Although a person’s state of mind and intention will be considered in determining the University response to an act of academic dishonesty, this in no way lessens the responsibility of the student. It was professionally run and the undergraduate studies I experienced were better those provided during my time at UCLA. )(��n�Y6�a]�r1���K��UI��;��HpGh�s�[�ec�mҟ�T�+n�N�\R'��g��6�¬(�\�F%�� �-�'��Rxs��C�/��`��H���5�‹�6w��%q�P��\���ޭ�_(�$Ir�b����$BjT�+�A�q���� � [Oct 22] Homework 4, "Nonregular Languages", has been posted and is due Wednesday October 29. CMPTGCS130G (2017 Spring): "Introduction to Quantum Computing", CS138, UCSB: "Automata and Formal Languages", CS190, UCSB, upper division theory course, CS190, UCSB, 2013-04/06: "The Nature of Computation" (Wim van Dam), CS225|ECE205A, UCSB: "Information Theory", CS290A, UCSB, "Quantum Information & Quantum Computation", CS290A, 2015-04/06: "Quantum Information & Quantum Computation" (Wim van Dam), CS290A|PHYS250, UCSB, 2013-01/03: "Quantum Information & Quantum Computation" (Wim van Dam), CS40, UCSB: "Foundations of Computer Science", CS40, UCSB, 2012-04/06: "Foundations of Computer Science" (Wim van Dam), CS40, UCSB, 2013-06/08: "Foundations of Computer Science" (Wim van Dam), CS40, UCSB, 2014-06/07: "Foundations of Computer Science" (Wim van Dam), Physics 250 (2017 Winter): Quantum Information and Quantum Computation, (due Wednesday October 29, 3 pm; Answer to HW4. ��J��vX There will be 8 homework assignments, hence each will be worth 5%. The last column has the corresponding grade estimation. Topics: regular expressions, Generalized NFA, RL=R; nonregular languages, pumping lemma, Topics: pumping lemma; context free language, Homework 5: "Context Free Languages" (due, Topics: normal forms, parsing of CFGs, CYK algorithm, Topics: rewriting CFGs, parsing, Chomsky Normal Form, CYK algorithm, Homework 6: "Rewriting CFGs" (due Wednesday November 19, 3 pm), Topics: pushdown automata, languages that are not context free. <> Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. [UCSB Computer Science (Engineering)] Current First-Year's Experience/Observations/Advice. - [Dec 4] The perm. Hence, its value is: 8/6 times (the sum of the 6 homework scores) plus 3 times the MT score. [September 21, 2008] Installment of the website for CS138, Fall 2008. �d�~�� Z�z��u��v��qJ嬙�S*��h�����_S)(��AE�u� ��b&�:Hz�/vP��;�W�+%$�X��7!����)��2�Cԓ"Z�4�M����r�L�KNA1 ��Wm�ಘ,F���܏�dNrob2]�\]�:�� ��~�D���j��w)�\X�nn�ի�\��W�"2"���/ir! <> stream [Dec 8] Answers to Homework 8 have been posted. [Nov 26] Happy Halloween: no class on Thursday or Discussion on Friday. Fall 2009. [Nov 5] Note that there is a small error in the answers to the old Midterm (see below). ���j��p������ͧ��Ns6}c���|wӮ��. [Oct 30] Example Midterm from last year posted. ]|��K� ��:8�Ҋ�6�o�`�UR�dq��J�K�nW��� 2���$�������"�� ��dqL-������S���5c. Course title: Automata and Formal Languages. Although you are allowed to discuss homework assignments with others, you should write down your answers independently. CS 138: Mid-quarter Examination 2 Department of Computer Science University of California, Santa Barbara Closed-Book, 75 minutes Fall 2004 Instructions Before you answer any questions, print your name and perm number. pmast25 110 replies 10 threads Junior Member. x��W�r�F����NU4�}IN���rp�#1�G $!" (26 Documents). cs138, ucsb, 2011-09/12 Recent Announcements 2011-12-13: The CS138 grades of Fall 2011 have been submitted; if you want you can pick up your Final in Winter 2012. (29 Documents), CS 140 - Parallel Computing Please let me (WvD) know if there are problems with the availability. (224 Documents), CS 165A - Artificial Intelligence University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), CS 176A - INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER COMMUNICATION NETWORKS, CS 138 Prerequisite: Computer Science 40; open to computer science and computer engineering majors only. [Nov 12] Homework 6, "Rewriting CFGs", has been posted and is due Wednesday November 19. hC;�*��E'X�\�'���X �'�X {���[�� �/��]���*�ٖ�jQէW@OR�?