To make the sauce, whisk together the vinegar, broth, and cornstarch in a small bowl until well mixed and lump free and stir into the liquid in the crock pot. Dip each chicken breast into the reserved apple-cider mixture to coat and then place them in the crock pot over the onion mixture. It can add such an unexpected burst of flavour and really make a dish extra special. Add the curry powder, cumin, and cinnamon to the measuring cup, then stir the ingredients together. Top chicken with apples and then sprinkle all of the spices over apples.

If you purchase a product through this link I will earn a small commission. PLUS be the first to know about my giveaways and contests! . But I’m confused…the recipe says 1 onion, sliced, not 1 T. Is it a typo? Design by. Get it free when you sign up for our newsletter. Chicken with apples is such a winning combo that I never would have thought of! This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. Cathy, I would be confused too… You can leave out the onion, and I looked at the honey instead of the onion, my bad. I have wanted to make this all week and just put it in the crockpot now. Your email address will not be published. No roll on my burger, no jelly on my peanut butter sandwiches, and no tomato in any form whatsoever. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Remove the chicken and apples to a serving plate and cover with aluminum foil to keep warm. Can’t wait to try it.

0 from 0 votes. *NOTE: Nutrition information is estimated and will vary depending on exact serving size, type and brand of products used. I knew what I wanted, and it wasn’t much. Getting tired of making the same chicken recipes over and over?

Why don’t you give all of the nutrition facts? I stopped my slow cooker at 3 1/2 hours, but when making this again I think I would try 3 hours. Add the remaining ingredients evenly over the apples. We paired ours with the apples and then a few slices of bread and veggies. Add the apples and raisins. Eat up!

Would love your thoughts, please comment. Taste the mixture and add up to a half teaspoon of salt if needed. And I do know how much you guys love complete meals made in the slow cooker!

(If you’re in a rush, you can skip this step and add the raw onion and celery to the slow cooker.). What a yummy meal for the cooler weather. Sounds delicious! Sprinkle rosemary over chicken. Place browned chicken thighs on top of onion. Top chicken with apples and then sprinkle all of the spices over apples. Arrange onion and apple slices in bottom of slow cooker. I don’t have that actual recipe, but this slow cooker apple chicken curry is my best guess at what was in that dish. This was my last round of the stockpile of Chicken Drumsticks that I purchased, so you may get a little break from drumstick recipes…maybe. They are all very important to a lot of people.

I guess it can mean something different to each person but I tend to think of foods that are found seasonally this time of year. He probably wouldn’t care for it much if he doesn’t like the mix. Are you ready for a delicious, fall meal? . The sweet and savory flavors are delicious in this healthy dinner recipe. People (including me!)

In a measuring cup, measure out the chicken broth. I love that you paired it with apples, such a delicious blend of sweet and savory!

Happy Crocking!

I have one, and just love it. Linda Larsen is a journalist, quick-cooking and slow-cooking expert, and accomplished cookbook author with over 30 years of experience in testing and developing recipes.

Yummy! Let's join forces to ditch processed food and expensive take-out! Otherwise, the recipe is the same. Ronitta it is a matter of preference, some people like the peel left on, but I usually peel my apples. Red, green? Hi Sandra! Join me for EASY to make, family approved recipes every week and get my free guide! Crock pot chicken and apples is delicious served over hot cooked rice, couscous, or pasta for a nice winter or anytime meal. I would probably add about and hour of cooking time for low (30 mins for high), but what will make the most difference is what size of slow cooker you use. You mention to cook on Low 8-10 hours. As far as the rice is concerned, it cooks up pretty well in the slow cooker over this period of time, however, it will be a bit of a different texture from conventionally cooked rice. Author: Jennifer Draper. Can’t wait to try out this recipe!

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Pour over chicken in slow cooker. Pour the mixture over the chicken in the slow cooker. There are also a few slow cookers with a meat probe to let you know when your meat is done.

As this is an older recipe all of the fields may not be filled in. The house smelled amazing, and we had a delicious dinner waiting on us. It can also be made with honey crisp apples and that gives it a sweeter taste. Sorry if I am missing the answer to this: how many servings is the recipe supposed to make?

Why slow cook it at all then? Hi Frances, it really depends on the apples sometimes. It should be almost done, then add the apples as directed in the recipe but cook them for 30 to 40 minutes or until tender.

Large apples are key to this recipe. In a medium bowl, combine broth, juice, garlic, salt, pepper, mustard, and corn starch until smooth.

Trim the fat off the chicken thighs if needed, then add the whole chicken thighs on top of the apples.

