© Cacau Tattoo. It seem that this pretty bluebird is resting on a cherry tree. Performed in black and gray with some pale pink hues this tiger with sakura side tattoo is phenomenal. Due to the fact that women and cherry blossoms are the most beautiful things found in their land and capability to use this beauty as a way of preserving dominance. As for this tattoo, it is important to note the finest work of the master over the petals’ lines. The lack of details and color makes this cherry blossom bicep tattoo simple yet delicate and interesting. We must admit that these tender black and gray cherry blossoms look breath-taking. Since birds represent freedom, cherry blossoms with buds symbolize youth and the beginning of life path. Cherry blossom is beautiful and elegant pink flower that grows on cherry blossom trees. The last addition to this great leg tattoo is a butterfly flying majestically over cherry blossoms. This fresh cherry blossom tattoo finds its place on girls’ ribs. © Lilred09. A pretty hand drawn typical Chinese cherry blossom tree tattoo. We adore the pale color palette that has been chosen to emphasize the tenderness of cherry blossoms. The cherry blossom is repeatedly considered in Chinese medicines as a herb that can encourage love. You have the chance to make sure that cherry blossom tattoos look just fantastic on women. Close to realism this tattoo shows the elegance and beauty of cherry blossoms using only black and gray. Cherry blossoms falling from the tree in her back tattoo.

Guess that men would rather go with some black and gray cherry blossom tattoo because of pink, you know, it is a quite girlish color. Birds with contras colors to pink blossom color and other factors such as feathers and group of birds can be so meaningful. This westernized Japanese half-sleeve tattoo includes a beautiful geisha and a snake wriggling around her body. © Inked-Mag. The rapidly spreading popularity of these tender flowers among tattoo lovers can be easily explained by the unique beauty coming out of pink and red hues of delicate petals. This girl got tattooed with the image of her dog sitting in sakura flowers and the lettering “Nothing can be instead of you”. With some light blown-away petals, this tattoo celebrates the life and motivates the bearer to appreciate every moment in life. Well, how to do without beauteous sakura flowers symbolizing samurai wisdom and bravery. © 2Face_Tattoo. The lettering that says: “No pain no gain” takes the vital part in the significance of this tattoo to the bearer.

Masterly inked this single sakura branch tattoo looks fantastic. They usually slot in skulls, dragon, snake, tiger, Geisha (A Chinese traditional entertainer) and Kanji or Chinese characters.

This amazing play of gray ink enchants and inspires. Birds are by far the most common images that go hand in hand with cherry blossom tattoo designs. As a symbol of grief and sorrow people who want to ink a tattoo in memory of someone who passed away often use a lonely sakura flower or an already fading with scattered petals. Cherry blossom branch with flying butterfly is looking pretty. 26. © Time to take back. © Inked-Mag. Another pretty cherry blossom feet tattoo design.

Barely seen this tender cherry flower tattoo finds its place on the arm. This kind of tree ink may fit a person who has the strength to overcome any difficulty, who is independent and confident. Moreover, the meanings of hummingbirds and cherry blossoms complement each other. © BMXNinja. Pink sakura florets represent transience of life and youth; peonies are the symbols of courage and bravery and the yellow snake wriggling the arm stands for protection. According to them, human is in the world for a very short time, no one is eternal. Chinese cherry blossom tattoos on leg. Butterfly cherry blossom tattoos designs. It was an example of great beauty and sadness.” So, generally diminished petal of cherry blossom is a representative of samuria that died in the battle field. Most of the times, people get tattooed with branches not full tree as depicted in that pic. Birds for instance, hummingbirds, sparrows or swallows are a well-liked toting up for girls. The tatt of single stand flower is made of only pink color with varying degrees of saturation and shading. When it comes to floral hip tattoos, you will barely find some better design than a Linework tattoo showing branch with tender cherry blossoms fully made of thin black lines and contours with minimum shading. These three ingredient of Chinese culture flattering remark each other.

Constellations have always fascinated human minds; therefore in tattoo culture, they also take a vital part. Take a look at this charming Pisces constellation adorned with a blue moon and cherry blossom branch that looks just fine on the shoulder blade. Some floating petals convey the idea that our life is as fleeting as the blossoming of these tender flowers. Shoulder cherry blossom tattoos. Sakura embodies the aesthetic and harmony inherent to the Japanese culture.

Shoulder cherry blossom tattoos. It looks adorable! © Inked-Mag. Cherry blossom tattoos on back. Your expectations will be rewarded. This well-outlined and softly shaded cherry blossom armband tattoo looks fantastic on man’s arm. For Chinese cherry blossom is the embodiment of femininity and sexuality. © BMXNinja. Slightly sharp and careless lines imitating the trunk and branches of sakura tree are inked as if the tattoo artist used a brush instead of the tattoo machine.

Bow cherry blossom tattoos. She added Japanese characters with pretty cherry blossom tattoo.