As the Kawasaki representative put it when I picked up the bike and did the walkaround, the bike has a really rich note at low rpm. If you would like to get a quote on a new 2020 Kawasaki W800 use our Build Your Own tool, or Compare this bike to other Standard motorcycles.To view more specifications, visit our Detailed Specifications. The model sold in North America for a meager two years before lame sales caused Kawasaki to pull the bike from the States and focus on the European and Japanese markets instead. There’s no fluff or luxuries involved here—the W800 has standard ABS and that’s about as fancy as it gets. The W800 is solidly put together as well, as any Japanese motorcycle ought to be. With the W800, Kawasaki takes on the retro motorcycle segment in India. 15 Photos. The W800 reminds me of the W650 I owned, only a little better bike. Around a series of bends, all one needs is a nudge on the pulled-back handlebar to make the front end tip into a corner, while the 1,465mm long wheelbase ensures solid mid-corner stability. This time, the turn-around was much faster and after a short year off the market, the W800 made a triumphant comeback in 2018. I so enjoy casual ridding on this bike. Copyright © 2020 Autocar India. Not only did Team Green unveil the Z H2 as well as the updated Ninja 1000 SE SX+ and 650, but it also teamed up with Bimota to create the polarizing Tesi H2 prototype. Thanks to the solid foundations provided by Meguro’s 30-year experience with motorcycles, it wasn’t long before Kawasaki introduced its first big displacement bike, the W1, in 1965. Surprisingly, the engine didn’t get uncomfortably hot in such situations, which again is an astonishing feat for an air-cooled mill of this size. Annoyingly, the W800 lacks a fuel gauge. The W800 is designed to be simple, straightforward, and mostly to play nice. The two big dials at the center of the headstock are your analog speedometer and rpm gauge. The 2019 show season was a good one for Kawasaki. Hello everyone, really bugs me when uninformed squids say things like, “Why not buy a real Triumph” They are similar looking but have very different features that make for a very different character and soul; simple air cooling vs water cooling, long stroke engine vs short stroke, 360 degree crank vs 270 degree crank, distinctive bevel driven cams vs chain driven cams. Next time we test a W800, we’ll look for a pair of radials to mount—though the 19-/18-inch rim combo makes that tough. There were very many similarities between the Kawasaki W650 and the new Triumph Bonneville’s that would seem to indicate the design was carried over when the Triumph started up again. Motorcycle Test by Adam Child ‘Chad’ – Images by CAPS. With great ergonomics, the fantastic motor is simply the icing on the red velvet cupcake. They handle much better than you would expect them to, and have a little bit of that British character that makes them very fun to ride. The ergonomics are relaxed; for my 5’8” stature, the knees were at a comfortable, almost-90-degree bend and the straight handlebar is easy to reach without having to stretch the arms completely. The W800 has more torque than the Enfield and the cachet of a gear driven valve train (even though it lacks the sixth gear of the Enfield — and Triumph). While we don’t have... There’s another flavor of Scrambler available from Ducati, and it has a mix of urban and sporting appeal. Allow me to explain. There isn't even a fuel gauge to let you monitor your progress. And yes, the over-engineered saree guard and hair-band style number plate holder need to be chucked. Keep in mind that this isn’t a bike meant to be flashy—it plays the understated card and it plays it well. If you wish to put a few hundred miles on the factory tires (hey: they’re “free” tires!) Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. If you get caught out after dark, the stylish LED headlight will lead the way to your destination. If you wish to put a few hundred miles on the factory tires (hey: they’re “free” tires!) In fact., I’ve been drooling over it lately. This is a conversation-starting motorcycle, so prepare to be an influencer. All Rights Reserved. In fact, it's so well-mannered that I could easily recommend it as a starter bike. The 2020 Kawasaki W800 is a homage to the look and feel of Kawasaki’s original, big-bore W1 model released back in 1966. Thankfully, the company didn’t wait another quarter of a century to revive the venerable badge. Kawasaki had a sense that many W800 riders will use the rear brake, so they bolted a 270mm disc onto the rear hub. Handling on rural canyon roads are fine, and the W800 will keep up with the traffic on the highways. At Rs 6.99 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), some of you may find the Kawasaki W800 an expensive proposition, considering the paltry features list on offer. You don’t need to know what the rev count is—you just ride and let your experience tell you when to shift. Interestingly, instead of introducing an entry-level model first and following up with more elaborate version, Kawasaki did the opposite got the W ball rolling once again with the W800 Café. Not only did Team Green unveil the Z H2 as well as the updated Ninja 1000 SE SX+ and 650, but it also teamed up with Bimota to create the polarizing Tesi H2 prototype. With 50 years of riding experience, Don Williams is a fan of all kinds of motorcycles. Think about it: it’s easy to maneuver and easy to control which also makes it easy to learn on without being overwhelmed. Kawasaki outfitted the W800 with a modern transmission. The reality of emissions standards soon caught up to Kawasaki and, by 2007, the manufacturer had to bid the W goodbye once again. The W800 also comes in a café form with the W800 Café. Retro bike, retro features. The 773cc air-cooled vertical twin with its distinctive exterior cam shaft-drive is unchanged except for the polished aluminum finish, as opposed to the blacked-out look on the W800 Cafe. Certainly, it requires far fewer modifications than an actual 1960s motorcycle. The W800 is an easy motorcycle to love, unless you ride on rain-grooved freeways daily. Kawasaki The W800 is designed to inspire you to get out and ride. Fabio Quartararo Resets his MotoGP Expectations, Royal Enfield to Bring Meteor 350 Cruiser to US in 2021. And boy, are we glad that they did so! Kawasaki W800 review, test ride. 2020 Kawasaki W800 in Candy Cardinal Red. Once you get on the highway, you get acquainted with the bike’s only real flaw. It doesn’t run out of cornering clearance as fast as a Harley-Davidson, but push it hard and you’ll be scraping the pegs all day long, especially on the right side, because it sticks out a little more. Favorite Rides & Destinations Digital Edition, 2021 Triumph Trident 660 | First Look Review. It’s nice, but how can it possibly compete with Triumph or for that matter, Royal Enfield? As a standard, the W800 is your run of the mill, easy-to-get and to ride-on type of bike. I owned a W650, and drove it/owned it longer than any other bike, as I have purchased 41 bikes in my lifetime. I remember vividly the collective gasp we had when the model was first unveiled. Sure enough, I started the engine and a nice, musical rumble echoed out of the peashooters. 8. The beauty of riding the W800 is in a gentle cruise down the highway, with the gearbox slotted in fifth (the top cog). But park it next to its immediate competition, the Triumph Street Twin or even the pricier Triumph Bonneville T100, and the W800’s finish levels can’t match up, and the Triumphs also do a better job of hiding unsightly cables and hoses.