Loft Life. Once you get to a blank slate in your closet, you can get to building. For one of the sides, we could only find one stud (on one end). We didn’t have enough foam to be a perfect fit, so we just slipped a few extra strips in on the side to make it work. Once we know how many steps we needed and where they should go, we marked lines on the side rails, cut our wood, and then installed them with wood glue and 3″ finish nails (the finish nails weren’t quite strong enough and are why our ladder broke eventually). A flip of the mattress reveals tons of cubbies, shelves, and rods to store every piece of your wardrobe. They allowed us to fasten the 2x4s to each other to add extra support on the end without a stud. We cut 2 2×4’s to just a tick under 22.5″. Luke had that idea after the fact and I think it’s great. Attach the back 2×4 (77 1/4 inches long) on the wall where you want the base of your loft to be. For the front piece, we waited to measure until the back and sides were on. Um, can anyone IKEA hack one for us? And they've really outdone themselves with this one. Our back wall measured 77 1/4 inches. It also helped us get a feel for what angle we wanted (or how steep the ladder should be). The Best Bed for Studio Apartments. Once we took it upstairs to test it out, we decided that it took up too much room and that the ladder needed to be more steep. This Adult Playroom Has a Fully-Stocked Home Bar, A Jackson Hole Cottage Is the Definition of Fall, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Our side wall measured 22.5″ each. That would be amazing for most kids. Triple Bunk Bed And this is a cool idea because then your kids would have the whole room left for play space and storage. We cut a 2×4 on the miter saw at that measurement. That way, you could take if off and wash it easily. If we said there was something epic hiding under this bed, you might immediately think, "a monster??" We started with a 30 degree angle and made a sharp corner at the top end of the ladder. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Marie Kondo Announces The Container Store Collab, 16 Tricks That Make the Most of a Small Closet, 31 Genius Products to Organize Your Kitchen, These Under-Sink Organizers Will Change Your Life, 10 Smart Ways to Organize Your Linen Closet, Marie Kondo Wants to Declutter Your Workspace, 25 Organized Cabinets That Are Giving Us Life. The stairs leading up to the bed (yes, a bed with a closet underneath requires some extra height) even have built-in drawers, perfect for storing socks and underwear. The front of the loft needed something a little bit nicer than a 2×4. We cut a 2×4 on the miter saw at that measurement. I think this would be perfect for someone who is a young adult and needs to live in a studio … For us, about 15 degrees ended up being right. Measure inside the box from the front 2×4 to the back 2×4. Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox. For the step-width, we just put the two side rails in place and eye-balled the width and height between the steps. The stairs leading up to the bed (yes, a bed with a closet underneath requires some extra height) even have built-in drawers, perfect for storing socks and underwear. Measure and Decide on Height Our back wall measured 77 1/4 inches. These folks have turned the area underneath the bed into an office — it’s a two-for-one … Use fence brackets to attach to the back 2×4’s. These bunk beds are really neat for kids as well. Our side wall measured 22.5″ each. Find the Studs and Attach the 2×4’s Drill into the door jams for extra support. The notches on bottom aren’t necessary, but they look nice and make it easier to cut a 15 degree angle on a small miter saw. installed a bucket and pulley on our play set, Closet Reading Loft Reveal - Bigger Than the Three of Us, What He Did To His Kids Closet is Astonishing - Wise DIY | Wise DIY, How To Clean Siding Without A Power Washer! We cut two 2x4s to a hair under 20 3/4″ so that we could get our boards in. Ours started about 50 inches from the floor. Take your two 2×4 side pieces (22.5″ each) and attach them on the wall. - Bigger Than the Three of Us, 6 Fun Ways to Teach Kids Organization in their Rooms, 5 Spring Cleaning Ideas For Creating A Cozy Book Nook – Cozy Reader Connection, Building The Ultimate Reading Nook For Your Home - HomeAdvisor, 20 Lit Small Bedroom Organizing Ideas Worth Trying - Simphome, 20 Lit Small Bedroom Organizing Ideas Worth Trying – ベストインテリア動画まとめ【厳選ベッドルーム】, Boy Bedroom Reveal - Bigger Than the Three of Us, Disclosure, Copyright and Privacy Policies, 3″ Foam pad – $25 (check out my post all about, 3″ Angle Bracket (2) – 1.23 each [optional]. While it seems a tad impractical to lift your bed every time you get dressed, we can't help but love this sleek piece of furniture. We had leftover scrap plywood that we cut and screwed in to the supports. On the front, you will be able to drill through from the front 2×4 to the cross beams. Though it will cost you — Container is priced at  €3,800, about $4,200. 