�lj!��O�~��5U�]��Sq�͖^�4sZ���-C �:�,S9$����Ǭe��x�osV��ULYmE1�9�x�k�h��]O�6���Em[3� U1�%J;���1��c��1B�A%���k�M�S2�yLF����qi1_��0V\0G��kU?��c�A*�e�l��!l8�&�0���E����燲�*�9��P.�˻*�&�K�~�e�0%�����!3�E�cE �_'� �|`D�`L�H.Q2i��b]�n�Р���&�)�RL�lx�ßj̡" ���s�4���j��'/\%��&�@�Yg����P(D� �AL�Dz�v��F��J� K�=g��r$��A�+VӤ�Z��o��w�D�r9��Է���\n^j]��[+W�[Ax�Ǹ��4PJma8�[�j�7e�������"/F�����u6ŵ= C�B�����,���Ў*zVє� 5��|ef��m�f��������N�y)�tX+;I9��՜Kt�T�D�Pf!4�� ��&T�,L��f�P�DK�k�)��:-�j�|7@Mc1�(:n��ʎ����L.��)��M?�l����C��jR=/xG�jr�f�M];�ӨǤd��bL���V ~p�����/M��*������kʟ��jU3��AN�sn �}-�8:���5����1���oҵ�����RTlҙe Formal languages; finite automata and regular expressions; properties of regular languages; pushdown automata and context-free grammars; properties of context-free languages; introduction to computability and unsolvability (Turing machines) and computational complexity. [Nov 2] Answers to example Midterm (Fall 2007) posted. This site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services and to analyze traffic. 29 0 obj x��X�n�6��� :f��K�!�v)�-h�&�1��d�vb;��w(��$S��uZ4�$53�y��POg endobj The columns for HW7 and HW8 are left intentionally blank. [Dec 9] Answers to Homework 7 have been posted. I remember last year around this time when I was getting my decisions back. �ӭ�r{����(�*��׍r��{eK��V�a�L1�G�K�:<3�s�A��! also: CMPTGCS 20: Introduction to CS for non-majors. Staff hours remain the same: Monday-Friday 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm PST. - (45 Documents), CS 130a - Data Struct Algor Assignments will be graded using the following scale: The course grade is determined by: Homework + Midterm + Final = 40% + 20% + 40%. s?�T�ӱٷ��x�va�4 Not open for credit to students who have completed Computer Science 136. Specifically for the current CS138 course this means that. My personal experience was that UCSB offered a fine education to anyone who was willing to do the work and participate. [Oct 23] Slides of Week 4 have been posted. %PDF-1.3 [Nov 7] There will no class on Tuesday November 11, nor will WvD have office hours. [Sep 21] This course, CS138 uses a reader, which you can buy at The Alternative Copy Shop in IV. [Nov 5] Answers to Homework 5 have been posted. The first column has the last two digits of your 7 digit perm number (but, if those digits are "04", the column just says "4"). [Oct 9] Updated version 2 of Homework 2 has been posted. I'm pretty qualified to answer as I actually have gone to both as an undergrad. ���Xê����g�2�8++�$ZT�������-� �iN���-��`Ռp�d�~jWg�;?�'�i�,�O�&'Fjt���ߴ���T�5z�}�s"�f�ʃ���}A+�mu�%E�qJ\�sJ�N[Ihx���l�0m�x���P�O�d�Ήl�cւ&M���7�^T.8^��n��nƒ3&ag�3x�I��]��!B8�al�ٜ˴��`�i_Jǯ��~�Z�C��i^���{2Kw��D�$�"�~��O�sN4�O��tȺ���y��e�`��]�cRFE�"�Y�4��� �1��1 Whenever another person’s written work is utilized, whether it be a single phrase or longer, quotation marks must be used and sources cited. (38 Documents), CS CS273 - DATA & KNOWLEDGE BASE [Oct 1] The first homework assignment "Languages" has been posted below. [Nov 13] Slides on Context Free Languages (4) have been posted. March 2016 edited March 2016 in University of California - Santa Barbara. ��(b+UP/O��D��J�v:.