Want to make this cake lemon flavored? If your oven doesn’t have a window, deal with it. While I do like the falx version (it was my original creation) I now use the Plant Based Egg replacer since it has gone to market.

I just can’t anymore.

Do you find that when you use the AP flour and cornstarch your cakes come out exactly the same as if you used cake flour? Hi Brenda, great thanks!

I have an entire unused bag of egg replacer, I wanted to know if instead of using flaxseed I can use that, and if so, should I lower the amount of baking powder? Thank you. It’s normal for the cake to sink a little bit, but if it collapses in the middle, possible contributors are a very humid kitchen, under-baking the cake, hot spots or temperature inconsistencies in your oven (check it using a thermometer), or under-mixing the batter. I would want you to do a small test first, sometimes adding in fruit purees in place of the milk will leave you with a gummy cake, due to the natural pectins in the fruit. Hi Ann, I am not really in that boat for people who say using brown sugar automatically makes the cake caramel. Gretchen, thank you so much for your prompt responses. It isn’t a lot of work to make fluffy cakes and muffins. thank YOU too! Would this be suitable to use instead of the flax, if so, how much would be required? I plan on making this cake for a 3 tiered birthday cake. it’s really sensitive/unstable and means i can really only bake 1” layers at a time, I almost always bake my cakes in individual layers, they just bake better and don’t over-bake on top and sides as it may when filling to try to get 2 layers in one. I have bene playing with box cakes for quite a while now, using all the recommended subs like applesauce, cans of soda, etc etc the list goes on forever. Well here you go! Or Swerve? How do you get the flaxseeds not to show up in your cake? Move to a cooling rack to cool completely. 12 Things Dogs Don’t Like That You Are Probably Doing! Cakes and muffins that are doughy and flat rather than light and fluffy are usually undercooked. Once the icing is on that acts like a seal and will keep the cake fresh inside (just keep it refrigerated until you serve and then bring it to room temperature before serving and it will be fine for those 3 days. And i spray nonstick spray on the pans and ALWAYS have to slide a knife around the edges to get them out. Check out this article she wrote about gluten free flour blends. For more moisture in the cake, add a bit more oil to the batter. Would it be possible for you to send me the original recipe. Chocolate Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins. You may be interested in my online course where I talk all about egg replacers in vegan cake baking and even show an egg free sponge cake, while teaching how to convert your own (or any) recipe to vegan. Hey Gretchen, this is my go to vanilla recipe, however I have recently moved house and I can’t figure this new oven out! For leavening purposes, mixing two tablespoons of water with one tablespoon of oil and two tablespoons of baking powder will add lightness to your recipes. Why? Do you have any thoughts? So I haven’t been able to find granulated vegan sugar, so used Pure cane sugar and put it in the mixer on low with cold butter for about 20 min while I was preparing the other ingredients. Or is there a way to “redo” the fluff like bake again just before eating? I compared this recipe to that, and it seems the only difference is that this cake recipe has half as much vinegar.