22 DIY Birthday Card Ideas to Help You Be Festive on the Cheap, How We Make a DIY King Size Bed Frame on a Budget (in 8 Easy Steps), How to Build a Hay Feeder for (Practically) Free from Scraps, 22 Free DIY Gazebo Plans & Ideas with Step-by-Step Tutorials, 6 Simple Steps to Building a DIY Garden Shed for $3, How to Build a Beautiful Backyard Pond in 11 Steps, 23 DIY Candle Holders for Added Homely Charm and Warmth, 46 Joyful DIY Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Adults, 45 DIY Picture Frames to Display Your Happy Moments, 33 Charming DIY Wind Chimes to Brighten up Your Day, 16 Quick and Easy Options for Homemade Ice Melters, 31 Free DIY Playhouse Plans to Build for Your Kids’ Secret Hideaway, 56 Fantastic Gift Basket Ideas to Make Any Recipient Smile, 31 Unique DIY Headboard Ideas To Turn Your Bed Into a Masterpiece, How to Cure Ham Worth Boasting About in 8 Easy Steps, 100 Splendid DIY Cake Stand Ideas to Make Your Baked Creations Shine, 49 Free DIY Workbench Plans & Ideas to Kickstart Your Woodworking Journey, 11 Completely Natural Hair Dyes without Using Harsh Chemicals, How to Build a Goat Shed with a Loft Bed for Almost $0, 9 Effective Homemade Bug Sprays to Make Your Summer Pest Free, 28 DIY Garden Bench Plans You Can Build to Enjoy Your Yard, How to Build DIY Window Box Planters on the Budget in 5 Easy Steps. This is where we used the angle brackets. I recommend grabbing some scrap 2x4s to start with. We started by using a tape measure to estimate the length of the ladder. Ours measured 20 3/4″. Just make sure you think about where the top step is going to lie and leave enough room up there. loft bed trundle bed and mattresses what a great deal Ideal for smaller spaces, this wooden bunk bed comprises a twin size one towering over a desk with bookcase and a trundle with an additional, retractable bed. Cut your board. For now, feel free to continue reading. Because of ridiculously high rents in NYC, many residents don't … And you wouldn't be totally wrong. Then, using a finish nailer, we attached it to the front of the 2×4. Build the Ladder (or buy a hanging ladder). As you can see from the finished photos above and below, we knew we would be painting our loft bed white, so we … Although the space pictured above (from Planete Deco) is a lot bigger than most studio apartments, there are still plenty of ideas worth stealing: building a DIY loft bed into a nook allows you to drill into the walls for support (if your landlord allows it), and makes the resulting lofty sleeping area that much cozier. Ours measured 74.3″. If you have a larger closet then you could actually build these smaller bunk beds within the closet. Make sure you are using your level and then screw two (LONG) screws (we used deck screws) in on every stud on the back wall. Start with a 30 degree angle, hold it up to the loft, and see how it looks. It's a clutter-free solution for a room without a closet or anyone that needs a little extra bedroom storage. Since we cut before we knew what we were doing, we had some spare wood that we used to fine-tune the angle. I used a pretty heavy sanding pad at first and then switched to a finer one. Every item on this page was hand-picked by a House Beautiful editor. This is where your fence brackets come in. If that sticks out to far, take another 10 degrees off of the angle (20 degrees) and try it out again. Even though you have measured out your box, make sure each piece is level with each other as you add on. Measure the “box” where your plywood will sit. The innovative project, titled "Container," comes from Italian furniture company Dielle, which known for their modern and innovative designs. Cover the foam with fabric (kinda like you would a headboard) and staple the fabric into the plywood. Once we had the top angle fine-tuned, we needed to trim off the excess on top. With the trim taken off where you need your front 2×4 to go (or notched out) measure how long you need your front board to be. How to Build a Loft. House Beautiful participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. All Rights Reserved. 9 Ways to Make the Storage Under Your Bed Work Harder, How To Turn A Spare Bedroom Into Your Dream Closet, 10 Savvy Bedroom Closet Organizers on Amazon Now. Build this bunk bed › 21. If we were doing this again, I would probably make a fitted slipcover for the foam instead. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. A few tips for building your DIY loft bed… Make sure to pre-drill all holes when screwing your boards together to prevent the wood from splitting.