��JZ�4�����9#���t���~�qJq�:�AQ�q� ��&[�CB��Έ�9�4��͔�~L�s���i�cˁ ~_Y���5�B��|iU�`��3�#Rf�%��6W��!��8!��t�RN��[I ��3d8�_����CJ���Ou��R �P��mfŪ2@�c���G'8�/ [Oct 15] Homework 3, "Regular Languages", has been posted. m���D�hj��,p�%Ck�+5m�7?Y_����s�t#=H;��߹Ne��vP�۲�qԩ,? [Oct 9] The slides "Regular Languages I" have been posted. Thursday 9:30-10:45: Class in Phelps 3505, Friday 11:00-11:50: Discussion in Phelps 1448, Friday 12:00-12:50: Discussion in Phelps 1448. You should always be able to argue and explain your answers when asked for clarifications. endobj Answer to additional discussion question. I would say pick UCSB. ���ӳ�(�Nl,5==�^p_Q�xE��Ro��w���#���׽?���}e���a��zS�/! I tell this story all the time. Read each question carefully. Homework 8: "Turing machines" (due Wednesday December 3, 3 pm; Slides: Pumping Lemma for CFLs and Turing Machines, Topics: uncomputability; Final review session. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response. [Oct 30] Slides on Context Free Languages (2 and 3) have been posted. %�쏢 Monday: 14:00-16:00: Office hours HY in Phelps 1413. total" column has your estimated total score extrapolating HWs 1-6 to HWs 7 and 8, and extrapolating your Midterm scores to the Final. [Nov 26] Homework 8, "Turing machines", has been posted and is due Wednesday December 3, 3 pm. My first 2 years I went to UCSB and my last 3 years I went to UCI for a CS degree. 1425 �Uej��(�fEs>� ��H�U�]�[O�];[:�\����(R [Nov 3] Answers to Homework 4 have been posted. stream [Oct 9] WvD's office hours have been extended to 1:30-3:30 (Tuesdays). The following applies to every course you attend at UC Santa Barbara (from UCSB Campus Regulations, Chapter VII: "Student Conduct and Discipline"): It is expected that students attending the University of California understand and subscribe to the ideal of academic integrity, and are willing to bear individual responsibility for their work. [Oct 2] The introductory slides and those on languages and computation have been posted below. It is due Wednesday October 8, 3 pm in the CS138 homework box in the copy room on the 2nd floor of Harold Frank Hall. �����i�TX&�O���{�(~���_�.g�;QLnG�~& Using or attempting to use materials, information, study aids, or commercial “research” services not authorized by the instructor of the course constitutes cheating. 7 0 obj Any act of academic dishonesty, such as cheating or plagiarism, will subject a person to University disciplinary action. [Oct 14] The answer to an additional question of the Discussion of Week 2 has been posted. Representing the words, ideas, or concepts of another person without appropriate attribution is plagiarism. It sucked, and UCSB was the last place I thought I'd end up at. [Nov 18] Slides of Tuesday Week 8 posted. [Dec 2] An old CS138 Final has been posted, as well as its answers. I got into both schools and was set on UCSD, being that it was the more difficult school to get into, and thus viewed as “better.” When I visited UCSD the fog was insanely thick. Information about your use of this site is shared with Google. Students violating the rules of Academic Honesty will receive an "F" for the course and will be reported to the Dean of Students Office. [Oct 13] Note that in Question 3 of Homework 2 the relevant alphabet should be {a,b). Make sure that you clearly understand each question before answering it. (27 Documents), CS 176A - INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER COMMUNICATION NETWORKS