Was hoping for more ginger taste not hot lips! Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. Still, Blenheim is a homegrown product of South Carolina and has been around for over 115 years! Throw it out.”, “I think someone had the bright idea to use a chemical in order to give it more flavor.”. Get Cocktail Fundamentals, our bi-weekly ingredient deep dive newsletter. Fortunately, I found the review on this website immediately. Revamp your go-to sangria recipe with even more ginger. Taste is okay to start but the after-taste burns and leaves me reaching for something to rinse out the taste! Recipe here. Just purchased the BGA. Must be a first cousin to white lightning. Simple. Lo and behold I see THE 24 “BOLD” PACK!!!! Any time is a great time for the crisp goodness of Canada Dry Ginger Ale. I don’t think there is more ginger in this soda. I made this to test out the tanginess of apple offset by the sweetness of the raspberry and a sligh bitterness of Indian Tonic water. Purchased Price: $5.79 Don’t know how it works against Covid 19 or any other ailments but I’ll find out. law suit against makers of Canada dry ginger ale for not having any real ginger in their ginger ale just finished where I am. I’m not sure why Canada Dry even tries to compete with its far superior sister brand, Vernor’s. It has a full ginger taste and does not try to appeal by being peppery. Upon first pour, Canada Dry Bold has a richer, gold color and more fizz compared to the original variety, along with a sharper scent that brought a tickle to my nose. Definitely more akin to a ginger beer than ginger ale. ( Who are trying to get the Wiggly pig too, I think), Your bold gingerale suck its horrible it burn my throat husband n granddaughter i throw out the rest5 hours later my throat still hurts, just bring back the original Detroit Verners ginger ale it cant be beat. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! After a few seconds, there is a warmth, and it has a pepper hotness to it. Picked up a 12 can case at FRED MEYERS the other day. Channel your inner kid by mixing some traditional Jolly Rancher fruit flavours into ginger ale and vodka. Much akin to ginger ale with Vicks Vaporub in it. Carbonated Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup and Less Than 2% of: Ginger Extract, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), Caramel Color. The first sip tasted very similar to Canada Dry or any other standard ginger ale: sweet and refreshing, with a hint of ginger, although missing a hint of its characteristic crispness. I have Tussin cough syrup for that and truthfully it tastes better. Win-win. Unfortunately for me, I bought a 24 pack at BJs. Register here, Sorry about this, but you're current maximum number of ingredients you can add is set to 50. Learn how your comment data is processed. Make a regular day feel like a holiday with this gin cocktail. Mix one third of gin (a ... Add 1 part Vermouth, 1 part tequila, 1 part brandy and a dash of lime cordial to a highball glass with ice. I need your help! Stir and garnish with a lime wedge. All Rights Reserved. ♥♥♥♥♥ $25, You need to be a member in create and edit lists I have read your Terms and Conditions What a disappointment! Love the new Bold. The first sip tasted very similar to Canada Dry or any other standard ginger ale: sweet and refreshing, with a hint of ginger, although missing a hint of its characteristic crispness. Over a few years, with the help of scientists around the world, Mark was able to create powdered alcohol and called it Palcohol. Unfortunately, I do not know their sugar or true ginger content just now. I just tried this drink ten minutes ago. We stopped on the way to Myrtle Beach and bought a couple of these. When I saw the BOLD version of Canada Dry Ginger Ale, I thought to myself that a little more intense ginger flavor would be a good thing, better than the original Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Here is my personal experience: I bought a 2-liter bottle of the Canada Dry BOLD Ginger Ale at the grocery store yesterday. Jess Parrish / Flying on Jess Fuel / Via, Emma Chapman & Elsie Larson / A Beautiful Mess / Via. Grab your favourite Chardonnay. BuzzFeed Staff, Canada. If you find any joy, use or help in it, please consider a modest donation - however much you can afford when it comes from the heart, it's the kind of gesture that makes me warm with appreciation. Disappointing. