He talks about how the distillers spend hours meditating before apologising to the juniper berries, and how humanely they’re grown. What a Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy Looks Like Right Now, How Everything About 2020 Has Disrupted Gen Z Spending, Where Audio Advertising Is Heading in 2021, Your Questions About First-Party Shopping Data Answered, {"taxonomy":"default","sortby":"default","label":"","shouldShow":"on"}. The people, places and innovations that make Diageo what it is today, Iconic and innovative news and video from some of the world's most famous brands, How we’re meeting our responsibilities to our communities, society and the environment, Information, news and videos from some of the world’s most famous brands, We create value for shareholders through our scale, geographic breadth and brands, Be part of a culture where everyone has the opportunity to develop and grow. While I respect what they do and how they do it, I get why it’s challenging. Not having to deal with bureaucracy, hierarchy and corporate bloat, he said, gives him a competitive edge. 16 seed, Aviation Gin … The stunt is a play on OnlyFans.com, a content subscription platform for independent creators. }); It’s always fun to have a look at the YouTube comments on some of these videos too – people asking when these corporate announcements became entertaining. These forces taken together motivated Adweek to name Reynolds as its Brand Visionary for 2020. Hi @Adweek #MarchAdness Voters,For Your Consideration:‘The Process’: https://t.co/CFZjOQhsoE ‘Gordon Reynolds’ f/ @VancityReynolds: https://t.co/Uq2DYabOHh ‘Truce’ f/ @RealHughJackman: https://t.co/ozmOSGaVAG ‘AviaVirgination’ f/ @richardbranson:https://t.co/4LNdTnSShs. How often have you been frustrated by the seemingly endless 6 seconds before you’re allowed to skip past an advert to what you actually want to watch? Nearly 14 million views. When you’re one and the same [as we are], I will freely admit that it’s an unfair advantage.”. Bartender HQ, Cocktails, Bar Culture and More. In this video, if you were to watch with the sound off, you could be forgiven for thinking it is the typical “here is our provenance” video. Let me know in the comments or tweet me at @BartenderHQ, Copyright © 2019 | All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy. Don’t assume you have to have a brand channel – all these are hosted on Ryan’s personal YouTube Channel. Here’s a look back at some of Aviation Gin’s most memorable marketing moments: What a Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy Looks Like Right Now, How Everything About 2020 Has Disrupted Gen Z Spending, Where Audio Advertising Is Heading in 2021, Your Questions About First-Party Shopping Data Answered, {"taxonomy":"","sortby":"","label":"","shouldShow":""}. The domain name is a subtle reference to OnlyFans.com—a content subscription service that allows creators to earn money directly from users who pay a monthly fee to receive exclusive content through the platform. Not everyone cares how carefully your product is made, but as long as the product tastes good, if you make them laugh they’ll share it with their friends. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin Launches OnlyGins.com With a Naked Bottle When the Ryan Reynolds-owned Aviation Gin came across the photo, it saw an opportunity to pull something out of its back pocket that’s been sitting there since February—the domain name OnlyGins.com. It's just like the classic delicious Aviation Gin that you love but with more ounces. 16 seed, Aviation Gin defeated several of today's top brands in Adweek reader voting. Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin brand to sell to Diageo 17th August, 2020 by Edith Hancock Drinks giant Diageo is set to acquire the American gin brand … Its a great point. As a relative newcomer to marketing, Reynolds certainly has a lot to say about it—and no shortage of wisdom that, he argues, is applicable to most any brand. Reynolds didn’t just star in those videos—he dreamed them up and wrote the script, too. The brand is well positioned to continue recruiting consumers into gin with its accessible flavour profile and American provenance. “A lot of these brands have TV ads or do cool experiential stuff, but I think the biggest takeaway is just, given the world of social media, it’s all about the here and now and really engaging at that moment,” Molina says. Reynolds, who’s speaking at our Brandweek virtual event next week, bought the gin brand in early 2018 and has been infusing it with his one-of-a-kind humor and absurdity ever since. It’s gotten him noticed in the marketing world—just last month, international alcohol conglomerate Diageo bought Aviation, but chose to keep Reynolds on as a co-owner and creative lead for the brand. © 2020 Adweek - All Rights Reserved, The Criticality of Communications in Health, “Who in the effervescent f*ck approved this?”, Rachel Maddow Will Quarantine After Having Had a Close Contact Test Positive For Covid-19, What Inspire Brands’ Purchase Means for Dunkin’ and Its Agencies, Meet Decision Desk, the First to Call the Election for Joe Biden, CNN Is Most-Watched For Day 3 Election Coverage, AgencySpy Dog of the Year Awards, Round 4, Why Agencies Need Insight Into Their Operations, How Parenting Brands Can Gain Loyalty During Challenging Times, How Brands Are Driving Direct-to-Consumer Sales, Shopper Insights to Drive Your D-to-C Strategy. Before we get into the details of how Aviation Gin took home the trophy (there is a literal trophy, though honestly nothing else at all was riding on this tournament, which Adweek’s newsroom just created for fun), let’s take a look at the final bracket. BartenderHQ is Evolving – Helping Bars & Brands Share Their Stories. Diageo will acquire Aviation American Gin, which is co-owned by actor Ryan Reynolds, through the acquisition of Aviation Gin LLC and Davos Brands LLC in a $610m deal. Who else is making amazing marketing for their drinks brand or bar? “I don’t know the nuances of typical ad agencies,” he admitted. Since Reynolds doesn’t have to go to meetings, send memos or wait for approvals, he’s far more agile as a creative. Earlier today, Reynolds shared some of his insights with Adweek’s creativity and innovation editor David Griner during our Brandweek virtual event, including seven lessons for anyone in the marketing business. Aviation American Gin is an American style gin crafted with a blend of botanicals, with subtle juniper notes, delivering a smooth balanced flavour profile. Don’t make dry, informative videos all the time, make the watcher laugh, at least once in a while. We use cookies on this site to store information on your device. In the UK, the brand is available in more than 270 Asda stores and 60 Waitrose outlets.