As the toxins are removed, it does in some cases gives you a headache. If you get hungry, eat more soup.. ...:) Awesome...Keep it up and keep in touch...:). Please follow the plan above, you can steer off a bit but not to much... First day today...this plan seems very simple... hope it works out :). You must remember your mother always saying to you to eat your vegetables. No problem, just do not add any protein (powder form) to the shake...:) Please keep in touch...:). I think I would be ok drinking extra brother in place of a drink. Is it ok to eat the soup just once a day? Hope all is well!I'm going on day 4 tomorrow and I was wondering if I can switch day 5 for day 4. Thank you so much for doing this for others. On meat days - can meat be seasoned with salt free spices, baked or slow cooked? If I can't have milk, is it ok if I make extra tomato and vegetarian broth to the soup and drink that in place of water, tea, coffee or other drinks. On the 7 day soup diet,is there a specific seasoning to use on the meat or is it plain? See my recipe here for. on steak day if I don't eat beef can I substitute for pork steak? This soup should not be the only one used to lose weight, please check here for more options from my Channel - Good Bless and Happy Hollydays. thank u for sharing, Not "hope" it works...:) Stick to it...:), Could I substitute the meat or chicken for something else I am not eating meat. However, like most of these diets – this is an urban myth. (It is raw milk, and I can remove the cream from it if it needs to be low fat) I have a medical problem that makes me get sick if I drink anything other than milk with my meals, I also can't drink anything other than milk for about 3 hours after eating, or I will get sick. Thanks! Hello Tony! Please do, but please remember that you need some sort of protein. Can I do this detox without drinking the soup? Our 7 day diet weight loss soup is basically a cabbage wonder soup. What about milk in tea and coffee throughout the day though? It will give off a BBQ taste... Hi! thank you, Of course, just read all the comments here and on the Youtube video comment...:), Hi Tony thanks for all your recipes, I bought all the ingredients for your soup today, going to make tomorrow and follow your plan.Can't stand brown rice is there a substitute?June. Hello, thanks for share this, but I have a question, what time do I have to eat this soup? am on day 2 so far going great thanks and take care!! I haven't started the diet yet but getting myself prepared to start it. Dressing, light oil with vinegar would be advised... Oil gives you energy and the ingresses your metabolism to burn fat, but only a little...Remember I am here to help...:). I answered this on the video for you, yes you can... Lost 12lbs with this program by following about 90% of the time. For some people,  the fiber from veggies will give them stomach problems. I absolutely appreciate this website. Please let me know so I'll stay focused. Hi Mr.Tony! Hi Tony this plan is amazing. Does the cabbage in the soup cause bloating and gas? Thank you Tony! Sacred Heart Diet: Soup Based 7 Day Meal Plan. Does the quality and the amount of cayenne and chilli peppers matter? I put all the incidents. I started today with ur recipe but I just wanted to know if I may put corn in the soup? Please use chicken breast or evan better turkey breast. Good article. Day 4: mashed bananas with milk + honey/splenda. I will keep you posted, thank you. Mihaela, Now you made my Day, That's why "I do it"...:). Yes to all, also some wheat type cereals..Go ahead and add a touch of pure honey to the oatmeal and cereal...:), hello My husband and I started the diet today and he is 180 and I am 162.6, Awesome, please keep in touch, I am here if you need my help...:). This wonder cabbage soup can also be enjoyed after the 7 day diet, as desired. Very inspirintg. What do i eat after the 7 days are up? starting my diet tomorrow. Excited can't wait to start. Is it ok to use sweet potato instead of potato? Hi Tony, I started yesterday and I already lost 4 pounds. Awesome, you made my day...:) Keep up the good work...:), Can we liquefy the soup I tried it in liquid form cold and I can do it this way because I don't like all these vegetables but I can drink them BUT will it work as well in liquid form, Yes you can...:) Please keep in touch...:). I dont eat bananas and just trying to figure out a way to get them in on the day im supposed to have them. from phils. How many calories in cabbage wonder soup? I am soooooo happy!! Hi, can you just do this diet by just eating the soup, without eating fruit, veggies and meat, soup only? I'm getting all the ingredients I am missing today to start tomorrow. Avocado...:) We have to get some natural fat at this time. Or eating soup with the 7 day program , Mo - fruits , Tue-vegetables..... Ready to start but got confused by reading all the questions. I will follow it and give you an update my daughter and I. Yes go ahead....:) Anything else, I am here....:). Print Wonder Soup Recipe and Instructions. Many people who have tried this cabbage wonder soup have seen good results during the diet and often come back to this site just to get the recipe again to incorporate this soup as part of their meal plans. Thanks for sharing. I followed exact what you post and I lost 7 pounds in two days. I'm looking for something that I will not regain what I'll lose. Hi I'm starting tomorrow plz reply what is allowed in Breakfast plz and on the day with jacket potato is beans n chees allowed thanks, Please read here...:), Hi mr tony i am staring your diet but i dont drink skim milk but however i have been drinking a mixture of green tea, lemon juice honey and 3 packs of stevia in a 2qt a day container and it has been helping me is this ok to drink while on your diet. Soup only ? Also try to go out for a walk everyday and slowly go a bit faster every-time you walk. Thanks for your dedicated work and integrity. I made it last night and was so skeptical about it but it tastes awesome.I have a question? Yes you can, a great source of protein. I instantly went out and bought a new big pot and all the veggies for the soup. Hello!My Husband and I started Monday, we are following the 7 day diet strictly. You can use red peppers...:) (or green and yellow)... please tell if there is a substitute option for tomatoes and tomato products..? Cabbage is one of those vegetables that come packed with rich nutrition and almost no calories. Is it okay to have corn on the veggie days? Hi I started the soup diet today and I've had fruits all day. its my first day today following the 7 days program.question i have is, is it ok to have coffee during these 7 days? Not really, pork has a high fat ratio. Thanks, Yes to all of the above, now remember to eat more soup...:), Hi Tony, I started the plan and lost 1.5kg after the first day. Print recipe, instructions and nutrition facts for this 71 calories 7-day diet weight loss cabbage soup. Can't wait to see more and more weight loss. :) Not sure how I came across your blog, but glad I did. Thankyou for your comment, that is "the why" I do it...:). Ellie, Thanks for sharing your sucess.I made the spup tonight.Planning to start tomorrow.Planning ro start running as well. I have lost 5lbs already! You need the veggies for ruffage, mustard past is ok to remove. Yes, that is correct, but you must follow the Plan. I plan to start tomorrow. Hi Toni, I just made my soup today. Two days ago I came across to your post . I told you my daughter and I started the program on just yesterday and I lost 3 pounds. What do you recommend for salad dressing? Hi , I can't find celery root in my country, What can I use to replace celery root ? Our 7 day diet weight loss soup is basically a cabbage wonder soup. So of to the Kitchen, I went to get this soup copycatted just like the one the hospitals were using. I will keep you posted. I made rhe soup today.mstarting to orrow morning. On day 2 how many jacket potatoes can you eat? Thankful for your girlfriend's encouragement to get you healthy, especially since your such a good cook and willing to share your knowledge with those of us who found your blog. Yes, you can use soya or rice milk, add 50% water to it. Hopefully I don't have to get off of the program after 7 days. Thank you for sharing. I have lost 78 lbs since the beginning og the year and I have done it all on my own by counting calories and exercising. Hello Tony! Planning romstart running too. This is the third time I'm on this diet. Hello Mr. Tony :) I came across ur video. Hi, Can soup be cooked in a crock pot? Lost 6lbs before going into day 4. Yes you can, but stop on the last day and go back to a low calorie menu. For your benefit, we also give you the option to print the recipe and step-by-step instructions on how to make this cabbage soup. I'm not too excited about the taste (too much tomatoes, paste and tomato sauce). I found you on youtube and clicked your link for the recipe! Also can we use soy milk instead of skim? Then you should go back to your normal eating plan. I only have 22 more lbs to go for a total of 100 lbs. Yes, that is correct, but you must follow the Plan. Hello Tony! I will let you know about my results.Olivia. pls . Cut all the veggies as small as possible, because in the way, your body will digest it better and it will have a better effect on losing your weight. Cheers!! These spices also help burn off the fat. Sorry, but the hot stuff is very important. I hope this helps you, it may not taste the greatest but with experimenting, I know it will work out for you. Just like you stated after day 3 :):) Once the diet is done do we eat a normal diet, watching our calories without picking up the weight we lost? Some people are just sensitive to different foods. Skin milk only, moderate tea and coffee is ok. Water is better.. This comment has been removed by the author. Start again and be careful to follow it just like I wrote it. Thank you, Suzette, Awesome, please keep in touch and YOU have made my day...:) Please explore my Blog and you will find more recipes....:), Could you just do the soup for seven days. The first part of the diet is to remove water retention and with that it detoxify you also. Try my other weight loss recipes after your done.....:), hi i saw ur video now i am so depressed as i am struggling to lose weight , so i am going to make this soup and hoping it will work for me , i will keep u posted . Please be more positive...:) This works, try not to stray off of it...It's only 7 days.... Hello and thank you for sharing this recipie and instructions! Also how much skimmed milk are you allowed? I apologize, it's not the recipe, just my taste. Thank you for sharing! Now 90.8kg ..Lost 2 kg or 4.5lb I'm so happy, I did cheat as has boil eggs for breakfast! Awesome, please keep in touch and if you need help "I am here "...:), Awesome, please keep in touch, I would like to hear how you are doing....:), Hello Tony . Thank you for sharing not only the recipes, bit the tips and advice too. Yes, you can have sweeteners, skim milk only for breakfast.Please follow the plan, it is only for 10 days...:) Also do not start it before your period, a but away from it because you will lose the weight but not see it because of the blotting. A cabbage wonder soup is also good for cleansing your body and can help you with your goal to achieve a full body detox. I plan on cooking around with you for quite a while. What if you don't drink milk or eat meat?? thank you so much... Riaphils ... Sir Tony tomorrow is my 5th day and i feel so bad taking soup today , if theres another option i can take aside soup?