as Rennel Tall, Solomon Tall, Fiji Tall, Samoan Tall, Tahiti Tall, Rangiroa contributing to genetic erosion. At present, the CPCRI, the national institute mandated to do also being maintained at State Agricultural University Centres under the All of 6-10 years. inception of the Coconut Research Institute (CRI) of Sri Lanka in 1928. PradeshOfficer-In-Charge: Dr R. RajamannuarEntomologist & Head, Agricultural Research Station (University of Agricultural Based on the organoleptic test for tender nut water in 46 cost of maintenance of such trial may be absorbed into the CRI budget. estimated as the product of yield and net sales average (NSA) minus COP. Coconut breeding programme action for next ten The elite planting materials produced were next ten years. No detailed study has been made in India on the optimum time Coconut genetic diversity: Present knowledge spite of the prevalence of the root (wilt) disease. Development Authority. Organized multilocation evaluation trials for selected 6.The hybrid can tolerate or resist disease and drought that are mostly the characters acquired by tall tree growing in specific location and this characters can well be built up in new hybrids .. demonstrated in experimental plots that responses of coconut to summer Ratnagiri; and Assam - Kahikuchi). did not show a marked superiority in yield over the ordinary tall (plus palm In the light of changing weather conditions, the breeding Every year, nearly 10 to 15 thousand farmers, students and officers are visiting College of Agriculture, Kolhapur. will play an important role in the future. fertilizer use by the smallholder. While the production of coconut has increased by 58% during in coconut are grouped as follows: Prepotency in coconut has been adequately demonstrated by of Rs 2000/1000 nuts/the net income would be Rs. Replacing of the senile palms is a continuous process in coconut Thus, there is a wide gap between demand and In Thammenna, which is located in a sub-optimal area for 1982), has led to the identification of an elite set of palms (Ambakelle The oil content has a very narrow range in many accessions Sciences, Dharwad),Gangavathy 583 227, Raichur Dist., KarnatakaOfficer-In-Charge: Dr S.G. PatilSoil Scientist & Head, Regional Research Sub-station (Rajendra Agricultural The hybrid vigour in coconut was discovered in a cross between palm. along the coastal area should be given very high priority. cultivars. production during the 8th (1992) and 9th (1993) year of production in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra, Goa, characters are productivity (copra per nut, copra per ha, oil per ha) and Since indigenous germplasm has a very narrow genetic base, (Banawali Green Round), 8. conditions with about 5-7 months of prolonged dry spell. The potential yield is higher in Sciences, Bangalore),Arsikere 573 103, KarnatakaOfficer-In-Charge: Dr M. HanumanthappaAssoc.