Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest dovetail jigs since 2017. Check the fit of sample dovetails made with your jig. Keep in mind when determining the height of your drawer sides that you will lose close to an inch of usable space on the inside because you’ve got to install the drawer base up from the bottom to allow room for the drawer slides to be installed underneath. So when do we learn how to use a dovetail jig? (2) CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON. lips. Just so we’re clear – before you go to order your soft close drawer guides you need to know the style of cabinet you’re building (frameless or face frame) and the depth of the cabinet. Due to the precise nature of the joint, there isn’t a lot of room for error – which is why it’s important to use a good jig. Make the sides But, in this article we’ll show you seven tips on using a dovetail jig to help you master building dovetail drawers . This jig is excellent for significantly reducing the amount … As soon as people see a dovetail drawers, they know it’s top quality. Once you’ve got the drawers cut and you’ve test fitted them and are happy, you can rip a 1/4″ groove (using either a dado blade on your table saw, or a rabbit bit on a router table) about 1″ up from the bottom of each drawer piece (consult your drawer slides for the recommended drawer base) to receive the drawer bottom. into, see Photo 9.) As dovetails provide a very tight drawer construction with interlocked wood joints and maximum glue surface they will withstand decades of use. Still, this dovetail jig also comes with a complete kit, and the base is made out of metal and employs cam-lock clamps to keep the workpiece securely in place. With this strength, dovetail joints can handle heavier loads and if something on the drawer breaks, it isn’t usually the joint. You can get some great bits fairly cheaply here. 4. It faces toward you and lines up with an outside finger of the dovetail template. Now all you need to do is sand any excess glue and you can move on to installing your soft-close slides in your cabinet base! Make a THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED ‘AS IS’ AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. round-over is typical. You can’t change the thickness of a drawer slide after the dovetails have been cut. This story originally appeared in American Woodworker December 2000, issue #84. – Simple Woodworking Projects, You can do more with your half-blind dovetail. These little wedges are referred to “tails” and “pins.”. The end grain of the rabbet must be exactly in line with the front edge of the jig so the dovetail is cut to the correct depth. Use the same species of wood as your drawer parts for test pieces. No matter how many different drawer We are delighted to share some of the best AW content here on the PW website. Plane the wood to thickness (I like 11/16″ on most drawers), Cut the drawer bottom dadoes on the table saw. Ezvid Wiki; Wiki Reviews; Woodworking; The 8 Best Dovetail Jigs. Make sure the drawer side locks are firm and won’t slip under pressure of the router. You can get a decent one from Dewalt for not a lot of money here. The bottom edge of every drawer part butts up against the stops on the jig. When you’re making dovetail drawers, you will probably end up using either a straight bit or a dovetail bit with a 1/2″ or 1/4″ shank depending on the specific style of joint you’re trying to make. The best dovetail jig to buy is the one that’s right for your budget and uses. All Rights Reserved. Move the router from left to right for best results. Still, this dovetail jig also comes with a complete kit, and the base is made out of metal and employs cam-lock clamps to keep the workpiece securely in place. You won’t get parts mixed up if you remember that the grooves always go nearest the stops of the jig.