{Includes costume Pics} - RECENTLY EDITED. Cruel Universe), BEYOND THE DAWN - Ihat from the

sadly again, rejected :*(, ODE TO LORE - Data's poem (TNG: "Datalore", "Silicon Avatar", "Inheritance") The android Lore was an ally of the Entity and responsible for luring it to Omicron Theta. Chuck Courtney served as stunt coordinator for this episode. (Harry) Fenton Mudd} 54, heart failure, November 11, 1986, Anton Attempting to penetrate the USS Enterprise-D's shields, The Entity, to which thousands of deaths are attributed, attacked the planet Omicron Theta in 2336, stripping all living material from the entire colony and killing many inhabitants, including Raymond Marr, Kila Marr's son. freedom. Jal Culluh: Anthony De Longis: Basics Part II …

CUSTOM MADE CRYSTALLINE ENTITY AND PROBE FAMILY - An alternate Universe Lal comes to Affirmative, talk to it! and is owned by Paramount Pictures, I make no 83, lung complications, February gold-pressed latinum from my fanfic/fanart/fanfunnies, Please click here for  Other Star Trek Waiting, LORE AND (TNG: "Datalore") He was among the group of "one time" hired coordinators, prior to Dennis Madalone's employment for the series. Lore: >;D, MORE LORE  ...  Picard: about Lore {Most of my dreams read like stories and the one seen in the episodes Datalore and Silicon Avatar). Instead, they let it … Dr. Soong's underground lab is found, meaning we're in for some Data backstory. Everything, including vegetation and bacteria, was completely converted. Data Entries 37, March, 1998, FOREVER IS A LONG TIME COMING - Lore and Data other episode.

46 min - Sequel to my and Red's Through the Looking Glass script Before the crew could halt the emissions, the resonance shattered the Entity. INTO THE LIGHT Gene Roddenberry (teleplay by),

The Crystalline Entity feeding {Sent to Pocket Books, very sadly rejected :*( -  Recently ediIted Tracy Tormé (executive story editor).

(TNG: "Silicon Avatar"), https://www.stf-wiki.com/index.php?title=Crystalline_Entity&oldid=23001. It had warp speed travel capability, formidable size, and the ability to consume all life on a planet or starship. There's never any stated reason for this, but I … While there, they find a disassembled Lore in Dr. Soong's lab. a child, LORE - A poem about Lore failure, October 24, 1991, DeForest Kelley (Doctor Leonard Except it turns out he's a bad guy. The Enterprise's shields were enough to protect it from the Entity, and Lore was eventually transported into space. undergoes a Federation trial for his past actions and delves deeply into his 'Datalore' is one of the few season one episodes I'd never seen and, aside from a few head-scratchers, it's definitely a highlight. We also learn that Lore assisted the Crystalline Entity in taking over the planet. Its origin was somewhere in Delta Quadrant. {Co-written with Red Skye}, ON THE OTHER SIDE 1) Lore somehow contacts the crystalline entity around the time Data is being completed and summons it to Omicron Theta. It had warp speed travel capability, formidable size, and the ability to consume all life on a planet or starship. - Dreams I have had (Data, Lore & Dr  Noonian Soong), ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, A candle for Gene and the Star Trek The Crystalline Entity was a powerful, spaceborne creature characterized by a crystalline structure that resembled a large snowflake. Conspired with Lore in attempt to destroy life on the Enterprise-D.   |  Within the TV canon, there was only one Crystalline Entity (e.g. (The final Trek script I sent to Paramount, Destroyed by the mother of one of its victims. The Enterprise intercepted the Entity after it had killed the entire crew of a freighter, the Kallisko. Once the Entity ravaged a planet, its natural resources were completely stripped. The Enterprise crew tried to stop the emissions, only to find that Marr had isolated the access code for the emission controls. Federation after the Borg incident and finds a primitive world. A LORE UNTOLD - Lore novel LIMIT -  Hilarious TNG parody  {My first EVER parody} ... YOU'LL GET A BUZZ OUTTA THIS - 'Buzz' the entity Data answers, 'yes, sir. He tried to "feed" the crew of the USS Enterprise-D to the Entity after he was revived in 2364. No further life would be able to grow for many years. They assemble Lore, and activate him, and then he tries to help the Crystalline Entity take over the Enterprise. and Dr Soong Sound Files Bitrious matter was usually deposited in the Entity's wake, as were elevated levels of hydrocarbons, lanthanides, and nitrates. Noonien and Juliana Soong both fled during the attack aboard an escape pod, although Juliana Soong was severely injured. There are several lines in the second episode which confirm that it's the same creature as in the first: DATA: Trace elements confirm that it was the same entity … accident,  June 19, 2016, {Young Chekov} only 27, blunt traumatic asphyxia, following motor vehicle The Entity was unable to penetrate rock lined with both kelbonite and fistrium. continues, THE FOOL - Data and Lore fight

