Trader Joe’s I Dream of Chocolate Cake has two layers of very moist, very dark chocolate cake, sandwiching a layer of creamy chocolate (almost pudding-like) filling. The pie is made and sold with no toppings, but a dollop of whipped cream or coating of meringue adds an extra layer of softness and creaminess. Send Text Message. By rugby1212. If this short list has not convinced you to drop everything and run to your nearest Trader Joe's for dessert, maybe this compilation of 15 items for anyone craving a sweet snack can persuade you. All Natural, Premium Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste . As a young adult attending college in New York City, I have witnessed firsthand the love that so many people have for Trader Joe’s. And even though this key lime pie comes from the freezer section, it thaws well and has no residual freezer burnt taste. The recipe for Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake creates a super moist, slightly dense, perfectly sweet golden Cake, festooned with a cinnamon swirl and golden Cinnamon Crumb topping. This dessert is typically viewed as a summer dish, but I promise the Trader Joe’s version will be worthy of consumption all year round. The next item worth mentioning is the Trader Joe’s Pancake Bread. Also, the small size makes it perfect for eating alone, or sharing with others if you are feeling generous, although I doubt you will be once you take a bite of this delectable treat. Copyright © 2019 Her Campus Media LLC. On their own they are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without eating a whole slice of pie or piece of cake, but can also work well as an ice cream topping or baked into cookies. In lieu of traditional frosting, the cake is hand-topped with coarse sugar and drizzled with a tasty, white confectioner’s glaze. I first made a beeline for the bakery section in search of the Chantilly Cream Vanilla Bean Mini Sheet Cake. December 04, 2019 in Category: What's New. Recipe Summary. The following products are must-have Trader Joe's items for any dessert lover, and should be added to your grocery list immediately. The crust is buttery and is a great contrast to the silky filling, and it has a hint of ginger to it which really makes it stand out from other ordinary graham cracker crusts. The slight bitterness of the dark chocolate version helps to balance out the filling's saltiness, but I will always be a milk chocolate fan because it is a little sweeter. I'm a sucker for anything with this beloved combination, so these caught my eye, especially because their small size makes them perfect for quickly unwrapping and eating on the go. The bread has a very distinct buttermilk taste that satisfies anyone’s craving for a stack of pancakes, and the brown sugar crumble topping is simple but truly ties everything together to elevate the dish. Currently I am living in Colorado, and wanted to see if there was a similar hype and adoration for the grocery store out west. It is not overwhelmingly sweet, which makes it a perfect breakfast addition or late night snack! That email doesn't look right. The smooth peanut butter filling is different from the signature grittiness of a Reese's cup, and the layer of chocolate is thicker. The pie has a perfect balance of sweet versus tart, which I believe is the most important attribute of any key lime pie.