Successful applicants who are enrolled in a graduate studies at the time of application receive an admissions offer which is  CONDITIONAL upon the successful completion of their graduate program by July 31 of the year of entry into the medical program (i.e. Dalhousie University ^僫7���y}谊2)2�)sd�7E=��eqs�f�f?k��w2.v�r�&"�����w`)̻f�"O���ZO�*Q�p��H�w�������g���Զ�y�W0�_LtdL��� H�,�����1�@��_�����7�}wE'N�@᷹��3 �! <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> My ECs are on the strong side I think. It is expected that such students will apply during their last year of study since deferrals are rarely granted. Why? NOTE: Please ensure that the verifier information (i.e. If you've graduated (as in, you have 4 completed years at the time of application) you can choose to have them look at your best 3 years. Are able to demonstrate the use of French in daily activities and a connection to the Francophone community. Persons of Indigenous ancestry, First Nations, Inuit or Métis may: All self-identified Indigenous applicants are considered under the General Admissions Stream, unless they choose to apply to the Indigenous Admissions Stream. (Note: We recommend using this resource alongside our free, 66-page comprehensive guide to medical school applications, Get Into Medical School: 6 Practical Lessons to Stand Out and Earn Your White Coat.) Canadian Forces Staff, who are supported and funded by the DND would be eligible to apply for these positions and offers of admission will be made to those that qualify. I just recently started looking at Dal as an option.

If you have special circumstances regarding your academic performance that you would like to have considered as part of your application, you may upload documentation through Secure Applicant Messaging (SAM) within your OMSAS application, and it will be added to your application file. Tel:1-506-636-6000, Dalhousie University Our Indigenous Affairs Unit encourages and nurtures Indigenous students throughout medical school. %���� If the degree program has been completed, the best three years out of four years of full time study could also be considered.

We do not give preference to any one (1) particular discipline over another. Final selection for admissions is determined by application file score and Admissions Committee approval. WES must sent your WES report and a copy of your verified transcript directly to OMSAS by the application deadline.

ECs are decent - Coaching, Tutoring, Hospital volunteer (100 hours in Paeds), Shadowing an othropedic surgeon (LOR given), Intramural Volleyball, Volunteer in a physiology lab for a semester, and a couple other day things here and there. Check out the invites thread. I'm still in school.

At worst, you might need to do another year of undergrad courses. The Northern Ontario School of Medicine is a non-profit organization.Charitable Registration: 86466 0352 RR0001. Refer to the Institution Scale Chart to see which scale applies to each university. By identifying as a Francophone applicant, should you be successful in the admissions process you will be identified as a Francophone student. Context is a score based on each of the following geographic or cultural criteria: NOSM does not have any residency requirements for applicants; we have an algorithm that we employ to calculate context scores. Grades will be converted to a 4.0 scale according to the OMSAS Undergraduate Grading System Conversion Table. It is expected that such students will apply during their last year of study since deferrals are rarely granted. Faculty of Medicine If you are a mature applicant and have completed your 3- or 4-year degree is completed through a transfer of credits from a college, you must have completed a minimum of 10 full-course credits, 20 half-course credits, or a combination of at the university degree level at the time you apply. You must submit your letter electronically to If an admission offer is given the offer is CONDITIONAL on the applicant's successful completion of their baccalaureate degree, while maintaining the minimum GPA requirement in their final year of study. Yup, I believe every individual year is first rounded, then the average rounded. Ensure you have a contact for each of the activities listed. Admissions requirements are reviewed annually and the admissions requirements from previous years may not apply. Information regarding supports and resources available to Francophone students at NOSM can be found by visiting the Francophone Engagement webpage. Call Now +971589997527 In determining your GPA, the OMSAS Undergraduate Grading System Conversion … Also does an OOP have a chance with this GPA? And while your ECs may be strong, keep in mind that OOP invites are super competitive, so the EC bar is quite high. 493. Although you may want to check with the admissions office, I think you're fine (as long as your IP).

The minimum required overall GPA is 3.0 on the 4.0 scale.

Therefore, you will be required to include NOSM’s Francophone communities in the lottery ranking for their Comprehensive Community Clerkship (CCC) site selection process. 4 0 obj (3.88+3.97) /2= 3.925 which is then rounded to 3.9, 2. Grades will be converted to a 4.0 scale according to the OMSAS Undergraduate Grading System Conversion Table.The GPA is calculated on all converted undergraduate course grades completed at a recognized institution as of … They look at your last 2. 2020/2021 - Please be sure to review revised MCAT requirements. Your MBA will be counted as 1 year (not sure if they use just 1 of the 2 years, or average your 2 years and use that), but they will still look at your 2 best years of your Nursing degree. For example, say I have a 3.88 one year and 3.97 the next year. NOSM accepts applications from students who have pursued their undergraduate studies on a full-time basis, part-time basis, or with a combination of full-time and part-time studies. If your degree includes exchange courses from another university, alpha-numerical course grades MUST be provided in order to be considered in GPA assessment. I do not believe you meet the cutoff, regardless if you're IP or not. ; The GPA is only 1 of the several factors that are considered in evaluating your admissibility to medical school. Applicants must decide for themselves which information to include in the autobiographical sketch, the individual school submissions, and the verifiers list. Im an OOP (Ontario) finishing up my fifth year. Minimum MCAT score is now determined in relation to GPA; for more information, click here. Although English is the language used for communication, instruction, and assessment at NOSM, numerous opportunities are provided to enhance the experience of Francophone students, including educational resources, self-directed study groups, interest groups, and elective opportunities. 496. The Northern Ontario School of Medicine’s MD Program participates in an agreement with the Department of National Defence (DND) in creating two (2) additional training positions for Regular Force Members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), subsidized under the Military Medical Training Program (MMTP). 1.902.494.2211, OMSAS Undergraduate Grading System Conversion Table. Please describe how you have developed resilience and coping mechanisms. I currently converted my grades using the OMSAS scale. Information regarding supports and resources available to Indigenous students at NOSM can be found by visiting the Indigenous Engagement webpage. You will not receive the additional 0.2 for more than one graduate degree. That seems consistent with their rounding and "best three years" as described on their website. NOSM reserves the right to confirm the information provided in these sections by consulting the individuals you listed as verifiers. Applicants for admission to the LLM program should hold a first degree in law equivalent to the Dalhousie JD, passed with at least a 3.5 GPA (or Upper Second Class Honours). Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  B3H 4R2 Please monitor our website for up-to-date information. However, there are many forms of volunteer work. What types of feedback do you prefer to enhance your learning in and outside of academic environments? The Northern Ontario School of Medicine reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant whose facility in written and spoken English is judged to be inadequate. Does this mean that my GPA gets rounded to 3.3 for that specific year?