The United States Constitution does not provide for lifetime appointment of federal judges, but only for a term of office during good behavior. We support Congressional enforcement of the Constitutional rule of good behavior. Federal involvement in state and local criminal justice processes should be limited to that which is Constitutionally required. We call upon Congress and the President to stop all federal expenditures which are not specifically authorized by the U. S. Constitution, and to restore to the states those powers, programs, and sources of revenue that the federal government has usurped. We call upon all branches of government to cease their attacks on the religious liberties of the people. Such intrusion is prohibited by the Constitution and must be halted. We also oppose the distribution and use of all abortifacients. 0 Share. Learn about the greatest political success story in the world. Both the First and Tenth Amendments forbid such tyranny. NATO no longer serves a defensive purpose and the U.S. must withdraw from it. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi makes Hindus more equal than religious minorities, Muslims seek equality from the secular Constitution, not Shariah. We will propose legislation to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, and will veto any authorization, appropriation, or continuing resolution which contains any funding whatsoever for that illicit and unconstitutional agency. Latest Current Affairs in about Constitution. November 9, 2020 | US Supreme Court Halts Curbside Voting in Alabama. The first task of Labour’s new leader will be to overhaul democracy in the UK . The U.S. Supreme Court returned to the bench this week. one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine. Issues before the justices included the statut... Read More. If we are to see a return to the states those powers, programs, and sources of revenue that the federal government has unconstitutionally taken away, then it is also vital that we repeal the Seventeenth Amendment and return to state legislatures the function of electing the U.S. Senate. The only legitimate purpose of civil government is to safeguard the God-given rights of its citizens; namely, life, liberty, and property. to any so-called New World Order or to any one-world government. When a majority of City Council members promised to “end policing as we know it” after George Floyd’s killing, they became a case study in how idealistic calls for structural change can falter. We are opposed to the flat-rate tax proposals that are being promoted as an improvement to the current tax system. Celebrating George Washington's Birth Day, Remembering Benjamin Franklin – America’s Greatest Diplomat, 101 Constitutional Questions to ask Candidates, National Center for Constitutional Studies, Constitutional answers to current problems. Many states have amended their election laws in response to COVID-19, which has resulted in litigation from both Republicans and Democrats. We assert that any form of taxation on churches and other religious organizations is a direct and dangerous step toward state control of the church. Because the federal government has absolutely no jurisdiction concerning the education of our children, the United States Department of Education should be abolished; all federal legislation related to education should be repealed, including but not limited to "Goals 2000," "Outcomes-Based Education," "School-to-Work," "Success by Six," and other similar programs. To that end, the Constitution of the United States was ordained and established for "ourselves and our posterity." This established our Electoral College. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Crime, in most cases, is to be dealt with by state and local governments. The public is invited to join the … Extraordinary measures are needed to address COVID-19, and some might not be constitutional during normal times. Sign up and be the first to know about coupons and special promotions. There were 38 statewide citizen initiatives being decided across the country on Tuesday, about half the level of the last presidential election. Having gone through another campaign season and experienced all the talk about issues, positions, problems, and proposed solutions to those problems, don't your just yearn to hear someone state that the platform he is running on is the Constitution. The United States must withdraw from all international monetary and financial institutions and agencies, e.g., the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, WTO, NAFTA, GATT, etc Congress and the President have a duty to provide for the defense of this country, but the American people have no similar duty to provide for the defense of any foreign nation. Moreover, it is our intention to replace entirely the current tax system of the U.S. government (including income taxes, Social Security taxes, estate taxes, and inheritance taxes). Charity, and provision of welfare to those in need, is not a Constitutional responsibility of the federal government. The U.S. Supreme Court returned to the bench this week. Do we really want our rights to be determined by the understandings of centuries ago? We demand that the federal government restore immigration policies based on the practice that potential immigrants will be disqualified from admission to the U.S. if, on the grounds of health, criminality, morals, or financial dependence, they would impose an improper burden on the United States, any state, or any citizen of the United States. All who are accused of crimes, petty to capital, shall have a trial by jury upon request, and the jury shall be fully informed of its right to nullify the law. Next Post →. August 30, 2019 February 4, 2020. The first duty of the law is to prevent the shedding of innocent blood. We stand opposed to regionalization or grouping of governments at any level, which results in removal of decision-making powers from the scrutiny of the people. Education should be free from all federal government subsidies, including vouchers, tax incentives, and loans, except with respect to veterans. We advocate, therefore, the elimination of the federal Food and Drug Administration, as it has been the federal agency primarily responsible for prohibiting beneficial products, treatments, and technologies here in the United States that are freely available in much of the rest of the civilized world. These explanations show, once again, that the Constitution really has answers for our day. Senators to be elected by state legislators. By Mustafa Akyol and Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar. Here are the (other) races and issues our national correspondents are watching. The New-York Historical Society’s crash course in governmental innovation, paused for the pandemic, reopens at just the right moment. If the supply of medical care is controlled by the federal government, then officers of that government will determine which demand is satisfied. The U.S. Constitution as originally framed in Article I, Section 3, provided for U.S. Hospitals, doctors, and other health care providers should be accountable to patients - not to politicians, insurance bureaucrats, or HMO Administrators. Following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away on September 18, 2020, the Court will begin the term ... Read More. Neither should taxpayers be indentured to subsidize welfare for persons who enter the United States illegally. Under no circumstances should the taxpayers of the United States be obligated, under penalty of law through forced taxation, to assume the cost of providing welfare for other citizens. Howard Philips, who ran for President in 43 states on the Constitution Party ticket, has thought through some of these ideas. We encourage individuals and families to fulfill their personal responsibility to help those in need through tithes, offerings, and other acts of charity. We assert that private organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America, can determine their own membership, volunteers, and employment based on their oaths and creeds. Individual citizens should have the right to choose between private retirement and pension programs, either at their place of employment or independently. All rights reserved. Such redistribution is contrary to the Biblical command against theft. Under no circumstances should the federal government be involved in national teacher certification, educational curricula, textbook selection, learning standards, comprehensive sex education, psychological and psychiatric research testing programs, and personnel. We oppose the governmentalization and bureaucratization of American medicine. We endorse ratification of the Liberty Amendment, which would repeal the Sixteenth Amendment. We oppose entangling foreign alliances. This provided the states direct representation in the legislative branch so as to deter the usurpation of powers that are Constitutionally reserved to the states or to the people. Facebook Twitter linkedin Pinterest Google+ Reddit Mix Tumblr. All teaching is related to basic assumptions about God and man. Welcome to National Center for Constitutional Studies! Under this system each congressional district could, in essence, select a different candidate. A question on November’s ballot asks residents if they support changing the state Constitution to allow recreational use of the drug. In many cases, welfare provisions by the Federal government are not only misdirected, but morally destructive.