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. A twist on the classic Russian cocktail. A favorite! Despite the fact that it doesn’t have enough ginger in it to say so, it does help calm my stomach. I’m on my 3rd 12 pack of CD bold I love it. LOL. Sadly, I found the ginger flavor to be too diluted by the additional citrus flavors. Recipe here. ♥♥♥♥ $10 Will I go to hell if I donate this stuff? Recipe here. Muddle the strawberries and mint leaves in a shaker, before adding ice, and the rest of the ingredients (except tonic water). If you’re really looking for a true ginger taste, try Bundaberg Ginger Beer from Australia, regular or diet. Drinks With Canada Dry. Finally, I am not a big fan of companies adding unnecessary ingredients to merely color foods or drinks to sell them, so I will add that the Caramel coloring makes it look like urine. I am glad I only bought a 2 liter for 99 cents. Soda production plants are not equipped with multiple stage fermentation tanks, wort vats, etc. 1st put the ice into the glass first to cool your ice. Nasty! I got this recipe from a youtube video and the main ingredient is Benedictine with not much else to muddle the taste. Results of my experience trying Canada Dry Ginger Ale BOLD: I won’t be buying it ever again. Much more like the former Cotton Club I drank as a child. I switched from Camada Dry to Schweps because their ginger drink was better, stronger and more refreshing. Top with tonic water, then garnish with edible dried flowers. I LOVE THE SPICE OF GINGER IN THE FORMULA I PLAN ON BUYING SOME MORE TOMORROW! from ur comment this is what ive been looking for for 40 yrs there used to be a ginger ale called tiger brand ginger ale n it had a burn n a bite but they stopped making it. Sigh of relief from a medical infection standpoint. I still like ginger ale but not that junk with a “bold ginger flavor. Top up glass with tonic water. You want BOLD? Never skimping on quality, Canada Dry Ginger Ale offers refreshingly real ginger taste that's made from real ginger and is caffeine free. Might be better as a mixer for alcohol! Verners have a burnt wood taste from the wood barrels it is made in and it overpowers the ginger. And the “nose twinge” brought back childhood memories; because that’s what happened 60+ years ago when you drank it. It should come with this warning label. This has a ginger flavor that far surpasses “ginger ale” of any brand. Recipe here. More ginger flavor than the original but still not as good as “VERNOR’S” Ginger Ale. I had the regular Ginger Ale so; tried something: I mixed half regular and half bold and for me, it’s perfect. I LOVE CANADA DRY GINGER ALE BOLD I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT! As I drank more, however, the upper part of the back of my throat started burning. But I remember as a youth up in New England, Cott soda… and they had a regular ginger ale… and then there was Cott’s Extra Dry Ginger Ale… and it was Golden and GREAT! If you search the name you'll find a lot of ways to make it. What else could you want? It is still too sweet. The ImpulsiveBuyReview by Julie is spot on and well written. Your email address will not be published. ... Add 2 parts pomegranate juice, 1 part tonic water and 2 parts vodka to a ... Place some ice and a slice of lemon in a long glass. Inspiration and ideas for makers of every ability. Agree with your prediction of product life. This was completely unexpected, and in fact, fearful to me. Although I associate the beverage primarily as a panacea for everything from colds to hangovers, I always enjoy a fizzy ginger drink…but is bolder better? So he began his quest to create it. I tried it.. expecting a real ginger taste and sharpness… no such luck… It just tasted a lot sweeter than the regular Canada Dry Ginger Ale. You’re getting there, but not there yet…. I’m surprised it passed pre-release taste testing groups. Back to the drawing boards guys. My third sip tasted like beer and burned my throat and made me go into a coughing fit. !Wish there was a Bold Diet choice.The ginger beer “burn” was only on first swallow ..an announcement:yes .This IS bold???? You can use red or white as the mood takes you. I find it doesn’t please my taste, a bit tense. Perhaps I am allergic to it, I thought. They’re still burning. Garnish with a strawberry slice and a sprig of mint. Muddle 3 slices of cucumber in the bottom of a shaker, add Gin, Lemon Juice and sugar syrup. I just bought my first bottle of Benedictine and wanted to try something simple that mainly highlighted the taste of the Benedictine. Canada Dry Bold is more like Canada Dry Moderate, but its enhanced ginger taste and resulting warm spice sensation will still refresh and soothe whatever might ail you. It was ok as far as ginger ale is concerned but not what I expected. My bet is that it will be discontinued by the Dr. Pepper company within a year.