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I love to see what you’re making! Pour in honey and top chicken with bay leaf. Try this apple chicken curry for an easy slow cooker dinner on a busy night. Copyright ©2020, Mommy Hates Cooking. Slow Cooker Gourmet is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Add the sliced apples and cook for 40 to 50 minutes longer on low or until the apples are tender and the chicken is thoroughly cooked to 165 F as measured by a reliable meat thermometer. I love the sweet flavor of apples and raisins along with the savory seasonings in this mild curry. Subscribe below to receive the email newsletter, Pour the oil into a medium skillet and heat over medium-low. Learn how your comment data is processed. Add chicken thighs and cook 1-2 minutes just until browned (*this step is completely optional — you can just add to the slow cooker if you desire). Is there any reason why this same recipe wouldn’t work with breasts instead? Shred chicken if desired prior to serving and serve with roasted sweet potatoes. Pinned and can’t wait to dust off my crockpot , I’m going apple picking this weekend! Jenn Bare is a Mom, Chef & the Crock-Pot® Girl. Delicious!!!!! This information is outlined in my. Yes, using a whole chicken should be just fine. That’s my favorite part about slow cooker meals!

Transfer the onions and celery to the slow cooker. I could have used up the apples in my fridge. This apple chicken curry is so easy to make in the slow cooker! © The recipes, opinions, photos, and other content expressed on this website are those of the author/owner unless otherwise noted. The rice cooks right along with the chicken leaving you only to caramelize the apples and onions for a couple of minutes on the stove. Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Gnocchi Bake. I do add a little more liquid ingredients. Pam any cooking apple would be great, such as granny smith, gala, courtland. Pour any remaining apple-cider mixture over the chicken. Privacy Policy Privacy Tools. Should I cook on high instead?

Sorry Jen, you may not know, but I too have a little one again, and sorry, I am just getting back with you, but I am sure it turned out great!

Absolutely Mandy! These Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs with Apples are the perfect mix of sweet and savory — an easy but elegant dinner recipe for Sunday dinner or a busy weeknight! Servings: 4 servings. Can’t decide on what to cook? 1 onion seems like a lot, considering what you replied. Slow Cooker Maple Apple Chicken is a simple classic that is easy to prepare. I thought this recipe was really simple with good flavor. This slow cooker chicken is no exception. I know you know that I am a big believer in mixing sweet with my savory (these Pineapple Glazed Carrots are one of my recent favourites! I like a little balsamic with a touch of olive oil, mustard and greek yogurt. Follow along with BC Tree Fruits on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and visit for more delicious apple recipes.

Prep Time: 20 minutes. My little one is only 11 days old, so I sure understand what you mean! With this cookbook, you’re never more than a few steps away from a flavorful dinner.

Slow Cooker Apple Chicken Curry Real Food Real Deals onion, cumin, celery, chicken broth, olive oil, cinnamon, curry powder and 4 more Slow Cooker (Crock Pot) Whole Chicken Mother Would salt, dried thyme, white pepper, paprika, chicken, tongue, parsnips and 4 more Who's ready to create simple recipes at home using wholesome ingredients?

I wonder if this would be good with pork chops? Your email address will not be published. Mommy Hates Cooking is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and links to As always, I only recommend products I use and love! It smells awesome. In a small microwave-safe dish, combine the butter, onion, and garlic. Does it matter what kind of apples? and……… Happy Holidays! Required fields are marked *. Whisk up a little creamy balsamic drizzle to top off the ultimate autumn meal. The chicken was so good, my husband was raving about it. In a large skillet, heat the oil over medium-high heat. Thank you for the question. I did start out as hating to cook, right? Lay them in the bottom of your slow cooker.

Heat butter and olive oil in skillet over medium to high heat (or in multi cooker), Sprinkle chicken (skin side) with thyme, seasoning blend, parsley and a little salt and pepper, Place chicken skin side down in skillet and let brown in pan without moving for 5-6 minutes or until lightly browned, Remove from pan and add rice, garlic and thyme to remaining oil/butter, Transfer rice to slow cooker and stir in broth, Add chicken on top and cover and cook on low for 5-7 hours or high for 2.5 - 3.5 hours, When fully cooked stir rice well and if not fully cooked you can add an additional 1/2 cup water and continue to cook on high for an additional 15-30 minutes, Heat butter and olive oil in skillet over medium high heat, Add onion and let cook for 6-8 minutes, stir occasionally, Add apples and continue to cook for another 6-8 minutes or until onions and apples are browned and tender, Slow Cooker Chicken with Caramelized Apples and Onions, ((I used McCormick's Blue Moon White Ale Seasoning)), ((I was low on broth and actually used 1 cup broth + 3 cups water)).