McCoy accuses Zarabeth of lying about their inability to return because she is desperate not to be abandoned to unending loneliness again, and says that Spock backs her out of emotional attachment. "All Our Yesterdays" is the twenty-third and penultimate episode of the third season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek. The show must evolve. The third season of Star Trek is hobbled by an exodus of veteran production staffers and humbling budget cuts. The franchise seems quite good at closing smaller chapters while the rest of the property rattles on. “Maybe we should call you the lie-brarian.”. Crispin would even publish a sequel, Time for Yesterday. Spock's telling Zarabeth that Vulcan was "millions of light years" from Sarpedion. I’ve always felt it similar to how many Nazis were fascinated by the occult, but in this case there are actual spirits. Although the Romulan Commander from The Enterprise Incident has become a breakout character in her own right, the romance between Spock and Zarabeth in All Our Yesterdays remains the character’s defining love affair. But the standalone episodes like the ones you mentioned are some of the best. There is an eeriness to All Our Yesterdays, a sense that something subtly wrong. Captain Kirk, Spock and Doctor McCoy transport to the surface of the planet Sarpeidon, to warn the inhabitants that their sun (the star Beta Niobe) is about to become a supernova which will destroy the planet. Enterprise investigate the planet Sarpeidon whose sun is soon to go nova. After all, these episodes are cultural artefacts that capture a moment in time. When they find the area where they had came into the past, and where they once again hear Kirk call out to them through the atavachron, Spock can't bring himself to leave Zarabeth alone in the past. We had to do shows that we could afford to do. There’s no hurry you see, we have all the time in the world. The woman who screamed is a thief, and the policemen come to arrest her hear Kirk speaking to his friends and suspect him of being a witch. Zarabeth only appears in a single episode, and is never mentioned on screen again. McCoy has begun to realize that it is only Zarabeth who cannot return and confronts Spock with this fact. The obvious answer, it seems, is to hide in the past. Marvin Chomsky "All Our Yesterdays" was the 78th episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, the 23rd episode of the show's third and final season, first aired on 14 March 1969. The final season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine might have been rocky, but What You Leave Behind bid an emotional farewell to the cast and crew. In particular, the relationship between Zarabeth and Spock would inspire the late Star Trek writer A.C. Crispin to write Yesterday’s Son. The second season was $187,500. It is a season that informs a lot of what people – both fans and casual audience members – expect from Star Trek, and is frequently undervalued in that respect. However, just a short simple exchange between two characters acknowledging a previously unspoken truth about their relationship adds the faintest layer of finality to their interactions. But when the guard insists that he heard voices talking to Kirk, he is forced to back off. On Kirk's communicator Scott tells Kirk "It's now or never." However, there was a much higher volume of those romantic stories in the third season. If there was to be no new Star Trek in the short term, then the show would have to survive using the episodes that already existed. We didn’t have the money. The closing shot of the episode finds the Enterprise warping away from the supernova as it consumes Sarpeidon. Atoz tries to warn them that they were not "prepared". ", "And she is dead now. They must continue on. Date: And yet. The third season is particularly uneven, but it is also very ambitious and adventurous. Advertisers were reportedly lining up to “get into the Star Trek time slot at premium rates.” Mary Barrow, publicity director for FTLA in Los Angeles, which in 1977 was airing Trek seven days a week, said that it was “one of KTLA’s hottest shows. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It is not enough for Star Trek to remain constant and unchanging. It is no surprise that The City on the Edge of Forever reverberates through the franchise, particularly when it seems like the curtain might be drawing down; it also informs Storm Front, Part I and Storm Front, Part II. They must press forward. Dead and buried. Publisher: Written by Jean Lisette Aroeste and directed by Marvin Chomsky , it was first broadcast March 14, 1969. Field of Fire, Prodigal Daughter, The Emperor’s New Cloak, Extreme Measures. © 2020 TV.COM, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. ( Log Out /  In some ways, All Our Yesterdays could be seen as the culmination of that trend. Spock agrees finally to go with him and Zarabeth accompanies them as well. Only after chasing the man away does Kirk discover that the woman was a thief attempting to rob the man and he cannot find the entrance back to the library. “Well, you got your bearskins, but where are the stone knives?”. The last episode of the third season is an infamous disaster, Turnabout Intruder ranking as one of the very worst episodes of Star Trek ever produced. It was an ignominious episode upon which to draw down the curtain, to wrap up three years and seventy-nine episodes of storytelling. Her relationship with Spock is would fascinate Star Trek fans for years after the show finished. In some ways, All Our Yesterdays did get to be the last episode of the third season. The original series has been updated and restored in order to keep it fresh and dynamic. Ultimately, “Extreme Measures” was just a way for the production to save money during the expensive 10-episode finale, which I’m sure they did. Spock surmises that the Sarpeidons have all escaped to their planet's past. Dukat becoming a Pah-Wraith cultist, on the other hand, is something I think is a little more understandable. It symbolises the growth and development of the show over the course of that troubled first year, the culmination of the work done by writers like Roddenberry, Coon and Fontana. I have very mixed feelings on Dukat and the Pah-Wraiths. or The Empath. All Our Yesterdays feels almost like an echo of The City on the Edge of Forever, a story which was hugely formative and influential in shaping what Star Trek was – and what it could be. It helps that the romance in All Our Yesterdays works very well, owing to great work by Leonard Nimoy and co-star Mariette Hartley. … And it has gotten hotter as it has grown older.” Two years later another KTLA spokesperson was still singing the show’s praises. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are trapped in a planet's distant pasts, where Spock finds love with an exiled woman. The seventh season had some issues and it was clear that the writing team didn’t really have a long-term plan. Arguing to kill the kids in And the Children Shall Lead. The third season of Star Trek is largely accepted to be the weakest season of the original run, and justifiably so. Enter the email address associated with your account and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Spock accepts this and becomes increasingly hostile to McCoy's continued desire to return to the present. Atoz expressing regret at Kirk wanting to know about "recent history", stating that there was no great demand for such information.