Such a great buy! There was only one way to find out; after watching the bloggers apply the glow-giver and get the most mesmerizing, high-end like effects, I knew it was time to try it for myself. Quick Shop. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. It is so beautiful on the skin and gives that glow from within, which I love. So I was super excited to try this highlighter after reading all of the really good reviews. AND/UND We've implemented safety procedures to keep our teams - and you - safe, so shipping of orders will be delayed.

Shop All Brands. it's like being lit from within! Done reading? I got this color because the original is more cool toned and doesn’t compliment every look. The baked formula applies smoothly while the light texture blends easily for a natural finish. I have fair to medium skin tone and yellow undertone and this is okay, it's a little powdery but it goes on fine and smooth. I LOVE that this has no glitter and just makes me look fresh with a natural glow to my skin. Do not think you are getting more than what you paid for.

This was the first highlighter I ever bought when I first got into makeup, and since then I have tried so many others just because i like to try out new makeup. Apply bronzer to sculpt and bring warmth to cheekbones, jawlines and temple and for a sunkissed look, add a light dusting all over the face. When I apply it on my skin, this highlighter leaves a weird cast on my Looks natural but not in the sense that it is dull, but in the sense that it isn't glittery and is more of a sheen than glitter. I'm selecting that I would recommend to a friend only because it so beautiful and I think you need to try it out for yourself since everyone's skin reacts differently. It is long lasting and the price is great.

I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone! This is so buttery and not glittery or shimmery at all!

I don't have the best skin and this highlight doesn't bring out my texture like a lot do. Inside the pan, Pure Nude looks like your basic champagne highlighter, but after swatching a small amount on my hand and getting a gorgeous, high-shine finish, I nearly gasped.
Anyone who's been following the beauty YouTube world long enough knows that there are few products these days that get bloggers (influencers, content creators, whatever they go by these days) bouncing off the walls with excitement. Apply highlighter shades along high points of the face. The glimmer it gives on your cheeks is stunning and I was so happy with the purchase, but the next day I noticed these terrible bumps starting to form on my temples and checks where I placed the product. This is the perfect natural highlight. It was as if someone had switched on a soft-focus lightbulb in a shadowy room, with the lightbulb being Pure Nude and said room being my face. I will use it from time to time but never every day. I do use it daily - so not to go to waste.

I want more and I don't like packing on color - but it was not expensive so no fowl. Oh, OK, I see you Essence, I said out loud. and for such a cheap price, why not? Yes it is more subtle than I'm used to but it is so stunning, it truly gives you the "lit from within" kind of look and I am here for it.

I would 1000% recommend. We do not test any of our products on animals. When testing beauty products becomes a major part of your job, it can eventually start to feel one — especially when you've seen approximately 30 black eyeliners and 45 nude lipsticks in one week. I received my highlighter in my order and I thought it was a mistake. We appreciate your patience.

It is perfect for everyday wear- sheer but glowy- not glittery.

For first timers or If you want a barely glow then it is a great find! Could barely tell it was on. Can't beat it. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories.

fixing compact powder waterproof. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Could a $4 highlighter really be worth the hype? Use each shade alone or mix together to create a unique look.

This highlighter is my go-to for my natural looks.

my only gripe is that unless i'm tanned, it's slightly too dark for me so i have to be really light handed. If you want a subtle glow after baking with translucent powder, look no further! The color is perfect, and it's a glow, not sparkles. I don't like silvery white highlighters; I have fair skin, this is more of a candlelight color on me, it is a lovely color. Blush …

If a blinding/glittery highlight is your what you are looking for, this one is not for you, but I LOVE this for lighter/more natural makeup days. It gives a nice glowy sheen rather than a sparkly look.

I was worried at first, because at first I thought it was very powdery, but once you put it on your cheek bone, it looks like you're glowing from within, this is a good value - I would not buy again only because it is very light. Ad Choices, I Tried the $4 Essence Highlighter YouTubers Love and Got High-End Results. Natural highlights! Does not emphasize texture.

Apply blush shades on the apple of the cheeks. To apply, I used a large fan brush from Morphe.

This $5 Drugstore Mascara From Essence Works Way Better Than More Expensive Options, Essence Can't Keep This Space-Themed Highlighter in Stock, We're Obsessed With This New Launch From Essence — And More. Luckily I didn't pay much. This was way too subtle for my liking. Hair. What's more, there was zero powdery residue left on my skin; instead, it seemed to have melted with my other makeup, ultimately giving off one of the most natural-looking glows I've ever gotten from a highlighter. Essence.


I like the more natural glow from with in This reminds me of an hour glass highlighter. At first glance, I'll be honest: It doesn't look like anything extraordinary. Perfect dupe for hourglass. To be eligible for discounts, please enable JavaScript for your browser. its perfect!! So when Essence's Pure Nude Highlighter started showing up and amassing praise from several YouTubers I watch on the regular, it made my little editor ears perk up. This was the very first highlight I ever purchased a few years ago - I repurchased to use on someone for senior pictures and a friend for her wedding- it gives the most beautiful glow from within look but can also be layered for a beaming highlight! My only complaint is that the packaging is super cheap and the lid likes to break off of the compact. After countless beauty YouTubers raved about Essence's Pure Nude Highlighter, associate digital editor Kaleigh Fasanella decided to put the $4 product to the test for herself.

This Essence Pure Nude Highlighter adds natural luminescence to cheeks, temples, and brow bone for a gorgeous glow. I love it so much, I would recommend to anyone. I have been using this for years, it is perfect.

This Essence Pure Nude Highlighter adds natural luminescence to cheeks, temples, and brow bone for a gorgeous glow. AND/UND Always gets compliments that my skin looks fresh. be the first to know our beauty secrets! 5.00 out of 5 stars (3 reviews) Essence.

Featured Brands. ULTA Beauty Logo grey on white background. I'm just disappointed this shade isn't for me. I'm not into the bright in your face highlighters. The highlighter was much darker than the picture on the website. i love this highlighter so much—it gives a glossy look with a powder and i feel like it gets better the further you get into the product.