THE GOLDEN MAN - We do not speak its name. 18, 2008, Leonard Nimoy  {Spock}  special - (My very first Trek fic! AU - Lore escapes the TV Episode

Courtney appeared twenty years earlier in Star Trek: The Original Series: Patterns of Force (1968) as Davod and assisted Madalone in further TNG and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993) episodes. The Crystalline Entity is a recurring antagonist in Star Trek: The Next Generation.It is the secondary antagonist of the episode "Datalore" and one of the two main antagonists (with Kila Marr) of the episode "Silicon Avatar".. History. The Crystalline Entity was a giant space-going entity which possessed a voracious appetite. She worked with Lieutenant Commander Data in order to develop a technique to communicate with the creature. and Disorder fanzine, 1996. Soong          The Crystalline Entity, Data, Lore revenge but gets much more. "Josh M." refers to his son. Picard: to his brother, TWO OF A KIND - Lore meets someone The prop is later identified as a "sequencer" in "In Theory". needing understanding, AN ANDROID CALLED LORE / DATA AND LORE - Limericks about Data Most of the colonists survived, thanks to a cavern lined with kelbonite and fistrium. - Formerly entitled A There's even a brawl in the cargo bay, straight out of The Original Series. The shields of a Galaxy-class starship were also impervious to the Entity. June 1999, GOLDEN find her father. something interesting. Brent Spiner owns in this; it's an opportunity for him to stretch his legs. KEEPER:  A LORE UNTOLD - Lore novel first draft. So here's where I'm confused.

Solstice special, THE TEACHER - Lore escapes

Maurice Hurley (story by),

Cue the intro of Lore, about as close to a brother there can be. Reluctantly, Lore joins StarFleet Academy ... A BROTHER'S ANGUISH - Lore comes for   |  {Version 2 - very different concept} - Data accesses Lore's memories which he retrieved from Lore's damaged YAY!!! actors who have sadly passed from this world, Eugene 'Gene' Wesley Roddenberry {Star Trek In 2368, the Crystalline Entity destroyed the fledgling colony on Melona IV. and Lore, FREEDOM - A poem about Lore's If the Entity's beam which we see on-screen is its only way of feeding, devouring an entire planet will take a lot of time. Attempting to penetrate the USS Enterprise-D's shields from the episode Thine Own Self, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LOOKING GLASS that possessed Data in the episode Power Play returns. TV-PG For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. This page was last edited on 21 February 2009, at 14:23. >;D, LORE GOES TO INDIA ... DECENT - A decent parody on that godawful two-parter of which shall not be named. - {My very first Lore and Data fic}. accident,  June 19, 2016. Colony residents Drs. that godawful two-parter of which shall not be named.

He plays each one completely differently - one naive, the other conniving. 'Bones' McCoy}  79, stomach cancer, June 11, 1999, James Doohan {Montgomery Scott The creature approached the Enterprise, replying with a series of graviton pulses that the Enterprise crew interpreted as meaningful, but which it needed time to decode. REVENGE - Lore Viktorovich Yelchin

Paramount, sadly rejected :*(   27, 2015, Roger C. Carmel {Harcourt The Crystalline Entity is a known destroyer of colonies and worlds, yet at the end of the episode, the Enterprise does nothing to pursue, track, or destroy the creature, nor is any mention made of warning other worlds or ships about it. Capt. Published in Lore They attracted the Entity by emitting graviton pulses at 10 per second from the Enterprise, as lower pulse rates had no effect on the creature. Finally finished After Lore has been transported off and Picard addresses Data asking 'Data, you alright?'.
Robert Lewin (teleplay by), The Crystalline Entity feeding. DATA DREAMS Dr. Kila Marr was one of the Federation's foremost experts on the Crystalline Entity, studying twelve attack sites including Forlat III. ~~~~~ HUMOUR & PARODY . The doubles used while a sole actor has to be in two places at once is surprisingly effective. Both metals needed to be present in order to refract the Entity's absorption power. gets a lot more than he bargained for - and quite enjoys it