Consisting mostly of metallic wire framing, Gammelgaard's pieces often used single pieces of wire sheeting for their construction. Resale price: $2,718 More comfortable Danish modern armchairs designed by Karin Mobring, these beauties still stand out today. To give you an idea of how much the company has changed since, Wørts worked primarily with teak and rosewood, often accenting it with cane and leather. Resale price: $2005 Though French designer Pierre Frey put his name on his own design company in 1935, he did a bit of work for Ikea in the 1950s. : Discover Alexandra Alge’s extraordinary and rare collection of 1950s Italian seating, Sputnik! Resale price: $2,953 There’s scant information available on this piece by Erik Wørts. Resale price: $3,447 This is Nakamura's lasting gift to Ikea and one of its top sellers to this day. Resale price: $1,200 Don't toss your old post-college dinnerware until you're sure it's worthless. The golden birch lower interior of cabinet and drawers is particularly gorgeous. Resale price: $1,238 You know Swedish designer Niels Gammelgaard's work when you see it. Our concierge team is reviewing your application and will be in touch soon to unlock your trade benefits. Iconic designs produced by Ikea include the wooden MTP Shelving System (1963) by Marian Grabinski; the space age Telegono Lamp (1970) by Vico Magistretti (originally designed for Artemide); the convertible Tajt Chair (1973) by Gillis Lundgren; the molded plastic Skopa Chair (1974) by Olle Gjerlöv-Knudsen and Torben Lind; the bentwood Poäng Chair & Ottoman (1977) by Noboru Nakamura; the enduring Billy Shelving System (1978) by Gillis Lundgren; the pop, plastic Mammut Child’s Chair & Table (1993) by Morten Kjelstrup and Allan Østgaard; the vibrant and tectonic Vilbert Chair (1993) in MDF by Verner Panton; and the biomorphic, rattan Storvik Lounge Chair (2002) by Carl Öjerstam. The shelves are white on one face but have bursts of color on the other, which can make them either really fun or painfully practical. Wrapped in cerise velvet with deep-knit buttons, this fainting couch still looks gorgeous more than a half-century later. This sideboard is still in excellent shape, but little else is known about it. Nice in front of a television or just fine in a den or family room, this navy blue aluminum beauty is stuffed with new filling for added comfort. Shop at and enjoy Fast & Free shipping on many items! This one remains timeless. These have their original tags in place. Resale price: $3,538 This was one of the last pieces the chain designed before moving beyond the Scandinavian market into continental Europe. Resale price: $2,601 Provenance isn't always easy to come by when dealing with Ikea furniture. This limited-edition chair featured an off-white enamel base and elastic cords as upholstery. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to find a pair of these 1970s leather button back lounge chairs, not to mention matching footstools, in their chocolate brown leather. When Ikea began retailing furniture at factory prices by mail order in the early 1950s, the established furniture trade saw this move as disruptive to their business. In the early years, Ikea did not sell the furniture for which it is now famous; instead, it sold a variety of household items, like soap, pens, and stockings, at first locally and then by mail order through print advertisements.