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Discontinued Automatic Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker (ICE-20), Simple Chocolate Ice Cream - 5 cups (ten ½-cup servings), Fresh Mint with Chocolate Cookies Ice Cream, Fresh Mint with Chocolate Cookies Ice Cream - 6 cups (twelve ½-cup servings), 1/2 cup crushed chocolate sandwich cookies.


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These blenders can be pricy, but my Vitamix is, by far, the most used gadget in my kitchen. Most importantly, you will need an ice cream maker. This is no ordinary cookie dough ice cream.

While I totally recommend getting an ice cream maker ASAP, you can make a creamy custard without the machine.

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This is a classic for a reason. this.showConfirmationText(result.confirmation_html); Allow the ice cream to thaw 10-15 minutes before serving.

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To serve, remove from freezer and allow ice cream to thaw for 10 minutes before scooping. You only need four ingredients for the ice cream and the dough is easy find at any grocery store too. If you can’t eat cashews or don’t have a high-powered blender than can cream them, I recommend trying this recipe with my coconut milk ice cream.

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Transfer to a loaf pan refreeze. *NOTE – if you don’t have an ice cream maker or Kitchen Aid, you can still make this recipe! I’m sure you’re wondering why I call this the “best” chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.