Smash vases with melee attacks for this. Plenty of them can also be found around towns, they are in many places. You’ll have to explore all tombs for the trophy “Old Habits”. The quest takes place very late into the game, close to the end of the story.

Guide looks good PowerPyx, thanks for posting! Sync all nearby viewpoints in the region to reveal question marks on the map. Have done all main quests and all side quests and everthing on the map. Is there anything i could do ??? This really pisses me off because I spent the last 2 weeks or so working on completing all the locations whenever I got a chance to play Origins and didn't unlock. You can always unlock the perk, get the trophy, and then restore from a backup save if you want to keep your spent ability points and gold. Got this trophy with outfit, horse and shield from the dlc pack. However, I sold all trinkets I got. I was fighting with greek soldiers and suddenly phylake came and killedme at alexandria near the gate and when I respawn he wasnt there so I moved and killed 2 more phylake from different location but the one that killed me never respawned. There are 50 in total. For Assassin's Creed Origins on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "Reporter trophy help?

DarkHpokinsn, October 30, 2017. I have been through most of the question marks but haven’t completed the objectives for them due to being on the run, busy with side quests, main missions etc.

I even had Hotep pop up and have 58/58 synchs completed. The last question mark is then found in the Sphynx in Giza after completing all other locations. You can have multiple copies of each trinket. The trophy will pop when approaching the question mark location. You'll need a bow with the fire arrow perk though. Trinkets are mostly found by completing locations (white question marks on the map). That might not have counted. Actually “Circle of Life” DOES work in water. Hi i don’t know if it was already said earlier but solving papyrus does NOT count for the old babits trophy. The second I couldn’t achieve.

Important: You have to finish the story first! Just don’t select that option until you have 100+ or it will sell all your trinkets. Ok I got to 6 as well and got the trophy, so you were right. To activate them, hold and throw them at an enemy (he must be level 35+).

You can have multiple copies of each trinket. The rest doesn’t matter for trophies. You enter photo mode by pressing L3 + R3 at the same time.  Now press X to take the photo (you’ll see it saving for a few seconds). After acquiring the Backstore skill you can buy higher quality items at vendors, this also applies to the horses at stables.

Same Problem… searched for a while and didnt find. If you’ve done all locations and it didn’t unlock you must finish the final story quest and it will unlock. It’s supposed to unlock after doing all main quests in Siwa territory (and yes those are level 5). I think only ACII has had one of them so far, so I assume that there won’t be any this time. You just need to solve one papyrus for the trophy elementary my dear bayek. I dint leave an area until it was 100% completed. You can still do these in free roam after the story. Captain Ships are marked by a red icon on the mapÂ. You don’t even have to synchronize any viewpoints. TIP: The rowboats you need to get are very common in the memphis canal and mandatory to ride in the lizard quests. Required fields are marked *. These are random drops and hard to get, but if you find such a bow it’s the easiest option. I triedrestart quest untrack track, let the enemy fire the brazier in the outpost near the alexandria waited full in game day near the location none of them worked.any idea ?

Even then it’s advisable to make a manual save game backup before selling them (PS4 Settings > Saved Data Management). The game is really huge so you’ll travel a lot. There’s also one daily quest from the Nomad’s Bazaar that gives a random legendary each day. For example, in the territory called “Great Sand Sea”.

With regards to the “Old Habits” trophy, you also have to finish the Story, as well as the locations.
Although this trophy is not reported glitched, the time it takes to collect trinkets makes it that you might want to make a backup save first before going for this trophy just in case. You can lure enemies to it and do that. On which mission you get the first steps trophy? GOT GLITCHED ON For Those About to Die… THIS THOPHY Alternatively, a more creative way is to knock out opponents using fists only. Even then it’s advisable to make a manual save game backup before selling them (PS4 Settings > Saved Data Management). You can now open the Map, press , , , and it will show only uncompleted locations. Please make a manual backup of your save game before starting this quest (PS4 Settings > Application Saved Data Management). My “Old Habits” trophy did not pop up, until after I finished “The End” trophy. You better start saving up on trinkets from the beginning to avoid unnecessary grinding in the end. So I wondered and googled it and tried almost all methods I found on the net and they didint work. [*FIXED WITH PATCH 1.0.5, completing locations as Aya no longer voids the trophy, please update your game]. Or does it literally have to be a single group of 30 enemies because that seems impossible to me. This you aren’t allowed to do. I saw a buzzard in the area of the corpse so I’m assuming that’s what did it. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Especially in corners you can ram into opponents quite easily. If you do, the trophy will become unobtainable and you must play through the entire game again and complete all locations again.

You have to do this quest anyway for the bronze trophy called “The Festival”. At the end of the fight you must press + for an overpower attack. There are 25 of them in the open world and each one can give a piece of rare (purple) or legendary (yelllow) gear. But yes, that is a great camp to load/reload to get the achievement. Go for the trophy-related skills first to get them out of the way. This is best done in enemy camps / hideouts / fortresses. In all likelihood this trophy will come naturally over the course of your playthrough.

There aren’t feathers or anything like that. You just need to play the default difficulty Arena Events. Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones DLC Trophy Guide & Roadmap, Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Curse of the Pharaohs DLC Trophy Guide & Roadmap, Filed Under: Assassin's Creed Origins, Trophy Guides. While the animal sleeps you can tame it. Lure a crocodile ON LAND (important: it has to be on land, doesn’t work in water) and drop the corpse in front of the crocodile. Have you restarted Steam lately? Turn off auto-leveling and fast travel to a fort or that ship that has cages. Play a tournament at the Hippodrome (not the tutorial race), then focus on one enemy and constantly ram him throughout the match. Please post it in the, Assassin's Creed Origins Achievement Sessions, Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement,, Reporter trophy in Assassin's Creed Origins (PS4), Reporter achievement in Assassin's Creed Origins (PC), © 2020 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. It’s a bit glitchy sometimes and can take a few tries. Then the only fix is to replay the entire game and complete all locations again. For this trophy you must win (place 1st) in the tournment “Nike’s Winged Victory”. Dawn & Dusk is a skill from the ability menu. The Krokodilopolis Arena is found in region “Faiyum Oasis”. In the main quest “Aya: Blade of the Goddess” you will briefly be playing as Aya for a story mission. Well, got the same... so I will go on taking some more photos. Pretty much guaranteed to come through natural gameplay. Now go to the question marks in the water. Or does it literally have to be a single group of 30 enemies because that seems impossible to me. I wanted to thank you for your quick efforts and continued work. For the trophy you do not need 100 different trinkets, just 100 of any (duplicates are allowed). I killed a sentry on the perimeter (well, takedown then killed him to hide the corpse) then as I was working my way around taking out the rest of the bandits, the trophy popped. Just take a bunch of pics with the in-game photo mode.