... in Findmypast's POW records. The records of a million World War II Prisoners of War will be published online today.

Just 21 years after the last global war, the world was drawn into an even greater conflict.

individual was part of. The Personal Information Department (PA) of the Federal Archives is located in Berlin-Reinickendorf. The number of cards for each individual varies from one to fifteen, but in most cases there are just one or two. Some of these have been featured in literature and blockbuster films. Soviets mobilised fresh military reserves in early December and a counter-offensive started. Please ensure the tag is appropriate for the record. He was not liberated until we dropped the bomb. I am a member of both Ancestry.com and Ancestry.co.uk and Fold 3, and was excited that we would be able to hopefully access records for my father who was held in Stalag X1-B, Fallingbostel, Germany from Sept 1944 to Sept 1945. Required fields are marked *. may find will likely not I am also privileged to have CDs of his oral history of this experience, given to a graduate student for her Masters’ Thesis. It is estimated that some prisoners marched up to 500 miles. My father was a POW in Luxembourg I would like to learn more about his time there. then I see no need for me to continue with our transactions. Rabaja, whose brother Col. Mariano Rabaja was forced to join the “DEATH March” from Mariveles, Bataan till Capaz, Tarmac if only to look for his brother that luckily he found at Camp “O’Donnel” almost to be buried alive. Let us know. what branch of military service a person was in and where the individual lived. Rather than have a single repository where you can access ALL information, by design, only certain information is available on one site to which you have to pay an annual subscription price.. The Germans were not able to gain superiority and this lead to Hitler abandoning his plan of a full invasion of Britain. In Britain, the Germans had started their aerial attack. Information Paper 80. When the camp was liberated there were over 300 radio sets found. My Uncle Maurice P. Penan died in the Philippines. The series contains some scattered lists of POWs who died and/or were hospitalized while interned, records about payment to POWs, and records about POW canteen allowances. My family never thought his I was hoping maybe with their last name I could search a date base.

Following this, the prisoner was then transported to a designated POW camp. The United States again resisted joining the war until attacked on the home front by Japan. i will see if my attorney can help me do what ever it is that you feel I need to do in order to continue using my internet. Records are hard to find . However, getting access to German army WWII service records may be difficult because many of them were destroyed during times of war. Individuals who wish to learn more or obtain copies of these records should contact the National Archives using the information below. Any research on German Luftwaffe POW’s held in France and Germany from 1944 thru 1946? The World War II service records of German soldiers can be of great genealogical value. More than 600 prisoners dug tunnels in the sandy subsoil below the camp. Former More than 100 million soldiers—including 16 million Americans—fought in WWII. If you provide contact details, we will be in touch about your request within 10 working days. Thank you for this information, my father was a POW in japan.

what happened to them. They pushed through Europe and by October they had liberated Paris, Pisa, Calais and Greece. He was one of those from Maywoo, Illinois who had no training as they were not expected to fight but to repair things. I wouldn’t mind subscribing to a single site if all info is accessible. I have some pictures of him and a few buddies as they enjoyed some free time together Thanks! Good luck and thank you for reading the blog! The report found three motives for this action: The German authorities found responsible during the investigation were tried for war crimes. September 1944, he and his team and many others too, were accidentally dropped by parachutes, behind enemy lines during the large airlift of personnel from the skies on gliders. Try to identify Locating He surrended to the Americans and was a prisoner of war, and survived the war. Using this site, you may be able to discover when and where the soldier died and where the remains were buried. Still in the Army he was called on to join the joint effort called Market Garden, to secure a bridge in the Netherlands held by the Germans. Germany continued to make gains in the Soviet Union in 1942 and launched a summer offensive in June 1942 to capture oil fields in Caucasus.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Findmypast team. The sketch was made in Stalag XXI D in Posen, Poland, by Lieutenant J F Watton of the 4th Border Regiment who was captured near the Somme in June 1940. These were the debriefing reports given by prisoners released from German or Japanese captivity at the end of the Second World War. There is a commemorative plaque along US 34 west of town, and the Greeley History Museum has more information. For example, the German POW camp Stalag Luft III … An index of 30,000 records containing the names of prisoners of war, plus their ranks, service numbers, units and prison camp information.

While his family was initially told he died when the ship sunk, I found on the Internet another account which said he tried to escape during the bombing, and was executed. The Dunkirk evacuation known as Operation Dynamo lasted over a week under the heavy bombardment of the German Luftwaffe (air force). Members of the Reichsarbeitsdienst (Imperial Labor They served their country and where never really compensated by their country for the horrible things that happened to them. They have information on how to obtain records http://www.gentracer.org/pow.html.

These records have either been created or collected by the cards for an individual named James Thomas may have been filed as Thomas James). LA Oliver used his contacts and resources to smuggle in contraband and special tools for escaping. Thank you for all this information! My brother was a POW held on the Celebes Islands from March of 1942 through August of 1945. A … On board.

The entries on these cards are written in German only (and are usually noted as English with a blue cross). destroying some cars and derailing others. Find your family’s place in history’s most devastating war. Vicki Hagen: Brown County, Texas has some history on this camp at: https://browncountyhistory.org/pow-stories.html. U.S., Navy and Marines Awards and Decorations, Honolulu, Hawaii, National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Punchbowl), 1941–2011, WWII Prisoners of the Japanese, 1941–1945, Stars and Stripes Newspaper, Pacific Edition, U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, Young American Patriots Military Yearbooks. collection: Military officials interviewed a Japanese soldier named Check with the Iron County Historical Museum in Caspian MI. This series comprises some pre-printed cards, containing personal details of some 200,000 individuals held by German Authorities during the Second World War, most relate to prisoners of war though there are several hundred relating to civilians.

He was in the Battle of Ploesti Oil Fields and shot down then captured

3 September 2015. Here are just a few: Although some of these records are available to view online, you may need to visit or contact the National Archives to obtain or view some of the records.

He returned safely and lived till 2003 Hi Ashley! This policy, which amounted to deliberately starving and working to death Soviet POWs… This series consists of copies of records which were created by the German Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) during World War II, captured by the U.S. military, and compiled and used after the war by the International Tracing Service and later the Departmental Records Branch's Captured Records Section. That organisation held the records on individual POWs held in Britain. It has a lot of information including information on the camps where they were held.

How hard would it have been to use carbon copy and store them at another site just in case something would happen to the originals. I believe there was a POW camp(s)? kerrie Leishman. My father, Aloysius T Suttmann (Sutt,) was a survivor of the Bataan Death March, the POW camps at O’Donnel and Cabanatuan, the hell ship transfer to Japan and then Rokorushi and Zenzuji, Japan. Prisoners received packages from the Red Cross and from home, however the prison guards would release them irregularly. Good luck and thank you for reading the blog! His PGM 30 was captured and he was taken prisoner around the island of Bouginville,in the South Pacific.

Locating records that have information about a German soldier may be tricky—but not necessarily impossible. Traumatically scandalized? Is there any info on this prison camp?? Army, Air, Navy, Civilian). I think the tag '' should be removed from: Subscribe now for regular news, updates and priority booking for events, All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated, Read about our fair use policy and why we are doing this, WO - Records created or inherited by the War Office, Armed Forces, Judge Advocate General, and related bodies, Division within WO - Armed Forces Service Records, About our She was from Dortmund so I can only imagine he was also.

He went to war with the New Mexico Army National Guard which he joined while at school at NM State Teachers (now WNMU.) I think having to PAY for information about our families service records is horrible. The celks we saw at 3 were nothi.g like what my dad described