adult here. “Did you just say a meeting? Using “they” in this context technically is not grammatically correct; however, more and more people are starting to accept this usage as an alternative to sexist writing.

But sometimes that’s not a great option.

The best way to deflect, call out, and combat those small little sexist comments in the workplace is to have a plan—and maybe to practice a little in your mirror.

Must ships always be female? A responsible writer wants to steer clear from sexist language, particularly in non-fiction and business writing, because it is deemed inappropriate.

Use: A student should meet with his or her advisor.

Or. Examples include: Ladies and gentlemen, or men and women The effects of sexist language are not negligible. It may be appropriate to use sexist (or gender-specific) language in a novel.